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A Twisting Affair: Shrouds of Darkness OOC Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by CommissarGaunt, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. Name: Josef Skyruss

    Gender: Male

    Age: 45

    Species: Human

    Class: Inquisitorial Crusader


    Weapons: Righteous Flame(master forged Powersword with a power field that not only slices through matter but also heats up to the point that the surrounding air catches alight in holy blue flames) with Master forged Storm Shield.

    Armour: Crusader Carapace armor with appropriate robes.

    Special Equipment: Set of plain robes to wear when he's not in his armor, Standard Equipment to maintain his gear.


    Appearance: A six foot six muscular monster of a man he poses an intimidating figure built by training his entire life to perfecting his skills with a sword and shield. His blue eyes seem to pierce into everything the gaze upon and his head is kept shaved with no facial hair. His face is plain with nothing outstanding about it which suits him just fine. His body has scars here and there from full contact sparing and battles of his youth.

    Personality: A man of unbreakable faith and unending duty Josef is stern and serious taking his duties with the up most professionalism. When not on duty keeps to himself and enjoys these brief moments he has to himself. When in combat he can range from calm and collected to a blood crazed maniac it all depends on the circumstances on who and why he's fighting but he always does so with superb skill even when in a frenzy. Any form of heresy that is in his presence will be destroyed by him with extreme prejudice.

    Prior History: Rasied in the crusader orders Josef has spent his entire life perfecting his swordsmanship and following the Emperor's light with unshakable faith and furious zeal. He has participated in many a friendly sparing match or deadly duel and has come out on top of almost all of them but not without some scars. He doesn't know any other purpose than to serve the emperor and his most loyal servants.
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  2. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Alright, here's my sheet.

    Name: Saven Celeste Dakol
    (Title before going away from her home world: Theirarch, Heir to House Dakol.)
    Age: 23
    Height: 1.85m
    Weight: 57kg
    Class: Imperial Nobility: Spyrer.

    Physical Description/Appearance: Average height and build for Nobility, but with some musculature from being much more physically active than most nobles are.
    Her face is quite sharp with well defined features, most noticeably her fierce green eyes, which haven't yet been marred from the nature of live outside of what Nobles experience.
    She also possess long black hair that comes down to her neck, but often bound up when not held in an elaborate style for formal functions.

    Hunting Rig Base weapons: Instead of having a fixed weapon set, Saven's Rig has a trio of adaptive weapons (Rifle, Pistol & Melee) that can have mods applied to them to adapt the weapons to any situation.... In Theory.

    Current Mods:
    Ranged mods: High-Power, Rapid fire. May use Sonic + Flame ammo.
    Melee: Poisoned + Chain Sword.

    Hunting Rig (Akin to Carapace, but can sustain the wearer and repair itself. That and improve itself.... Technically.)

    Ammo construction backpack (Small and rather light backpack on her Rig that makes all the ammo Saven needs from battlefield scrap.)

    Saven was born into a Noble Spyrer House on the Hive world of Rargeth Prime, who held the role of Planetary Governor and being the first child of her parents she was earmarked as being their heir to the position.

    When she was young, Celeste had struck ended up striking an odd friendship with Dekka, a Nuvenorean brought from an off-world slave market to help tutor the young girl, along with aiding her parents with their political ambitions.

    Aside from Dakol's heretical friendship, her life was as normal as one can have when surrounded by wealth that few could ever hope to posses. When she was 16, she completed her first Spyrer hunt which marking her as ready to take on the mantle of leadership, leading her to be trained as her parent's successor, Dekka still at her side.

    But.... Saven fell victim to Hive-World politics, as other Houses made a power play to secure the position of Planetary Governor. Such was the lengths they went to secure that power, they falsified evidence to mark her as in league with the Ruinous Powers, working to bring about the downfall of Rargeth Prime.

    They then accused her of Treason against the Imperium which merited the attention of a Puritan Inquisitor who was hot on Dakol's heels, sabotaged her Hunting Rig in an attempt to prevent her from escaping and her family disowning her in an attempt to save themselves from the hammer of the Imperium wiping them out of existence.

