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Adeptus Mechanicus RP (IC)

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  1. [Crash sight #2: The abominations in the dark]
    As the battle continued the Daygar quickly finished off the two bloodied and beaten beasts but running his taser lance further into one causing it top be pinned to the wall as the electric current finally fried what ever it had in the form of vital organs. While his walker crushed the other with it's metal feet causing their pained cries to finally be silenced as Phaeton and his rangers turned their corpses into a fine mush with a mixture of raw electric energy and electrified bullets. In the middle of the hallway Knight Alduwin's attempt at saving the protector unit was flawless as he sliced the creature in two forcing it to let go of the protector's neck and limbs saving him in the nick of time as Enginseer Lukas grabbed the severed half that held the creature's head and pulverized it with brute force.

    Meanwhile the smaller abominations were dealt with very quickly by Sir Law's rangers seeing as they now out numbered them. In fact they were defeated so quickly that Sir Law wasn't able to get much information out of the creatures other than general size and appearance. With all hostiles eliminated Magos Judarius would find no reason to fire his weapon and thankfully he didn't as upon further expectation of his weapons it is discovered that it's fuel core had not been given enough time to cool and firing it more would have caused an overload.

    Overall the maniple had only sustained light injuries from this small skirmish except the protector who was nearly constricted to death by one of the smaller abominations. He would require extensive repairs to function fully again and they were in no place to preform them as the blood and gore continued to rain down through the hole in the ceiling. Though the hole that was created in the side to allow their entry into the ship prevented the blood from rising to dangerous levels their movement would still be impeded by this. Suddenly they all get a quick burst of information from command updating their objectives and status.

    [Status of Zeta 23rd Special Operations Maniple]
    (@TechCaptain) Sir Law-10
    (@Keidivh) Phaeton Zeth-8
    (@Nurianis) Lukas Brecher-10
    (@Mechiaus) Judariaus Kraven-10
    (@BuriasDempsey) Vanceron Alduwin-10
    (@bossaroo) Daygar-10
    [Player squads]
    SirLaw's squad 6/6/6/6
    Phaeton's squad: 5/6/6/6
    Judarius's Protectors: 6/6/1 cannot move on their own and must carried

    [New Objectives recived]
    -Investigate the ship further and report any findnings
    -Eliminate any and all enemy contacts no mercy for traitors and heretics
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  2. @Mechiaus
    With all the enemy constructs seemingly dealt with for the time being, Alduwin flicked the powerfield off on his sword before reloading his bolt pistol. "I do not doubt this vessel is filled with more of these foul creations. Magos, do you know the layout of this class of ship? Prehaps it would be wise to find the bridge in order to find what our enemies are conspiring to do, or at least find crew to interrogate and eliminate." the knight suggested to Magos Judarius as he looked over the damaged protector unit. He did not needed to be a priest of the Omnissah to know that it will not be able to move on its own anymore. "Should this unit come with us or the very least brought outside and away from this vessel?" he asked, indicating to the protector with his sword. He wasn't sure what would be the proper thing to do in the eyes of the Mechanicus, but as far as he could tell the machine would only hamper them at this point.
  3. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    "Squad, form up around the Magos, we're still in hostile territory. Alice, see if you can analyze the corpses here and see what exactly we're dealing with." Phaetons voice was nonchalant as he reloaded and surveyed the immediate surroundings for any other hostiles. His auspex was having trouble detecting anything, but something in this ship could be disrupting it.

    With the immediate area safe, he relaxed slightly and opened up the comm link.

    "What do ya make of this LAW? Kinda reminds me of our last escort mission. Although admittedly we weren't wading through pools of blood then..."
  4. Mechaius Mechiaus Prefectus

    As the last of the abominations fell at the hands of Phaeton's Rangers, an eerie silence filled the corridor in the absence of weapons fire, bestial roars, and the sizzle of power weapons. The rushing of the vile liquid pouring from the gaping wound in the deckhead and the labored breathing of the Protector Unit-3 were practically silent in comparison to the cacophony that had occur in the last few minutes.

    Judarius was grateful that they survived mostly intact. The damage suffered by Unit-3 was regrettable, of course, but over all they had fared rather well considering. Still, observing Unit-3 now propped up against the bulkhead, it's torso crumpled and neck practically severed, it made him reconsider the costs. The Omnissiah was clearly watching over it, for such a level of damage should have been its end. Yet it functioned still, if barely. Brother Brecher was seeing to it, but Judarius could tell the Engineseer could do very little for it without the necessary materials on hand.

