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A Well-Thought Out Attempt to Enhance the Sisterhood

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by GratLurking, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. GratLurking Recruit

    Well, as Games Workshop seems to not want to do anything with the Adeptus Soritas, and I'm somewhat of a avid fan of the faction to some degrees, I decided to try and set up a bit of thought on a modernized, updated Sister of Battle army. A few weeks, some feedback from a few other 40k areas on the internet, and this is what I came up with for various ideas, conceptual tweaks and of course, a bunch of new units and concepts for potential Sisterhood items. There may have been some slight inspiration from other sources for certain suggestions, but I tried to keep it somewhat tied to current 40k meta with new unit additions (although I am avoiding adding stats cus ideas and balance tend to be hard to fit together for me :S) and the Sisterhood's main goal- a faithful group of religious zealots who's main goal is to defeat psykers and be badasses with near-Space Marine stats for the Ecclisiarchy.

    = Faith is Power =
    Called upon by the Ordo Herticus constantly to hunt down psykers, and powered by the Emperor's faith, the Sisterhood does not often depend on psykers for nearly anything. However, in latest editions of 40k with an actual psyker phase and everything, the Soritas is laughably weak in the anti-psyker department, and the weaknesses of the way the Faith abilities work show more and more. As a result, thanks to things like Soulstorm's interpretation of the system, here's what I would do:
    * The Sisterhood's Faith powers would be treated and rebalanced, with the ability to activate them during the Psyker phase with fewer limiters, if maybe a bit nerfed to compensate.
    * Relatedly, Faith itself could become a 'psyker discipline' in a way, with special characters able to take more faith powers similar to psyker abilities. More basic Sister units would only have access to a few Faith powers and could only activate one per turn, as an idea/example.
    * To gain the Faith resource, you would generate a point of Faith per each Faithful squad still in play. In addition, perhaps we could see a Zealous Faith upgrade to the Faithful special rule, generating double the Faith in the Psyker phase. This in particular may need more balance, to keep Faith from drowning your psyker stages. Perhaps 2 Faithful squads/units = 1 Faith point, or some Sisterhood units wouldn't have the Faithful rule for balance.
    * Sisters should definitely have a bonus to Deny the Witch rolls of some kind. Seriously, a very simple thing here!

    = Might of the Ecclisiarchy =
    While the Ecclisiarchy is not allowed any 'men at arms', that hasn't stopped priests of the Ecclisiarchy from taking up weapons and arms before. Some of the unit suggestions below will reflect that, with new units added with the Imperial Faith in mind. At the moment, I don't have enough to make it possible for a full-on army of the Imperial Cult possible with the codex, but I wouldn't think it much of a bad idea for a Sisterhood reboot to allow such a thing.

    = Purity of Trinity, or Heresy? =
    Excellently fluffy, one of the big things about Sisterhood armaments have been it's Holy Trinity of weaponry: Flamer, Melta, and Bolter, something that has carried the Sisterhood in it's inception and often considered holy relics to the Sisterhood. However, in the current generation of 40k... that mindset can be the doom of the Sisterhood as well. My proposal here would be an expansion of the Trinity by allowing 'enhanced' versions of some of the Trinity's ideas here into 3 more weapon types to allow Sisters more options. For the Bolter, you grant it a mind to seek the heretic, enhancing it to Missiles. For fire, you make it burn as the brightness of stars, begetting Plasma. Melta is naturally the harder one, a part of me was thinking Las (as in Lascannon) but then again, it's hard to tell here... Maybe one of ye blokes have better thoughts.

    = Advancements in a Few Thousand Years =
    Now comes the fun part: units! Below is the proposed new roster for Sisterhood units, with as much feedback requested for the new additions as can be allowed.

    * Cannoness/Cannoness Superior - Generic Cannoness, wouldn't change too much beyond granting them an upgrade to Cannoness Superior of the Ordo, and granting them better stats and wargear.
    * Soritas Command Squad - Original list item, left mostly unscathed with the first few pass-throughs.
    * Almoness - First time I ever saw the character concept of this unit was in Ultimate Apocalypse, so I am unsure if this is a canon unit concept, but what the hell. Unless this existed prior, I assume that the Almoness was some form of Omnissiah/Emperor combined form of the sect, and I latched onto it for an excuse for the Sisterhood to get grubby hands on unique STC data beyond that one deal that granted em the Immolator. Give it skills similar to a Tech Marine or Techpriest and we'll be good.
    * Living Saint - A generic Living Saint template, allowing for Soritas fans to create Saints for their minor Ordos and enhance the Your Guys mindset.

