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Adeptus Mechanicus RP (IC)

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    A grim smile flashed across Daygar's face as he processed the magus' command. " yes sir " he then led the iron strider out the breach and began patrolling the perimeter of the ship . [" maniple my data tether should allow me to remain in contact with you . I will report in regulary "] Daygar activated his ironsttider's searchlight and began to patrol the perimeter of the ship for anything of interest
  2. [Crash sight #2: Abominations in the dark]
    (Inside) @TechCaptain @Keidivh @Mechiaus @Nurianis @BuriasDempsey
    The group waded through the dark blood and gore filled hallways guided only by Judariaus's blueprints and the light produced by their squad mate's head lamps relatively undisturbed other than the occasional noise of small unseen creatures surging through the vents or the occasional distant cry of something inhuman. After a few minutes of seemingly wondering through this mess the group would come across a barricaded door that not only seemed to have been purposely blocked by numerous crates but also welded shut. While there were no signs indicating where the door lead scanners detected several living beings of average human size on the other side and Judariaus's blueprints detailed that this was one of many passageways that lead into the top cargo bay.

    (Outside) @bossaroo
    Daygar would find it ominously quiet as he made his way through the smoke to patrol around the ship. Even the sounds of the once roaring fires had been made silent all of a sudden the only noise was that of his ironstide's engine and legs moving about. Even the protect that was safely secured behind him made no sounds, it's body possibly in some form of shock from taking such damage. He would continue he patrols but even as there was not a sound he couldn't help but feeling that something was watching him from afar.

    (Just a small update as something appears to have responded to your presence by hiding)
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  3. Throughout the trek, Alduwin kept a tight grip on his weapons and an alert gaze on their surroundings as the paranoia for this place mounted on him with every odd sound and bizarre sight they pass. The Knight Noble gave off an audible snort of annoyance at the latest obstruction in their path. It was obvious this construction was purposeful, but what exactly was the purpose was the question. While he would have suggested of cutting through the boxes, the size of the containers and possibility of something inside them were too much off a factor on this ship of the damned. "Is there a nearby detour we could take to bypass this mess?" he quietly asked, not wanting to get anything's attention when they needed to formulate a new path right now.
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    ‘A few crates and a welded door?’ Lukas chuckled at the thought that such things would block the way of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and grabbed the side of the nearest box with his servo-arm, which was designed to lift incredibly heavy objects and unless they were hiding a tank in these crates he wouldn't have a problem. He gestured to Rho to use his own Servo-arm to lift the other side of the crate he had grabbed. With a methodical, but not particularly slow progress the Enginseer and his servitor started to move the crates away from the door and stacking them against a wall, effectively halving the size of the corridor but freeing the welded door for the attentions of the group.
  5. Mechaius Mechiaus Prefectus

    [Most curious . . .] Judarius uttered, as he approached the welded door. With the crates moved aside by Brother Brecher and his servitor, he could examine the welded portal more closely. It was blatantly evident that the weld was somewhat recent, as it had not discolored as the surrounded plates had. It had also been completed hastily.

    [98. Phaeton. Secure this junction. I wish to examine this door further] he requested, returning his attentions to the door. A moment later and his auspex chimed, warning of living organisms on the other side. Average in size. @TechCaptain @Keidivh

    [Even more curious] he said aloud. [It appears as if there are biological lifeforms on the other side of this door. They appear to be humanoid. We must be cautious, as I cannot tell who or what they are. I shall investigate] he informed the others

    Moving back a few paces, Judarius extended one of his mechadendrites and unfolded a small breaching drill. It would allow him to create a large enough opening to insert an optic filament into the space, which would allow him to look around and ascertain what was on the other side. He had done it dozens of times before, during the explorations of other xeno-archeological sites. Experience had taught him never to open a sealed door without checking what was on the other side first. Many servants had paid the price for his arrogance in the past.

    He had no intention of that occurring here.

    Without further ceremony, he started drilling. The whine of the bit boring through the adamantium filling the passageway with a high pitched din. In a few moments, he pierced the other side and retracted the bit. No doubt the commotion would alert the beings inside to their presence. No matter. The hole was too tiny for them to do any harm, if they were in fact enemies.