    Judarius had half a mind to order it destroyed. It would be of no use until it could be repaired, and would be a burden until that time. Still, it would be as much if a waste to terminate an asset that could yet be recovered.As he activated the heat vent on his plasma gun, he gave his remaining Protectors the order to move their compatriot to safety.

    [Unit-1. Unit-2] Judarius intoned. [Relocate Unit-3 outside. We will return with him to Zeta Colony once our mission is complete. Brother Ohm is guarding the exit. He will stay with him until then. Return once you are finished]

    They carried out their orders with a silent nod. Hefting their wounded brother, they lifted him out of the foul liquid and moved outside, placing him away from the bubbling pool that was forming around the breech. The fact that the crimson fluid continued to flow with out ebbing, suggested that either a tank of some kind had been ruptured, or that the vessel had been so tainted by the warp that it had ceased to be only metallic.

    With the evidence of corruption laying at their feet all around them, Judarius assumed it was the latter. This vessel was indeed corrupted so much that it had taken on more then a few biological aspects.

    Not unlike the Tyranid bio-ships . . . Judarius mused to himself. That thought thoroughly disgusted him. To see such a fine machine given over to the weakness of flesh was testament to the folly of their fallen brethren. Their damnation was wholly complete and annihilation would be their only reward.

    His thoughts were interrupted by Sir Alduwin's query.

    [A most astute suggestion, Knight-Scion. I may have such a diagram within my data banks, though due to the obvious . . . mutations . . . this vessel has undergone, I am uncertain how closely it would follow it's original design] he replied.

    With a thought, Judarius searched through his data banks and pulled the requested information. He managed to find a Mars-Pattern template, which was not the same make as this vessel. As far as vessel go, this drop ship was fairly standard, as most STC designs were. Only the materials should have been different, and perhaps some of the more sophisticated subsystems, as not every Forge World was created equal.

    Based upon his blue print, Judarius determined that they should be in the forward access corridor. Further down the eastern corridor, they would find the auxiliary control room for the nose-cone deployment ramp. That would be of little use, considering that the nose of the vessel was currently buried in the crater.

    They would need to head west instead, towards the main vehicle bay. The most likely concentration of enemy forces. They would need to get through there to reach the after section of the ship, as it was the only way to reach the lifts to the upper decks leading to the bridge.

    It was these design issue that made him hate vessels designed for the Imperial Guard. The ship was essentially built around the dual vehicle bays that made up the bulk of the vessel. The design principle could be surmised as "a large vehicle bay, with engines strapped to the back and a bridge added on top with some guns".

    A purpose built transport for military use and nothing more. Like most vessels built for the Imperium. Function overrode elegance. Always. How it managed to find it's way into the hands of the archenemy would likely go unanswered. Not that it mattered. One way or another, it would be destroyed. Either by their hand, or by the Adeptus forces that came after them.

    For now at least, they needed to press on.

    Judarius took a moment to transmit the design to the others. He took the liberty of translating the diagram into a rough three dimensional layout, with their approximate location indicated. It was not his best work, but it would do for now. He hoped the vessel still followed the standard layout, otherwise they would likely get trapped in a dead end somewhere.

    Judarius knew he shouldn't dwell on that prospect, but there it was. No matter. He'd nearly died twice already today. Why let another opportunity pass him by?

    [98. Zeth. I have provided an approximate map of the vessel, based upon the Mars-Pattern design in my data banks. I cannot guarantee its accuracy, but it is the best I have] Judarius voxed.

    [Based upon that map, we should proceed down the western corridor, into the main vehicle bay. From there, we will need to proceed through the lower section of the bay, gain access to the stairwell at the rear of the compartment and proceed to the second level. From there, we should be able to access the crew lifts, which should grant us access to the upper levels, primarily the bridge]

    [If not, the second level of the vehicle bay also has access to the stairwells and maintenance hatches, so we will be able to reach the upper decks on foot. Either way, Dragoon Daygar will have to leave his Strider in the bay or remain behind with it. Things will get much tighter from this point forwards. This vessel was designed for use by the Imperial Guard and other non-augmented humans. Which means narrow passages and ample opportunities for ambush] he concluded.