    * Ecclisiarchy Archbishop - A new HQ with a focus on the Ecclisiarchy. I'd assume his role would be similar to an Etherial, not the strongest but would cause the Faithful to grow much more nasty.
    * Ecclisiarchy Battle Conclave - Another classic unit, though could be slightly more useful with the addition of the Archbishop to compliment and act as his command squad.

    * Ordo Heriticus Inquisitor - Pretty sure Herticus Inquisitors exist in Codex: Inquisition, but hey, I like the idea of them being here too. If not that, grant them Battle Brotherhood with the Inquisition for alliances with em.

    * Ordo Hospitaliter - Classic attatchment unit for the army. Friend suggested them being able to take a Samaritan as a DC, had to do a bit of research there....
    * Ecclisiarchy Priest - Another classic attachment unit for the army, left relatively alone for now.

    * Saint Celestine (and other Living Saints) - With the generic Living Saint template, Celestine could definitely get some nice buffs and uniqueness. Some other Living Saints could be introduced as well.
    * Uriah Jacobous, Protector of the Faith - Get back! Get back! Get back to where you once belong!
    * Major Ordo Cannoness Superior - Much like special characters for other armies, these Major Ordo Cannonesses would be pretty badass and expensive, perhaps with some unique modifiers for the armies as well. I could easily see certain Ordos turning some disciplines into troops. (Valourous Heart and Repentias, or Bloody Rose and Dominions, for examples).

    * Battle Sisters - The typical Battle Sister. Not quite as flexible as the newer suggestion for the army, but the Sisterhood is armed in power armor and given lots of nice ranged toys and Faith abilities to compensate. No good focus, just all-round decent in squad size max and toughness.
    * Soritas Adepts - Lighter armored than Sisters, wearing nothing but Shield Robes and other basic garb, these Sisters are not quite as trained in the aspect they wish to learn yet, as a result the squad would lose out a bit on armor, but gain in weapon versatility. This squad could be built into melee duelists with pistols and chainswords, or ranged squads backed up with heavy weapons. For small games or fluffy armies, these cheaper alternative to the Battle Sisters could be useful.

    * Fervants - Ecclisiarchy mobs powered by pure faith and maybe a few flaming Evicerators. Essentially cultist Tarpits for the glory of the Emperah!

    * Rhino Transport - Rhiiinos. RHIIIIIIINOOOOOOS. Our enemies hide in metal BOXES! The cowards! The fewls! We... we sould actually let them keep the metal boxes, they need all the help they can get.
    * Immolator - Sister's fancier Razorback. Moar Dakka, less capacity.
    * Repressor - Get it off the Forge World Shelf already! This Adeptus Arbites turned Sorita favorite has been away for too long! Basically an even more armored Metal Box prepared for taking on riots.

    * Celestians - Classic Sisterhood elites, equipped with pretty Melta weapons and even greater faith capabilities than the standard rank and file.
    * Sisters Repentia - Another classic Sisterhood unit, barely equipped with anything more than massive chainswords and burning faith, absolute monster melee when used right.

    * Samaritan - A support vehicle! I was informed during some of my other feedback sessions that the Samaritan was apparently some form of special Hospitaliter vehicle back in the day. My idea for this would be a support vehicle which allows FNP and other support buffs in a radius to friendly squads.

    * Artificer Celestians - The Sisterhood desperately needs a Terminator Equivilent in the army, and I propose using Artificer Armor, a stopgap between Power Armor and Terminator, as that potential fill in the hole. Ranged Artificers would gain the ability to use heavy weapons without encumberance, meanwhile...
    * Assault Artificer/Guardian Artificers - I'm not quite sure what would be best for assault Artificers, so I came up with two ideas. On one hand, I don't expect Artificer Armor to grant Slow and Purposeful but still grant a better save than Power Armor, which could be a little OP on a standard melee unit, even if limited to just Power Swords. On the other hand, grant the sisters a weapon similar to the Nemesis Force Spear (aka a general Power Spear, maybe with a bolter built in) and a shield, and that solves the issue. They'd get stuck with Slow and Purposeful probably cus the unwieldly spear and larger shield that'd probably fit better for looks with the very fancy Artificer, but hey.

    * Dominions - Classic Sisterhood fast attack, who was given crappier weapon options for moving a little faster over the battlefield.
    * Seraphium - A personal favorite of mine, the jetpack troopers of the Sisterhood. I'd suggest an option to allow them melee weapons, but on the other hand that's technically what Pistols allow and them avoiding melee for pistols is kinda awesome and unique.

