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Adeptus Mechanicus RP (IC)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    Phaeton gave a groan of irritation as they were now stuck in a melee in a rising pool of blood. Not the strangest situation he had ever been in. But it was definitely up there.

    "Vela, you and the others stay back and lay down fire! Burt!" He looked over to his silent companion as he pulled out his arc maul. "Let's put down the hurt on these things." Phaeton flung himself towards the large abominations that had led the charge. The data flowing through his head clearly stated that he was at a distinct advantage, but he enjoyed playing by his own rules from time to time. Sides, he loved his arc maul.
  2. Mechaius Mechiaus Prefectus

    Judarius staggered several steps backwards as the fresh wave of murky offal flowed past him. His six legs struggling to find stable purchase on the slick deck plates. He had thought his footing far more stable then that, but he no longer trusted anything on this vile craft. Once his legs were steady, he brought his weapon back up to a safe angle. The enemy had pressed in and were nearly on top of the Rangers. Thankfully one of them had taken one of the larger beasts, but it was far from dead. The hulking monstrosity was trashing around on the deck, with a trio of it's brethren right behind it. Such abominations!

    In all of his many years, Judarius had never seen anything like them. At least not so close. He was firmly reminded that he was poorly cut out for this sort of work. There was no point in worrying about it now however, as he had far more pressing concerns.

    His attention was brought back to the moment by the struggles of Protector Unit-3. One of the smaller creatures had pounced on it and was in the process of drowning it in the now knee deep crimson waste. Taking a quick glance downwards, Judarius was once again thankfully he no longer possessed the means of smelling the putrid substance they were all standing in. He even more thankful still that he could not be repulsed, as he could only imagine that a lowly Guardsmen meatbag would be too busy evacuating his stomach contents to put up much of a fight.

    Luckily, they were not lowly meat bags. Well, nearly all of them. Sir Alduwin was still rather fleshly, but Judarius was certain the Knight-Scion's armour included a robust re-breather system. Otherwise he'd most certainly be incapacitated.

    The fact was quite the contrary, as Alduwin was busy laying down suppression fire on the other six creatures that were stalking up behind them. Judarius quickly ordered his other two Protectors to move and assist the Knight-Scion, as Brother Brecher was busying himself saving Unit-3.

    Protector Units 1 and 2 moved at once, standing to either side of the Knight-Scion and laying down controlled bursts of lasfire, filling the dark corridor with crimson strobes of energy. With any luck, they might actually hit something. The smaller creatures were irritatingly quick, appearing as little more then pale blurs under the shaky illumination of their lamps.

    With the situation behind them seen to, Judarius now focused on the lumbering foes before him. with the Rangers still picking themselves up or trying to pin down the other creatures. Judarius steadied himself again and this time, allowed his optics to lock on to the closest of the larger beasts as it was climbing over it's wounded comrade.

    Locking on to it's head, Judarius leveled his weapon and sent another brilliant bolt of plasma hurtling towards his foe. He was confident this time, as the statistical probability of him missing at this range was so insignificant as to all but be factored out of his calculations.

    At least it was almost certain. Wasn't it?
  3. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    With a grunt of irritation at being forced into a close combat situation. He maglocked his rifle to his back and took out his sword and pistol. His fellow rangers did likewise. They spread out as much as possible. With a shout they all started firing pistols at their opponents and stood ready with their chosen close combat weapons.
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  4. @Mechiaus @TechCaptain @Nurianis @bossaroo @Keidivh @BuriasDempsey
    The Dragoon's lance found it's mark as his walker stepped over the fallen beast the taser lance drove itself into one of the uninjured abominations. The resulting shock caused it to roar in pain as it's flesh convulsed and burned. However despite the small victory the walker was left vulnerable while the lance was stuck in the creature and the other two took this opportunity and started to climb the walker. It was the that the fire from Phaeton's squad and Judarius's plasma bolt came in and managed to hit one of the creatures just right to knock it off the leg the second one was simply atomized by the weight of fire brought upon it. The one that had fallen was quickly finished off by Pheaton and his arc maul while the one without legs continued to squirm and try to get up to no avail.

    On the other side of the hallway Law's squad stood ready with weapons drawn to meet the approaching group of smaller abominations while Lukas failed misiably at getting the abomination off of the protector by slipping in the blood falling just a flat in his face evidentiary he had fortieth to take into account the pool of blood that was slowly rising around them. No matter the exact reasoning the protector was not given any help as the abomiation tightened its grip squeezing metal and flesh to the point of nearly bursting if not stopped son the protector will die for certain. Meanwhile the knight's shots managed to connect to three separate abominations obliterating them but this isn't stop the rest of the group as the bounded over the corpses and continued towards the squad of Rangers under Law's command. Whose pistol fire managed take out another one and injure a fifth however the 2 remaining collided with the group followed by the injured one.