    Under such odds, Saven Celeste Dakol was forced to leave her home behind, and escape into the wider galaxy: A final audio message from the conspirators that had cost Saven her position and Dekka being the two things that have kept her spirit from falling into the abyss.

    Skills: Deceiving others/infiltration, Combat(by herself.)
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  3. kanila kanila Subordinate

    • Name: Sergeant Drew Kroll
    • Age: 28
    • Height: 1.7m
    • Weight: 84kg
    • Physical Description/Appearance: Brown hair and brown eyes, he has numerous scars across his body from countless battlefields.
    • Background: Serving as part of the 7th Scarrus Air Assault Squadron has brought SGT Kroll around the galaxy on countless Worlds.
    • Wargear: Storm Bolter, Medkit, comm bead, Stub Revolver, carapace armor, rebreather mask, field rations, Lho-sticks
    • Class: Imperial Guard Veteran
    • Skills: Field Medic training, drop training
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  4. Smith XV-878 Subordinate

    Borrowed my Sororitas character from the other Inquisition RP as it doesn't look like that one is taking off. I adapted it so hope it all checks out. Happy to change any aspects you don't like.


    Name: Sister-Celestian Marie Castella

    Age: 38

    Height: 1.86 m

    64 kg

    Physical Description:

    In armour, bearing the heraldry of the Order of the Holy Tempest: [Link]

    Unarmoured: Marie possesses the cropped, bleached-white hair typical of many Adepta Sororitas. Her face is largely unremarkable and possessed of a simple attractiveness, but delineated by a firm jaw and angular brow which imbue her with a harsh, martial quality. She has the fluer-de-lis of the Adepta Sororitas tattooed on her right cheek, and set above her left brow is a small tattoo of a linked chain. Her body is sturdy and wiry with muscle.


    Marie was born on the oceanic world of Ascetus as the only daughter to a family of respectable polar ice merchants. As a black omen, her mother died in childbirth, and indeed - despite several stable and relatively pleasant early years - misfortune soon struck when her father was convicted of smuggling and promptly executed. Marie was passed over to the Schola Progenium and resumed her childhood as a miserable and quiet orphan. Misfortune struck once more - and struck harder - when the suboceanic hive containing the Schola Progenium habitat in which she resided was consumed by an insurrection of Nurglite cultists. As disease and bloodshed claimed all around her, some innate and macabre quality within Marie was given life, and where others perished she was able to survive and eek out an existence fighting a vicious guerilla war from within her habitat. When the insurrection was crushed and purged, and the enforcers able to pass the flooded maze of gruesome traps and pressurised blockades assembled by Marie throughout the habitat, they found no sign of her save an unsealed airlock.

    Instead, Marie was found by an altogether more unlikely ally. Half-dead, washed up in a ruptured dive-suit in the bay of their convent island, The Order of the Holy Tempest discovered Marie. An utterly remote and near-legendary organisation to the laypeople of Ascetus, Marie had placed her last hope of escape and redemption here, making a thirty kilometre trek along the seafloor in a rigged dive-suit to reach the island. The Sororitas convent placed significant portent on the efforts of their child, who had embarked on a similar suboceanic trial as their founding Canoness and arrived here alive and untainted. She was promptly inducted into the ranks of the small and reclusive order.

    Evaluating all her misfortunes as being the result of avoidable human weakness, she saw her induction into a spartan life of hardship and rigorous training as a chance to remove any chance of such weakness arising in her and rid herself of misfortune. Her trial under the waves had a deep impact on her psyche, and the ocean was forevermore imbued with a powerful significance for her, just as it did likewise for her order. As a result, she adapted exceptionally well to her training and meditations, and quickly excelled as a Sister.

    The world of Ascetus is located in a sector infamous for its Ork corsairs and hordes. The Order of the Holy Tempest had a sacred duty to protect the sacred archeotech stored on Ascetus from this threat, and as a result routinely found themselves deployed in the heat of fighting at the sector fringes. It was in this crucible of war that Marie earned her ascension to Sister-Celestian, but her recruitment to the retinue of Inquisitor Lucifer was to be born out of an altogether more dire ordeal.