    * Inferno Sentinel - Fancy-canopied Sentinels created specifically for the Sisterhood. Granted Twin-Linked Flamers and upgradable with other twin-links.
    * Dominion Riders - BOLTER CHICKS ON MOTORCYCLES!!! Ok seriously, put an armored Sorita on either a modified Marine Bike STC or modified street bikes, grant them flamers and bolters and go to town.

    * Lightning Strike Fighter - Classic Sisterhood air unit originally created by Forge World.

    * Retributors - Sisterhood trained in heavy warfare, another classic Sortias unit.

    * Penitent Engine - The Sisterhood's dedicated melee HS unit. Strap a heretic into a neural harness and point at the enemy saying they'll gain absolution if they get choppin'.
    * Aether Combat Walker - A new edition, which I would suggest alongside the Penitent Engine remodel to allow it to be built from the same kit. GW LOVES doubling down on the same plastic. This would be a heavy walker with a bit more fancy armor and much more user friendly design, based on the Penitent's armatures but with a focus on ranged combat. I'd suggest two twin-linked weapons, starting with Flame and going up from there.

    * Exorcist - Another classic and probably the most 40k thing in the Sisterhood line. BATTLE ORGAN TANK with a focus on barrage combat
    * Cleansing Flame Cannonade - Another idea for a new HS for Sisters, the Cleansing Flame would be mostly focused on anti-Tarpit to start, a Rhino or Leman Russ chassis fitted with an artillery cannon that fires burning balls of incendiary. Could maybe be upgraded with other ordinance or even a direct-fire Plasma Cannon or Melta Cannon!

    * Avenger Strike Fighter - Forge World's latest Act of Faith for the Sisters. What happens when you make a bigass gun and then build something just to carry it....?

    * War Chapel - It's a bit typical to make something off the Baneblade chassis, but really, what other chassis would fit for a rolling cathedral with several cannons and turrets built into it? Built based to start on a Shadowsword Titanicus, the War Chapel's primary cannon would be low to the ground, but the rest of the cathedral would tower, with bolter and lascannon sponsons constructed into the spires on the side. A great thing of inspiration for the faithful!
    * Seraphine Pattern Imperial Knight - The AdMech and Sisterhood don't get along, so this one may be a bit straining on lore, but here's the base gist: The Sisterhood helped out a Knight World right before it was claimed for the Imperium, sacrificing a Living Saint to defend it. Touched by the Imperium's Greater Demon- er I mean, the death of such a powerful creature, the house would offer it's feality to the Sisterhood, and the Knights of that house would be built to mimic the Saint that fell for them in protection from Chaos. This Knight would feature a flaming sword, a mighty shield, a cannonade built into the shoulder, and most important of all, jetpack in the form of wings. Due to the need of the jetpack, this would no doubt be one of the lightest knights in form of armor and structure points, but would have both enhancements in Void Shields, but also the power of Faith.
    * Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legions - In the grand scheme of things, the Sisterhood is still the Imperium, so they would still get aide from the Adeptus Mechanicus when the threat was greatest, supplied with other Imperial Knights and the Imperial Titans when requested.

    Feedback Pls!
  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    It looks pretty good to me, I am not sure about the titan and possibly knight though the rest looks good.
  3. There is something that the Sisterhood lacks, an Elite Heavy-Infantry Unit.

    IG have Stormtroopers, SM have Terminators, Tau have Stealthsuits, etc., yet Sororitas don't have anything like this.
    So what if they had a unit that was in heavy power armour that could be kitted out for either Melee or Ranged Fire with a defence bonus that you can tailor for their roles?

    I'm thinking of a unit with armour somewhere between Power Armour and Terminator armour that you can equip with either power weapons & pistol or with Lascannons, Plasma Cannons, Graviton Weapons, etc but that you can also choose to give a +1 armour save against either ranged attacks or in close combat.
  4. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    I read through and it looks pretty great, as an ork player im terrified but it looks wonderful. As previously said the knight does feel like its strecthing lore just a bit too far with the jump pack, maybe something more along the lines of a tau assualt move ? Though a jump "infantry" heavy walker would be a beautiful sight to be behold.
  5. Orkman D Orkman Curator

    Hammer of Wrath on a 3-6 inch area anyone?

    But yeah, I really love how all of this looks, but maybe I'm just a sucker for the Sisters.
  6. You used to be able to put Jump Packs on Dreadnoughts in the Rogue Trader era.
    But back then Dreads were a form of Mech suit that the pilot could get in and out of easily.

    Though that may sound more like the following with massive Jump Packs on them, for Sororitas.

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