    No one had said it was ever going to be easy . . .
  5. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    Seems like casual chatter would have to wait, as new orders rolled in from Judarius. Worming their way through this massive ship to get to their objective was going to be a bloody ordeal. Part of him wanted to smack Sir Alduwin over the head for bringing up the idea to find the crew, which was the reason they had to slog through this death trap, and both Ranger squadrons would be far less effective in such tight quarters, making it all the more deadly. But he saw the upsides. If the Omnissiah was generous and they actually did find the crew, they could provide invaluable detail on this sudden intrusion.

    "Alright Hunters, we got ourselves a ship to clean out. Units Alpha and Epsilon, take rear guard, Vela and Bert take middle with the Magos and watch for any nasty surprises that I'm sure are awaiting us." Needless to say he would be taking point, as always. It wasn't a logical move, actually it was highly illogical as he would have a far better chance of surviving and using his gun in the middle of the formation, but he enjoyed leading by example. Besides, he did have a knight with him to keep him company.

    "Sir Alduwin, care to take point with me? That sword of yours will come in handy when another of those abominations decides to drop on top of our heads."
  6. The Knight stood up and away from the protector unit as it was taken out by its fellow units. "Perhaps out there it would serve as a sentry for our only known way out of this befouled ship." he said offhandedly. He listened to the magos as he explained the layout and what routes they might want to take. "Understood Lord Magos." he said in understanding. Though he was rather perplexed by the idea of metal...mutating. Like some Tyranid beast. @Keidivh "You have my blade Alpha Phaeton Zeth." He said as he put his fist holding his sword on his carapace chest over his heart as a pledge to the Ranger. "Let us not be found wanting by whatever is still prowling in the corridors of this horrible place."
  7. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Sir Law 98 nodded in acknowledgment of the Magos orders. "Rangers Deuce Alpha and Bravo, follow behind Zeth. Rangers Deuce Charlie and Delta second from last in the rear. Close combat pattern. Full protection mode." Since Zeth had the Knight lord, Law was protecting the Magos.
  8. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Hearing the magos' statement daygar turned and brought his iron strider out of the hole in the ship. "Lord Magos, combat maniple, i would severely limit my combat capabilities if i were to leave my iron strider almost to the point of a liability . I would serve better as a perimeter guard to ensure we are not flanked by foes my data tether would allow me to keep contact with you .Also leaving my ironstrider unatteneded would be an afront to the omnissiah . I could keep the injured protector upon the back of my strider" daygar stood outside the bulkhead awaiting orders
  9. Nurianis Nurianis Subordinate

    With the creature’s skull popping in Lukas’ servo arm with a satisfying squelch, Lukas turned to the assembled group. Only minor bruises and a few robes covered in gore, nothing that would hinder the progress of the investigation. Straightening himself and beginning to remove the gore from his robes he listened as the Magos reeled off his plan. Vehicle bay, crew lifts and then the bridge, easy to remember. He nodded humbly as the Magos gazed to him and Lukas mumbled his agreement to the plan. Beyond cleaning out his servo-arm and his robes, he was prepared to continue their investigations.
  10. Mechaius Mechiaus Prefectus

    [Most assuredly, Dragoon. I would not separate rider from mount unless necessary] Judarius conceded. [Once the vehicle bay is secured, then you may remain there while we proceed to the bridge. There will be ample room to maneuver on the upper level, and it will also ensure that we retain an exit should the bridge prove unassailable]

    Checking his auspex quickly for any movement and satisfied that there was none yet, Judarius ordered his Protectors to load the damaged Unit-3 on the back of Daygar's Strider. Once secured in place, the resumed their places behind the Magos-Errant.

    With everyone in position, he gave the order to proceed.

    @BuriasDempsey @Keidivh
    [Alpha Zeth. Sir Alduwin. Thirty meters down the corridor should be the entrance to the vehicle bay. Proceed there and investigate if the door way is open, or if we will need to open it] Judaris asked, checking his chronometer to see how much longer they had before they needed to return for extraction. A few hours yet . . .

    [Once there, signal us and we will move up after you. Be cautious, as I cannot accurately say if there are any enemies waiting in ambush, as my auspex is not functioning properly. There appears to be underlying interference from the vessel] he concluded. [If the door is open, hold it until we arrive. If not, then we will need to find a way to open it]

    [I will warn you however, that if there is any form of cogitator in proximity to the door, and if it is still functional, you are under no circumstances to interface with it. There is no telling what you could be exposed to]

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