    It was during a long-expected and long-dreaded invasion of a roving Ork horde that Marie found herself fighting on the moon of Diocletian-II, as the Celestian vanguard she belonged to attempted to dislodge the heart of the Ork command. The fighting was brutal and close-quarters; well suited to the particular fighting style of the Holy Tempest, utilising webbers and unusual power tridents to incapacitate and slay foes in melee. They were nearing the inner sanctum of the Ork warlord, when it happened. Too unexpected and too sudden to understand at the time, Marie found her fellow sisters and the Orks around her crippled by a wave of repulsive psychic energy. The Orks distended and bloated, and her sisters cried out in anguish and died around her. Marie felt a heavy weight on her mind and a dizzying sense of repulsion, but some inner bulwark of her consciousness defied its effect and left her sensibilities intact whilst the nightmare erupted around her. The Orks she had been fighting were Orks no longer; they were outlandish figures of warped and decaying flesh, with great maws and scything talons. As they approached, Marie steadied herself as the psychic maelstrom subdued, and resigned herself to the imminent combat.

    Her distress signal was detected fourteen hours later, by a recently arrived Inquisitorial survey frigate. Ordo Hereticus. She was found amidst a nightmarish carnage of ichor, slain Orks and indescribable remains. Her Sisters were slain. The entire Imperial force deployed to the moon was routed. A terrible Nurglite daemon prince was now revealing itself elsewhere on the moon, and the war was set to escalate severely. Yet Marie alone survived.

    This was viewed with severe scepticism. After two days of relentless Inquisitorial mind-delving, she was deemed pure and doubt was removed. When doubt was removed, the story was remarkable; a warrior surviving against great odds, belonging to a seldom seen order of trident-wielding Sororitas, and - most importantly - resisting a harsh infernal psychic phenomenon with apparent power of will. This was too intriguing a character for the Inquisition to resist, and a mandate was sent to the Order of the Holy Tempest requisitioning her services.


    Power Trident [*6ft Extended - 3ft Retracted]
    Webber Pistol
    Hidden Knife [Concealed in Rosary]
    Sabbat Pattern Power Armour
    Monastic Robes

    *Retractable shaft for ease of carry.

    Class: Sororitas Celestian

    Skills: Melee combat - Armoury Maintenance - Swimming
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  5. I'll be starting on Monday at 2000 USEastern. All further character submittance have until tomorrow evening at 2359 USEastern to submit and be accepted. That is all, good luck and fair seas.
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  6. Smith XV-878 Subordinate

    I'll get my post in tomorrow.
  7. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Pre-approved by the Commissariat:

    Name (Designation): Reidan Zeth;
    • Gender (Reproductive affiliation) : Presumably male;
    • Age (Years Uncalculated but Observed): Unknown;
    • Species (His Chosen): Homo technologicus;
    • Height: 3.0 meters (9ft6in);
    • Weight: 290kgs (639lbs);
    Class (Designated Calling): Myrmidon Centurius of Adeptus Mechanicus`s Auxilia Myrmidon;
    Past affiliations (Unseen speckle In His Plan):
    -Prefecture Magisterium, Magister;
    -Divine Cult of Sollex, Aspirant;

    (Weapons)Tools of His Blessed Ruin:
    - Transonic <Weapon> (myriad variant chosen: Guan Dao);
    Transonic <weapon> - when fed power- emits a low, insistent buzz that makes stomachs turn and eyes vibrate in their sockets. When it strike armour, this weapon will adjust its hostile sonic field to match its resonant frequency, quickly slicing right through it.

    -Electrostatic gauntlet (left);
    Electropriests (most notably Corpuscarii) wear metal apparatus around their wrists that channels tremendous electrostatic potential from dorsal generators. This can be discharged in a cascade of killing lightning.

    (Armour) Armaments Entrusted: Gold-Inlaid Artificer Armor combined with Calixian Techpriest Robes of War-Savant;
    The armour worn by the more warlike priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus makes even the advanced Mark VIII power armour of the Adeptus Astartes seem basic by comparison. Each suit of war plate is a work of art, its electrofibre bundles and ceramite plates customised to the wearer via a hundred cybernetic interfaces. For many of the Omnissiah’s faithful it is nigh impossible to determine where the armour ends and the wearer begins.