    (@TechCaptain) Sir Law-10
    (@Keidivh) Phaeton Zeth-8
    (@Nurianis) Lukas Brecher-10
    (@Mechiaus) Judariaus Kraven 10
    (@BuriasDempsey) Vanceron Alduwin-10
    (@bossaroo) Daygar-10
    [Player squads]
    SirLaw's squad 6/6/6/6
    Phaeton's squad: 5/6/6/6
    Judarius's Protectors: 6/6/1 one is pined by an abomination and will die unless something is done
    2xLarge abmoniations: 3 immobilized do to having a taser lance being lodged into it/4 immobilized do to legs being shot out
    4xSmall abominations 3/3/3/1
    [Grall has informed me that he will not be playing anymore so just assume his character is in the background picking his nose or somthing]
  5. Seeing the horrid machines blown apart by the detonation of the bolts gave a small satisfaction to the Knight, glad to know his firearm was just as effective as his allies, before it was wiped away as he saw the fall of Enginseer who tired to go save the protector from it's imminent demise. Trying to slog through the growing tide of gore more carefully, he goes with powersword raised to slash at the construct constricting the protector unit to finally free it before it expired before its time.
  6. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Daygar half-smiled at seeing the abominations destroyed. He drove his lance further into the abomination driving it into the wall and he manuvered his ironstrider to step upon the crawling abomination as he let put a bellow "DEATH TO THE FOES OF THE GREAT MACHINE GOD OF MARS !!!!"
  7. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    Phaeton tossed his arc maul into the air and cuaght it before holstering it, glad he was able to finally use it. "Been way to long since we've been able to smash stuff, wouldn't you say Burt?" The Skitarii Ranger said nothing, simply taking out his rifle once more and gesturing to the legless abomination lying on the ground. "Oh Burt, always business with you isn't it?' He pulled out his arc rifle and aimed down at the beast, Burt following suit.

    "And Vela, give our good Ironstrider lad a hand with his kebab there." He ordered as he pulled the trigger. All in all, this was going fairly well. At least they weren't drowning in blood. Yet.
  8. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Sir Law and his rangers at his command charged into the abominations. They engaged sword and pistol into close combat. " Everyone by the numbers." With his experience he directed his rangers and anyone else that would listen to the best places to hit as his eyes analyzed, cataloged, and transmitted all that he learned about the abominations.
  9. Nurianis Nurianis Subordinate

    Using his many mechadendrites to get himself back on his feet, Lukas swung his Servo-arm around to grab the strange creatures head. His many mechadendrites and his power axe moving with lightning speed, aiming to: pull, pulp, burn, and batter the creatures limbs away from the unfortunate protector. The creature was fast but Lukas matched the creatures many limbs with bludgeoning blows. The whine of servo motors was a terrible sound to hear as it clamped down upon the creature. He’d done this to Orks before, very soon the creatures head would break into a mushy mess and it wouldn’t be fighting then.
  10. Mechaius Mechiaus Prefectus

    Seizing upon Dragoon Daygar's momentum, Judarius knew that now was the time to press the attack. They would not get another chance to turn the tide.

    [Forwards Brothers! Destroy these abominations. Gloria est Omnissiah!] he canted, as he fired off a trio of plasma bolts at the smaller abominations that were rushing to meet the Phaeton's Rangers in close combat. The larger monstrosities were wounded and would be dispatched soon enough, he realized.

    Behind him, Protector Unit-3 was on it's last legs. The wretched creature had nearly finished it off. Brother Brecher had tried to intervene, but he had slipped on the gore that was wallowing within the crimson deluge about their legs. Judarius had witnessed the Engineseer disappear for a moment as he was swept under, but a not a few seconds later came thrashing back up to the surface, mechadendrites hauling him upright and then lashing out at the creature throttling Unit-3.

    Meanwhile, SIR LAW and his rangers had taken the fight to close quarters, engaging the rearward creatures blow for blow. Judarius knew he would need to exercise the most extreme caution now, lest he unintentionally vaporize one of their own. Such close quarters were ill suited for plasma weapons and Judarius contemplated stowing his weapon, but determined that it would not be in his best interests.

    Unlike the others, Judarius was not a warrior. He had no close combat weapons to speak of, save his integrated tools and mechadendrites. He generally left the fighting to those best suited for it, and as such had mostly defensive systems mounted to his exoskeleton.

    That placed him at an unfortunate disadvantage, but it was why he kept himself disengaged from the more bloody work. As much as he could, at least. Providing they survived to meet their rendezvous for extraction, Judarius seriously considered requested a few upgrades upon their return to Zeta Colony.

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