    Retracting the drilling apparatus, Judarius unsheathed an optic filament from his right hand and slide it gently into the tiny opening. Activating the filament, he patched it into his data-slate and a grainy feed appeared. A tiny halo of light emitted from the end of the filament to cast a weak glow around the space.

    Shifting it around he tried to get a glimpse of those on the other side. Who or what were they? Prisoners? Slaves? Enemy combatants? Hereteks? or worse?

    Regardless, they would likely need to cut through the door and proceed through it anyway, as the crude map he had compiled indicated that it was one of the shorter paths to their ultimate goal. If they proceed further, it would add minutes or even hours to their journey. Time that they could not waste.
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    "By your word Lord Magos." Phaeton gave a crisp salute before turning to his own group. "You heard the boss lads. Form a perimeter around this door, you see anything moving, vaporize it."

    Upon hearing there were living organisms on the other side of the door, Phaeton approached, his weapon at the ready for whatever might burst out.

    "Whatever's on the other side, doubt they're looking to give us any warmer of a reception than the abominations we met earlier." He whipped his gun towards a vent which he swore he heard something move, his finger on the trigger before relaxing slightly. "But anything that gets us through this hell hole quick is worth the risk."
  7. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Sir Law saluted then sent his coded signal to the other rangers. The fanned out and took up a roughly semi circle formation around the others. They had pistols ready and out since rifles would be useless in close quarters. Law himself was slightly behind them to provided a second layer of defense. " We are secure Magos."
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  8. [Crash sight #2: Abominations in the dark]
    (Inside) @Keidivh @Mechiaus @TechCaptain @Nurianis @BuriasDempsey
    Judarius's camera at first would find that the hallway the door lead to was pitch black forcing it to quickly switch to low light mode which quickly revealed the source of the life readings. A group of 10 people all wearing wildly different clothing from simple rags to well maintained flak armor who were once siting down or leaning on the walls but the voice of the boxes being moved and the drill boring through he door had caused most of them to quickly move away from the door and those of them that appeared to be armored it took cover as best as the could and horridly pointed their strange mixture of weapons at the door.

    "What is it, more of those beasts?" One of them that was holding a rivet gun asked in a nervous and rushed tone. "Maybe, but Jenkins did say he heard shooting earlier." Another said "Maybe someone's come to get us out of here." A rather young looking one said in a hopeful tone as he steadied a small stub pistol in his hands. An older man laughed at the boy's proposition. "Ha why would they come back for us? We're nothing but trash to them why else would they have just left us locked up when we crashed?"The grizzled man said as he readied a las gun. "Hey be quiet whatever it is they can probably hear us!" A woman said as with her pointer finger to her mouth as she readied her own las weapon.

    (Outside) @bossaroo
    Daycare would continue he patrol uninterrupted for about five seconds as a rocket flew by his ironstider missing it by centimeters and exploded when it his the side of the ship. "You fool how could you miss!" a voice said coming from his right side where the rocket had come from. Though the smoke prevented him from seeing their exact position it was clear that someone was targeting him and that it would not be wise to continue without dealing with the threat.
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  9. Over the deconstructive efforts of Lukas, Alduwin was able to hear the voices of those on the other side of this makeshift barricade. Prisoners aboard this ship? Alive? The knight was incredulous at the idea that there were those who survived the crash of the vessel and the predations of the mechanical monsters that roamed about. "Hello! I am Knight Vanceron Alduwin of House Alduwin, we are servants of the Emperor and the Omnissah! We come to investigate this ship belonging to the heretics. What say you?" he proclaimed to them, making it clear who they were and their intentions on this ship. If there were still faithful people aboard this ship then they must do everything they can to free these prisoners from this horrid place.
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    Phaeton visibly twitched when Sir Alduwin called out to the unknowns on the other side of the door.

    "Hunters, form up on the door, prepare for imminent hostiles." He said it silently enough as to not alert the people on the other side. He knew they could be innocents that were enslaved, in need of rescue. But they could also be heretics, or driven insane by the dark forces that lingered in this ship. He wasn't taking any changes.

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