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ADAD and You! Yes you, now what would you like to see...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Asheru, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. I know there are 100 threads about this but most just devolve into fights. So lets keep this post:

    A. Civil. Anyone trying to start a fight will have there post removed you can discuss something without turning it into a bunch of personal attacks.

    B. On Topic. Anyone posting off topic will have there post removed.

    Heart of the Topic:

    What would you like to see changed about ADAD if you could have it changed.

    Me personally I think if you ADAD your aim should be thrown off till your back to no longer moving. The only tricky thing is because of the lack of a EHP for Eldar this is more than a valid tactic for them... Maybe make a weapon upgrade, slap a more than 20LP cost on it, to allow them to not have as much a hit penalty as the other races. Don't get me wrong strafing is not an exploit or anything like that, its I would personally say that you can not aim as well as you can when your running if you are trying to also dodge left and right.

    There are no wrong answers here as I asked what you would like to see changed so if you say you want it removed that's fine but also back up why you want your change made. Just saying its dumb isn't going to help or be a good argument about why you feel the way you do about spamming ADAD to strafe.
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  2. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    I would like to see it gone, but punishing movement of ranged classes will again lead to melee dominance.
  3. Atarius Atarius First Blood!

    First things first: ADAD isn't a synonym for strafing!

    ADAD: fast spamming of the button A (left) and D (right) to "abuse" the current problem with latency, so it makes you harder to hit. (no or minimal movement)

    Strafing: fast (actual) moving in one direction followed by a move in the opposit direction (Left for 3 steps followed by 2 steps right, ...) An actual moving is visible (not just "hip-shacking")

    Can we agree at this point, befor we start what should be done against it?
  4. ADAD
    shooting with grenades
    You can get used to this. But the game already has a high entry threshold. New players always negatively regard the use of vulnerabilities in the game process. Our game has too bad reviews in Steam.
    We need a balance decision that will take into account the interests of all parties.
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  5. The devs have said that ADAD is what they consider strafing so I don't see it going away. And small side steps by definition might not honestly be strafing from left to right but its the what you get in EC to it so now the better question is what changes you would make to make it feel less like something you consider an exploit.
  6. I agree with Ash, its the ADAD and constant head shots that makes the players suddenly start shouting that someone is running an Aimbot and is hacking the game. @DemonKingBAAL has been on the receiving end of those accusations on many an occasion. Its also the fact that it does disregard latency, its fine if you have a decent ping, but annoying as hell if you dont.

    ADAD can be countered by rapid firing centre mass, dont try and follow the player, you'll miss 90% of your shots. However, like Ash said, your aim should be well wide of the mark, its not Strafing at all if all your shots hit. Also before anyone says I'm wrong, Strafe, according to the OED (Oxford English Dictionary,) means to Pepper your opponent with shots not hit with every shot.
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  7. -VI-Alerius Alerius Active Member

    Every movement should increase the aim penalty. Quick changing of directions shouldn't decrease this penalty (yeah it's the stupid variant of ADAD). But maybe improving netcode/movement prediction/increase of refresh rates between client and server etc. will solve the problems some quick directional changes (ADAD is only one of them) cause...
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  8. The problems ADAD causes because of latency shouldn't be of relevance here, because latency causes problems all accross the board. This problem doesn't have to be fixed for each situation, but latency has to be fixed on it's own.

    In my opinion, ADAD should give a spread increase in addition to the normal spread increase from movement. Like, when you start strafing, your spread increases to moving spread. Now when you switch strafing direction, you get another spread increase on top, that gradually drops off (like over a second) back to normal moving spread.
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  9. Moving normally = +10% spread
    ADADing = +30% spread

    This would make more of the weapon mods actually useful.
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  10. Or maybe ADADing uses stamina (the stuff for rolling)
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  11. Simply add movement inertia. Just that.
    The ADADAD is not a tactic, it is not skill. Just because this crap has been around since Castle Wolfenstein in 1993 it does not mean it is a cool feature in 2018.

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