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A World of Steam and Steel ( OOC and interest Thread )

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by bossaroo, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    A World of Steam and Steel is a Steampunk RP with roots in a Victorian-esque Alternate History. Players will be apart of a"Situation defusement and asset retrieval service" or more colloquially known as a crew for hire. Characters can be as wide and varied as the setting permits and Missions could range from Catching a Mad Serbia scientist on the run or Dealing with a force of Emchanized Zlus to coercing important figures.

    The Alternate history factor mainly comes into play with the past where a massive conflict spread throughout Europe "The War of Steam and Steel" was a turbulent time period which still effects the current world 20 years later. Whilst similair to WW1 it didnt have the same effects so Imperialism is alive and well though parts of the world are still recovering the world is ripe for fresh enterprises

    The basic Character sheet is
    Player name:
    Character name:
    Occupation prior to joining:

    Skills will be attributed due to Occupation and backstory. If none are obvious the ones that fit best will fill in the Skills are

    Piloting Air and Ground variations
    Fighting skills
    Science skill ( this one is quite hard to determine and so its a bit flexible )

    If you have any questions please hop on the discord or Send me a PM over the forums.
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  2. Player name: Tuska
    Character name: Karl Aberhart
    Gender: Male
    Occupation prior to joining: Combat Medic turned fully Licensed Doctor
    Backstory: Karl was a medical student that was drafted into the war to work as a combat medic for the german army. He served dutifully but also saw some of the most horrific battlefields the war had to offer. He’s seen the horrors of modern war first hand and it changed him. By the time he came home he was a very different man, he spoke little and kept to himself. This behavior continued even when he finished his education in medical school becoming a fully licensed doctor. He is known to break into fits of shaking and sweating just when he hears fireworks. Some veiw him as mad and others veiw him as a coward for letting his service in the war effect him so much. He doesnt know what to think about himself, he just wants to practice his profession and be left alone.
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  3. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Player name: Wata

    Character name: Lucia Candelaria

    Gender: Female

    Occupation prior to joining: Pirate, smuggler, merchant. (Talents: Fighting & Navigating)

    Lucia was born into a wealthy merchant family. She already had two brothers and as the only woman of the family, their intention was to wed her to another influental figure to better the family name.
    Lucia instead wanted to have a stake in the family wealth and be considered as something more than just a bargaining chip.
    After numerous heated arguments and fights about Lucia's fate with her parents, she had had enough. One thing that had always been complimented about Lucia was her strikingly beautiful facial features. Smooth lips, shining eyes, an adorable nose and other womanly assets were something to die for.
    So to make a point of what she wanted to be, she took a knife and scarred her own face. Slicing diagonally across her own face with a hunting knife, she dispelled her famed beauty in a brash act of defiance. She did this all in front of her father, without making a sound or a whimper.
    After this, things fell apart with her family. She was disowned and banished. The whole event left Lucia bitter and angry.
    She drifted about the world, taking all kinds of unsavoury jobs and carved herself a name as a ruthless pirate and a cunning smuggler
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  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    player name: Vulpas Character name: Izzy, Blackforest
    Gender: Unkown
    Occupation prior to joining:Free lance scientst, Chemist, Inventor,

    Backstory: Izzy a wild card amoung most little is known about his past and hes quite not open about most of it, what is known is them comes from the black forest family a family of brave men and women, there father was a german engineer and there mother a Medical perfessional, Izzy grew up amoung machines and medcines learning about both but wanting to do something else with them, not fix people or simply fix machines but to create new things fuse man and machine, After the war started Izzy found themselves quite alone with both of there parents going out to war... to never return alone they worked with what skill they learned to put themselves through school to learn about medcine and machines before becoming a free lance scientist that began inventing sides for whichever side that paid them, there last job was working with on a new type of powered armor to use in heavy trench support situations.
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  5. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    Player name: Vlayden
    Character name: Lt. Shane Carter
    Gender: Male
    Occupation prior to joining: British Officer ((Fighting & Piloting, with air & ground variations))

    Backstory: The Lieutenant's life was admittedly, quite bland and unknown prior to the war – his parents owned a bakery, and his peaceful life was interrupted with the War.
    His recruitment was like many his age – bright-eyed, optimistic and proud to serve. Though the war itself – going through streets with a rifle in hand, fighting street by street in the winter – and in the spring and summer, huddling in the Trench systems with little more than habitual smoking to keep him distracted from this Hell.
    The wars were fortunately kind to him, and after managing to win a victory alongside the French allies, he had reached officerhood, where his 'true' persona would unfold.