    (Special Equipment) Gifts Bestowed:
    -Electro-graft (protrudes as a needle from his right,metal enmeshed index finger) ;
    -Electoos tattooed all across his left portion of the body and on the inside of his battleplate, in shapes of holy conduit circuitry, enmeshing electro-statical (dis)charges across his body and equipment;
    -Potentia-coil strapped to his back, sticking out of his armored mesh-plate like a pressure seal, but hidden beneath his voluminous robes;
    -Cranial integration with his battle-plate helmet interface offering Reidan total awareness across the spectra (and auspex).Also makes his helmet a literally death-mask.
    -Enhanced exo-skeleton;
    -Enhanced data-tether replacing organic mouth, cast in livery of a golden vox-grille across the lower portion of his death-mask.Powered by arduous ritual and arcane machinery it also functions as:
    • Vox;
    • Enhanced vox-box;
    -Rite of Autosanguination performed;
    -Emotional inhibitors;
    -Noospherically augmented;
    -Servo-arm coupled in its harness are three mechadendrite tentacles.They are attached with:
    • Prehensile dataspike;
    • Photonic las-projector;
    • Photonic las-projector;

    (Traits) Servant`s Personality Matrices
    Once belonging to Prefecture Magisterium, passing the Divine Law as one of its Magisters, Techpriest Reidan has given himself fully to the art of war over the long period of his life, taking upon himself the responsibility of protecting the shrines and data-vaults of the Machine God that have been forsaken by others.Thus he is a heavily augmented savant of war prosecuting His Justice in a brutally direct manner.
    • Litany of the Damned - by the powers of his own mental acuity and his experience as a Magister, Reidan is able to recall a malovent code that he would emit thought his vox-box as a curse to those that would use Omnissiah`s own tools against him.
    • War-savant - embroiled in combat and the tools that make it possibly waging it, Reidan finds the unchallenged divinity of the Iron Messiah - and as such usually breaks all problems upon the cruicible of battle.
    • Empathical - a strange trait he has developed in his correspondence with various pilgrims and fellow explorers, by tuning his emotional inhibitors in accordance with their social needs;
    • Prefecture Magister - intolerant toward the techno-heretics or Xanthian Techpriests;
    • Adept of the Divine Cult of Sollex - especially curious toward light and photon technology, and the weapons he creates are usually incorporating such technologies in one form or another.
    • Shrouded in Humility - despite his outward appearance, Reidan came to control the predatorial ambition and unbound curiosity that he shared with some of his peers.Over the long course of his life he came to value and respect the mortal viewing of sacrifice and the hardships of everyday life, even if it is sometimes misguided.
    (Appearance) The Image Contradictory:
    The gigantic bulk of this rare Techpriest is not only staggering as a display of force, but also in silent majesty that is shown In the masterful workmanship and delicate care of every inch of his equipment.
    Clenching in his hands the blue-edged Transonic Guan Dao,Reidan is taller then an average Astartes due to his enhanced bone-density and gene-hanced pistoned bulk,propeled by his exo-skeleton.Servo-arm stands motionlessly above his head,while three much slender and agile mechadendrite tentacles dance around him - two of which end in a grey-blue attachment that buzz with energy that is primed, ready to be unleashed in twin hazes of destructive force.Both of his hands have been enmeshed with metal, fusing the flesh, bone and metal together forever.

    (Prior History) Chronology of a Servant:
    Inducted as a young boy into the Adeptus Mechanicus, promising much, his already developed analytical mind and his intellectual prowess has seen him standing out among the bred-stock of the teeming labor force
    Techpriest Reidan Zeth served for three decades loyally as a Techpriest rising thought the ranks of the Tygress IV Forge World in the Calixis Sector, his strong moral compass leading him to forsake the Great Quest and thus he immersed himself into scrying Omnissiah`s will.His talents more fitting now for the stern and panoptic eye of the Magisterium, he donned the cloak of a Magister passing judgement upon the meek and foolish, in vain hopes that all is well within the innumerable cogs of the Divine Machine that is the Imperium.

