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Abusers still playing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ruititadiogo, Oct 25, 2018.

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  1. Kjall Kjall Active Member

    How is playing tactical running between objectives not "playing the game as intended"? Are you seriously implying that people playing badly is "how it was intended"?
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  2. Popoolo ruititadiogo Steam Early Access

    BLA BLA BLA, I dare any one to make 60 kills in fortress against a team of BRo BLOp ELWp CSM VI etc etc .

    No one will do it and we all know why,,,,,

    They all abuse the broke stuff in the game.

    And if you play fare you won't do many kills vs abusers. So why you all bla bla nothing important, the problem is not the pro payers is the hackers and abusers.

    My point of view,

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  3. Kjall Kjall Active Member

    The most any of these guilds "abuse" is simply doing rollex which is countered by not being greedy/keep shooting during their roll. CSM and VI don't even rollex so they're squeaky clean in that regard, stop bitching.
  4. There is a difference between using cheats and coordinating. A very big difference at that. If you have evidence showing that people in such guilds actually cheated, contact their guild masters first and if that doesnt solve it contact any moderaters left active.
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  5. Playing purely to win makes a game like EC inherently boring.
    Take how I see Blop play Medusa...
    Step 1: storm A and cap in shortest time possible, while farming enemies where they spawn and at the doors.
    Step 2: do exactly the same on B
    Step 3: so exactly the same on C

    Over in ~5 minutes, Blop people have ~20 kills each, the rest of their team is on 1-3 because Blop for them all, the defenders had no chance because they were being camped, and no one has any fun.
  6. I mean, thats how chokepoints work. Once you get a cap up, you deny the enemy entrance to decap the point. Thats how it works in all matches where guilds are included or not. Otherwise, if you let the enemy forces build up and let them have a break through on the cap point, the point would be overrun in mere moments and they would get a decap on it.
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  7. Except it's rare.
    That's why I dislike guilds in this game so strongly, they make the most boring games when they play only to win. I loved a good guild match where they didn't play like that, and were actually enjoyable opponents. Something that I have never found BLOP to be.
  8. Then you're basically expecting people and guilds to play the game in a way that it was not meant to be played. In this game, individual success means little as victory or defeat hinges on capturing the point for your team (Even in ticket maps where you can blitz through the points if you got a good enough team though I dont recommend blitzing in Fortress maps since the tickets transfer to B as soon as A is captured. Even the tickets on the walls.). And the best and the most efficient way to do it is a coordinated assault from multiple entrances and holding the capture until the point is fully captured.
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  9. What I'm saying is the game was not designed for be played in a win at all costs style
  10. But isnt trying to win no matter the cost how games work? You get less rewards when you lose and that pushes people to do everything in their power to play better and win. And overall, winning is always fun rather than losing. Why wouldn't it be designed for that? There is a global MAP that shows the importance of won conflicts of matches between the factions (Though it would be nice if it meant something more than just showing which faction has more land over another faction, bE.).
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