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Additional Character Slots?

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Nahsti_Rogue, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Only reason I'm posting is because I can't find anything about it rather than Founders supposedly getting them and very old posts from up to two years ago, but I was wondering if they will be available? I don't want to play Eldar so I have a second Space Marine, but I'd like to have a slot for more LSM's and CSM's as I started an Iron Warrior and bought some RTC and got him some nice cosmetics but found other cosmetics for other chapters I want and I don't want to have to contact Customer Support every 2 games when I want to change my colours, I very much like the cosmetic options for Alpha Legion and for Word Bearers so it'd be great to have them all and more characters to level up for something to do :D

    Much love

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  2. "soon"
    they are "working" on it

    i guess they want to be extra sure that it does not zogg up our game
    so we have to wait
  3. Thank you, everytime I think of something I want or would like too see and I look it up I get posts from 2014 etc
  4. I've seen that post but I didn't get founders (luckily), but I just meant for general everyday sale
  5. Ya, kind of odd that there are no slots for sale. They need to take a look at MWO's garage bay system and start letting me give them money.

    They keep giving me RTC. I want to buy RTC, but need things I can spend it on. I'm only like 2 months in to the game and I'm already at the point where I've bought all the things I'm going to buy for the toons I have.

    It's like opening a grocery store that doesn't sell anything. This is an IP with a lot of fans already in place. All they need to do is start selling things and we will waste a lot of money here.
  6. Exactly. Character Slots, Character Renames, Guild Banner Cosmetics, Personal Vehicle Cosmetics, Taunts and Battle Cries, More Cosmetics, More Weapon varieties which would add more RTC versions, Weapon Skins. all these things jump to mind, a lot of people complain about micro-transactions in a one buy game but it's only going to make it grow and it's suppose to be an MMO but they haven't got the map out yet as I've heard and when/if they do the whole game is going to change and player pop is going to spike and I'll get to take Katie (Community Manager) out on a date, life will be great
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  7. Nahsti-V2 Recruit

    My F2P account agrees with my paid account!
  8. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    Character slots within the next 2 weeks!
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  9. Thanks Katie! <3

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