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ADAD strafing cheese

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Njord-Halfhand, May 10, 2017.

  1. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    Brent intended for Avengers to ADAD while aiming down the sights, hence why they walk when aiming which defeats the purpose of mobility.

    Avenger hipfire is pretty eh with the spread on ASC, its a bit backwards in design.
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  2. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    ...we all walk when aiming...

    And all hipfire is pretty eh....

    Listen, all I'm saying is ADAD spam is just...stupid. Everyone in every game almost, will agree that it's a bit stupid to see, even if it is effective.

    If putting momentum mechanics into ADAD spam hurts DA's, then maybe they can finally get a buff in other areas that are more meaningful to the DA, and less annoying to everyone else (though to be fair we can all ADAD, so it's kind of annoying 4 diff ways).
  3. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    Yea, I am just saying that DAs are too squish to tank shots in a ranged duel, need to dodge some hits while they headshot.
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  4. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    Well then, I think we should still do something about ADAD, but we just have to make sure DA's get their tweaks at the same time.

    Though...I'm not going to pretend that BHVR is the most dependable in these regards.
  5. Hunter Tarrus TARINunit9 Well-Known Member

    I am fine with ADAD existing as a concept once they remove the bug (have they removed it already?). You know the one, where if you rapidly switch from one to the other there's no moment of deceleration and you go from top-strafe-left-speed to top-straight-right-speed in a single frame
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  6. Xarl Uthullun Amdusias New Member

    What's so cheesy about bunny hopping? And it's not like AD spam makes it impossible to hit them; you can still nade them or spam back or position yourself behind cover or learn to track/aim better or disengage or gang up on them, etc etc.
  7. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

    It's quite saddening to see people call simple ADAD strafe spam "cheese" in a non-realistic shooter. You guys that go against "ADAD strafe cheese" shouldn't be complaining about movement so simple that anyone can do it, you should be complaining about the netcode. Even then, the netcode is not so bad to the degree that you just can't simply track someone in a bolter duel. I've gone against plenty of people who run Slaanesh and ADAD strafe and I'll end up winning 90% of the time, even on EU servers. Why is that? Cause I don't complain about "ADAD strafe cheese" and can track them well enough. The netcode does need work, don't get me wrong, but all of this complaining about such a simple FPS tactic/mechanic is quite ridiculous. It's beyond easy to learn and use and shouldn't even come anywhere close to the idea of being removed. The only way you can really "remove" it is to improve the netcode so your tracking aim does not need to be as good.
  8. I 100% agree

  9. Heavy Bolter gunners have the "momentum" thing that makes ADAD pretty much impossible. This mechanic works well and you can still move and shoot fairly effectively on a HB using precision fire and bursts.

    The most compelling reason to kill this cheesy mechanic is the fact that a player that's moving in the open ADAD strafing on full auto can score multiple headshots and out shoot an opponent that's stationary, behind cover and firing at the ADAD stafer. The fact that ADAD strafing pretty much nullifies the entire "fire from cover" system in a Bolter vs Bolter situation is reason enough to kill this mechanic. Not to mention that ADAD strafing with a bolter totally defeats semi automatic weapons like the Stalker Bolter or Plasmagun from medium to long range. It's interesting how nobody that's for ADAD strafing cares to address these illogical and quite ridiculous outcomes.
  10. Dauntless Tyrium Steam Early Access

    I was pondering this while I was working this morning and was trying to come up with other game types that have something I could compare ADAD strafing to. Obviously my opinion is that its a proper utilization of game mechanics. It makes sense to move as much as possible since it makes you harder to hit. Kinda like in movie: "The In-Laws" and the serpentine maneuvering. :p

    Now, the example I came up with was in StarCraft: Brood War, arguably one of the most popular professional e-sports in the world. There is a maneuver you can pull off where you can drop units out of a Dropship allowing them to fire, than picking them back up when enemies who fire visible projectiles attack them. If you do it right you can pick them up before the animation of the projectile reaches them and they will avoid taking damage. This is similar to ADAD strafing, in that it wasn't specifically designed into the game as a tactic, but is still considered a viable and encouraged tactic to keeping your units alive. It could be designed OUT of the game but Blizzard, the company who created StarCraft, didn't and even kept it as a viable tactic in the sequel.

    Does that make sense? Both are game mechanics that people have figured out how to use to be more effective in the game than other players and neither were designed specifically into the game. Its not cheese, abuse, or hacking, its just skill and experience.

    That's my opinion anyway.
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