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About Sorcerers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Agamandius, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. Greetings everyone

    Chaos sorcerer have always been my favourite thing in Warhammer 40.000 Universe. I was very happy when I saw "Aspiring Sorcerer" as avaible classes for Chaos section. Now I don't know how much information they gave about sorcerers but I am curious if anyone knows what role they will play. I have talked with some people about this before and I am guessing sorcerers will be support. I want to know where did everyone got that idea from? Did they mentioned anything about it on livestream? I appreciate any answer you can give me. :)
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    I remember reading on the Q&A about someone asking if Sorcerer will be able to play as a offensive role, and isn't just stuck as support. The answer (if I recall correctly) basically said, kind of. It said, while you be able to play offensively as a Sorcerer, you won't be as effective as say an Assault Marine. You'll still be playing a support role. For the Sorcerer, that seemed to mean that you'd be buffing and debuffing, a lot. I'm going to try and find the answer and date for it, though!

    I personally hope that Sorcerer is perfectly capable of being fully/mostly offensive. And, in that same thought, I hope Apothecaries can be fully/mostly offensive, too. Since, I think that's the mirror class for Sorcerer.

    8. Can you explain if sorcerer and warlock might have more offensive abilities rather then simple buff/debuff, warp abilities comparable to ranged weapons for example? (in a bit more detail, how the offensive loadout of the Sorcerer/Warlock will work)?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, although the purpose of the Aspiring Sorcerer and Warlock are to be force multipliers on other classes so they’ll never be AS powerful with their individual offensive capabilities. Whether through healing, buffing, or debuffing they make melee, ranged and heavy classes more powerful. So there will definitely be some psychic shooting, but you won’t want to have a group of 10 Aspiring Sorcerers instead of 8-9 Tacticals + 1-2 Aspiring Sorcerers.

    Keep in mind that buffs and debuff psychic powers are not generally intended as fire & forget spells. You want to train on your targets and keep it going while other players fire so it requires a lot of coordination. The Sorcerer/Sorcerer Lord & Farseer are different of course, and have greater individual offensive power.
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    Here's a few threads to go through. Something to note while reading, it is an Aspiring Sorcerer as basic class. More powerful sorcerers would be Elite/Hero class. While we haven't seen psyker powers yet examples have been given such as in the first livestream (Curse of Flies debuffing targets). Also I think "Aggressive Support" is a better term for EC.
    But to summarize, it's for asymmetric gameplay and balance. Also players wanted the aspiring sorcerer (an iconic unit of chaos) as a basic class. I wasn't around when those discussions were happening but to my understanding sorcerer won each that sprang up by a significant margin. Chaos God Marks will be a thing to effect the powers Aspiring sorcerer can wield. Chaos God dedicated units, such as Thousand Sons Rubric marines, are after launch.

    EDIT: Almost forgot the livestream presentation @ Twitch Episode Summaries. click timestamps to jump to the youtube video.
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  5. Thanks for the assistance guys, I be sure to check the livestream
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    Guess Rikamar beat me to it, would just add that you should read through the Answers compilation thread.
    The psyker classes (Sorc especially) have been in the spotlight of many batches put in the thread.
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