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Adeptus Mechanicus RP (IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Feb 7, 2016.

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    Daygar turned his strider in the direction the rocket came from and began charging in the general direction of his foe . " hold on" he told the protector as useless as the comment may be . He then began performing a serpitine manuver and pumping smoke from his strider to make himself a difficult target. [ magos foes have been detected outside the ship . They have fired on me but missed . I am in persuit of retribution] daygar voxed in to the magos and his combat maniple
  2. Mechaius Mechiaus Prefectus

    Judarius turned about to regard the Knight-Scion for a moment. He would have argued caution when addressing those sealed inside. Who knew what or who they really were? They appeared to be Imperial personnel, but how long had they been there? The vessel appeared to have been in the enemy's hands for sometime. Had they been sealed behind this door the entire time? Where they still loyalists?

    They would have to find out, one way or another. Loyal or not, they now knew who they were. They were potential allies at best or liabilities at worst. Until he knew otherwise, he'd be keep their loyalties as suspect.

    [Sir Alduwin] Judarius began, in the best tone of chastisement he could muster. [While your enthusiasm is noted. You have revealed our identities to these persons whom we have yet to properly identify. If they are not loyal citizens of the Imperium, you may have jeopardized us. I request you exercise more caution in the future] @BuriasDempsey

    Turning away from the Knight Pilot, Judarius regarded Engineseer Brecher and his trusty servitor.

    [Brother Brecher. Much like your namesake, I request you open this door. We must discover the true nature of the humans within]@Nurianis

    Turning then to his trusty Ranger Alphas, he continued. [98. Phaeton. Until the identity of those within has been ascertained. They are to be detained and question. Use whatever force necessary. We can take no chances, nor afford mistakes] @TechCaptain @Keidivh

    Standing back, he made room for Brecher to set to work. It was then that he received the message from Dragoon Daygar.

    [Acknowledged Dragoon] Judarius voxed back. [Terminate enemy targets with extreme prejudice. Pursue if necessary, but do not endanger yourself pointlessly. Inform me if you require assistance and I will dispatch reinforcements] @bossaroo
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    Whoever was on the other side of the door knew they were coming now, so there was no need for a quick and deadly entrance. Lukas sent a small burst of binary to Rho in the form of orders, to anyone that understood binary they would hear the statement ‘Gamma Breaching Protocols, Rho. Slow and steady.’

    Moving in front of the adamantium door Lukas started his mechadendrites in a slow and methodical flurry of activity, very unlike the frantic pace they had been moving at when he was helping save Protector Unit-3. It was a careful analysis of the door for weaknesses and exposed points. With all of the information necessary, Lukas’ mechadendrites retreated behind him in a parody of hiding behind a warrior.

    A single loud crunch was all that was heard at first as the closed fist of Lukas’s servo-arm rammed its way into the small hole the Magos had made to observe the other room. As the sound of the crunch died away, the Servo-arm’s closed fist started spinning in the manner of some monstrous drill. The whirring of the servo motors was all but drowned out by the horrendous grinding sounds the buckling metal made as the hole was enlarged with extreme prejudice and efficiency. The smell of red-hot adamantium tinged the air as Rho moved up beside Lukas and placed its own servo-arm into the rapidly growing hole. Rho gripped half of the door and began to peel the metal door back like a tin can.

    The combined sounds and smells of the entrance were very obvious and quite loud, but having only peeled half the door back allowed Lukas to use the other half as cover and as Rho finished his assigned task he took his place safely behind Lukas and the half door.

    Whoever went through the door first would have a very dramatic entrance to the room. They were also very likely to get shot as well. Lukas, grinning like a cheshire cat, gestured to the now open door in a manner that suggested someone else should go first.
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