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A Twisting Affair: Shrouds of Darkness IC Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by CommissarGaunt, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Smith XV-878 Subordinate

    The low-light detection filtering provided by Marie's power helmet gave her sight in the claustrophobic dark, albeit throwing the clawing aberrations into nightmarish low-contrast shapes did not grant her much tactical advantage. Nevertheless, it allowed her to keep a beat on their location.

    "Agreed," she barked in acknowledgement of Kroll and Reidan, "and then to the upper decks as soon as the way is clear; we are too much like trapped rats here."

    She began to fall back up the corridor as the abberant beasts rapidly advanced along the ceiling, attempting to snag those she could see with intermittent blasts of her webber pistol to slow their assault.

    "Those without dark-sight; follow our footsteps! Use the wall as a guide!" she shouted over the din of weaponry and the Crusader's battlecries.
  2. Facing what he was certain was his death at the hands of some sort of warp born monstrosity, he was pleasantly surprised to see the tip of the fire sword piercing through the face of the thing that was on top of him. But before the reptilian xenos could utter any gratitude, Josef was back into the fray along with the heavily augmented human that spewed energized death through metal tendrils. Still having difficulty moving his arms, Dekkas stood back up to follow the rest as the plan was formed, more focused on keeping the two of them alive now as more of the things approach, keeping the power saber out as it seemed his shooting capability was quiet rusty.
  3. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    With the beasts not seemingly bothered by her weapons, Saven yelled to Reidan "No need to tell me that we should do that!" as she moved in the same direction as the Sister and Kroll, putting away her pistol in favour of the now finished automatic shotlas. With that weapon now ready, she pulled it out and let the las fire rain upon the creatures, as covering fire for everyone else while they pulled backwards. It was rather obvious she was sticking close to Dekkas while she was on the retreat, mostly because she didn't want to risk losing her only friend due to poor luck or negligence on her part.
  4. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The Astartes didn't falter in the least - his controlled bursts with the large boltgun roaring through the halls. With how they were at times too quick for his shots to land home, he wasted no time in switching tactics; instead of aiming for direct hits, shooting upon the floor or walls that they were upon for the high explosive factor to shred those nearby.
    Even so, Alphonse wasn't a fool and fell back with the others, even if he did make sure that he would be the first to be pounced upon should these abominations catch up. He wasn't going to allow his mortal allies to fall just yet: not unless the objective would be at risk. And here, the objective is to stay alive.
    Even if they did have Xenos Scum among them...
    He thought to himself after one of his numerous shots hit the wall. He knew that he will have to tolerate their existance a while longer before he could... Dispose of them, if High Command did not disagree with his view.
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  5. Explosive bolts, las, and hard round projectiles found their mark as there was no room to miss with the entire corridor seemingly swarming in a matter of seconds with hostiles. Covering every surface, the chitinous bodies absorbed the thermal energy melting and sloughing off but to no effect as the black irises seemed to narrow down on the source urging them on faster with more purpose. Bolt rounds met hardened shell and penetrated within with thick wet thuds before detonating causing smoking, burning acris flesh to shower across those around them. Acidid blood splashed against the corridors walls causing the metal to hiss as it slowly burned away layer by layer yet when it impacted against the xenos, it appeared to have no effect.

    Falling back as quickly as they could while still maintaing a defensive position, the team continued to unload volley after volley into the rapidly advancing ranks of what could only be called a swarm quickly reaching the end of the corridor which split off into twin hallways both entering into one of many armourys scattered across the vessel. Entering within the room, the first thing one noticed was the dim red light of emergency power filling the insides and dozens of living forms which seemed just as surprised to see you. Inside, several naval armsmen and the quartermaster on duty were busy hunkering down behind hastily erected barricades. Tables were thrown over, contents scatter across the round and training servitors armed and brought to the ready as the officer in charge screamed "FRIENDLIES! HOLD YOUR FIRE!" as he waved the first ones to clear. Just next to the man who was screaming orders, a heavy autocannon on a carriage was traversing into position just as a swarm of xenos broke in through the second entrance way only to be met by gouts of fire as a pair of armsmen with flamers purged them with holy fire. Las, auto, and explosive shells fired out as the defending troopers fired their first volley.

    The creatures advance paused as it met determined resistance, corpses blistering and screeching as the fire burned through and around the protective carapace layers. Volleys of concentrated auto cannon shells ripped open gaping holes in their flanks even as hard round and las fire hit their marks wounding and slaughtering those on the outside which attempted to flee. Yet just as it seemed to have a telling effect, a roaring scream which seemed to pierce the mind of everyone in the room echoed like the bells of hell causing the resistance to stop as each living soul grasped their heads in agony, brains throbbing as they came under psychic assault.

    With a momentary gap in the defensive fire as the strongest willed of the defenders rallied, it was too late. Piercing claws and fanged maws tore into armored flesh. The first ranks of armsmen fell down as they were torn to ribbons screaming before being abruptly ended almost as quickly. Covered in the blood of their comrades, the remaining armsmen attempted one final stand grabbing anything in range as they charged head long into death itself. Trapped inside a room with no other way out, it was stand or die against a seemingly endless tide of razor talons and snapping maws as the crimson light seemed to mirror that of a room filled with blood.
  6. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Firing burst of rounds into near point blank targets SGT Kroll moved towards the closest door switch. If they had any hope of saving life's they would need to close the exits. "We need to seal these doors if we hope to stand any chance of survival!" He kept hammering away with his storm bolter trying to kill as many of the beasts as he could.

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