    He'd seen how cracked and frightened men and women were here in the War; so he decided to do something about that. From then on, he'd walk alongside his men with his head held high, his back straight and a walking stick held in one hand.
    His equipment was kept to an eight-round, 12-gauge, pump-action shotgun (and of course, plenty of shells to go with it!), and a Colt 1911 pistol with 7 round magazines.
    Through the War, Shane had some hints of misfortune, such as losing his left arm from the shoulder. Of course, as a soldiering man he was offered a mechanized prosthetic. He hasn't taken it off since, unless for maintenance!

    If there ever was a man that could inspire people past their fears, it was this man - a calm, near-lunatic Englishman who waltzed onwards through machinegun fire with a walking stick, and a shotgun. Who tended to have a smoke pipe at his lips.
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  6. I am soooo joining
  7. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Player name: Maleth
    Character name: Cornelia Blackthorn
    Gender: Female
    Occupation prior to joining: Engineer

    Cornelia Blackthorn, an Englishwoman, came from modest backgrounds from the middle classes, and with siblings. However, she didn't desire things that were normal aspirations for what she was meant to do as a woman, such as a desire to go into engineering to make her mark on the world (when she should be looking for a suitor).

    Naturally, her choice required an education that was highly unusual for a woman go into, and the source of much strife between her and her family over such 'unbecoming' choices.

    Eventually, she was grudging allowed to start the education of being an engineer, with her area of focus on vehicles and tools of war (one felt to not be befitting for her) earning her many rumors behind her back of various types (ranging from simple gossip to vicious attacks said whenever she wasn't in earshot).

    Needless to say, her social views alongside unconventional career choice earned her a reputation as the black sheep of the family, and so she went looking for work where she'd be more accepted for who she is and what she does.
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  8. Player Name: Wincent / Tnecniw

    Character name: Wincent Thule

    Gender: Male

    Occupation prior to Joining: Automaton Combat Engineer

    Wincent Thule. A Automaton Engineer originating from the cold Sweden. His father a swiss Automaton Engineer fleeing to Sweden during the war and marrying a sweet girl, Passing on his knowledge to his son, as is common for someone in his field.

    Wincent grew up in a rather well established home in the upper middle class, without any problems regarding education or food. However he was always interested about seeing the great wide world. He took walks, read about lands and history, and close to his 20th birthday joined a expedition to the former turkish empire. He learned to mix combat with his Automaton engineering, creating small minons, to help protect them and more. It was such a incredible rush for him... That when he returned he quickly joined a new one.

    Now, 29 years old, has he been on 7 expeditions to the former Turkish empire, and while maybe not getting his "fill" of the place, is he interested to see what else he can see.

    Apperance: A tall man, with soft brown eyes. He got short chestnut brown hair and a horseshoe mustache. His face is very well defined, with a clear "square" face, with a firm and clear chin.

    He has a "toned" body. Not overly muscular but deffinetly used to bodywork. He either wears a normal white shirt or a knitted turtleneck (if it is cold outside) with a long black trenchcoat over with fine brass buttons most of the time open.

    Furhter more does he have fine brown pants and a pair of firm boots, everything made to be quite recilient and lasting, for long travel and ease of movement.

    When he works on his Automatons (Or anything else that needs fixing) does he either close his trenchcoat when it is cold, since it is easier to wash... OR just work in his white shirt if it is warm, since it is also easy to wash.

    Revolver (a gift from his father) for medium range fighting.
    Bolt Action Rifle. For longrange fighting.
    "Trench Knife" (Combined Knife and brassknuckle)
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