    Until he met a cog that refused to turn.
    The nature of this case, once viewed by Reidan, was not the one of madness or spurred by inbred malicious forces from the Outside.It was one of misplaced arrogance.

    Corteza-Unit, a Prime Hermeticon of meager repute and even humbler possessions of Division Astrographicus, found an error within an ancient warp engine on one of many factory-ships that orbited the Forge World.Apperently its Mandevellian Matrix (a sensor that delineates the point at which interplanetary debris falls below maximum Warp density, and Warp-drive can be engaged) was not synchronized with the Navigator`s Throne.Without the knowledge of a Magos or the ship`s Captain she ordered the Caretaker of the Enginarium to execute immediate calibration based on her findings or be found wanting.

    A week later, as the Ignarus Integro engaged its warp-drives, the titanic starship was torn inside in seconds, and for a few moments another dawn rose across Tygress IV nightside.
    Found wanting for untold destruction and loss of material, data and life, she pleaded innocent by right of a Hermeticon, her service and infailty of her Divisio.In her stead, her Apprenta was taken, charged with her crimes.

    Reidan was appaled.After reviewing the work of his fellow Magisters he took matters into his own hands, bringing death to the Corteza and her house.

    Unable to comprehend the simple fraily of being a human, even to those so blessed in the Mechanicum and prosecuted by his fellow peers, Reidan forsook the mantle of a Magister and imposed self-exile by joining the Explorator Fleet that ventured beyond far away from the Tygress IV,hoping that in aiding the Great Quest he abandoned so long ago, would find redemption and...understanding.

    Reidan spent more then ten years into the depths of space aboard the legendary Mechanicum Arks and alien worlds that never knew His Light.Yet such voyages were not without peril and more then one dire situation forced him to take up arms to defend himself, more then once he was forced to cast away dogmatic ritual in favor of lateral thinking, his comrades and precious knowledge threading the path of war.

    As the expedition around him changed as they cruised though the deep dark, he changed too.His body that was before pristine and noble, was not bulky and scarred.His hands that never knew nothing more but a gentle touch of a data-slate, were now enhanced and use to hardships.

    Even his eyes were not his own, and so many years has passed since he has seen his face.He was not sure he even had any to show for it anymore, seeing nothing but what his enemies would behold.A golden death-mask with green and red glows imbedded into his sockets, arcane machinery ticking slowly inside, to some sub-sonic hum as he saw world around him like no mortal can.

    Taking to the field of battle, more of an automaton then a human, Reidan serves the God-Emperor now in a form of war.By perfecting his tools, he finds the instruments of worship.By collating the ever-chaotic battle-data he finds his chant to give praise.
    By stalking the myriad battlefields of the vast Imperium, Myrmidon serves whatever faction of the Imperium would have him, if only to take him to the local battlefield.
    Character excels at/can perform: (most of these come from his specialist wargear)
    • ECM (vox-boosted coding/scrapcode/static bombardment) counter-measures;
    • Ability to (electro-graft) interface with most of Imperial technology;
    • Ability (electro-static gauntlent,potential-coil, electoos) to manipulate to a certain degree, local electrical grid/units/items and use it as his own discretion;
    • Combat (cranial augmentation and integration with his battle-plate sensoria) under heavy impairment (in low light conditions, under heavy fire, coordinated under chaotic mass assaults,etc...)
    • Probably (inbuilt and noospherically augmented) adept at using all forms of communications.
    • Ability to (inbuilt) communicate over certain distances via vox, without using a external vox equipment.
    • Melee combat.
    • Variable manipulaton of heavy physical objects (due to his bulk and augmented strength);
    • Works great in concert with Mechanicum forces.
    • Ability (data-tether) to control heavily cyberized units that run on Imperial-sanctioned protocols.
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  8. Oh joy a secutor. Looks like we got people from everywhere in the Imperium.
  9. I'll reply tomorrow, been a long day here on my end.
  10. kanila kanila Subordinate

    What equipment do we have on us? Did we have to put the starting gear in the armory?
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