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A Twisting Affair: Shrouds of Darkness IC Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by CommissarGaunt, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Well there goes any chance of landing in one piece at the station Kroll thought. Bringing his storm bolter to bare he unleashed a torrent of shells into the creature from a distance. "We need to get to the armory! We need more guns and soldiers if we hope to reclaim the bridge." He fired in short bursts hoping to conserve his ammo while killing the beast. The element of surprise would be his only hope with how quick they moved. He was unsure of the others, but he knew only death was waiting for him if he didn't press his advantage.

    (OOC: would he have any idea what it is? I'm guessing genestealers, and that we crashed into a space hulk... possibly)
  2. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The Astartes had for the most part simply wandered the halls - not content with resting so soon after being called aboard. Perhaps something that had aided him in the sight of the slaughtered crewmen.
    A small bit of rage welled up in him at this, the hand upon his power sword raising itself onto the grip of his Combi-plasma; raising it up to take aim. The auspex systems in his power armour helped in this endeavour and he opened fire upon the creatures: he aimed more to annihilate those who had not yet killed their victims, rather than those who already have. The more crewmen who survive after all are more who can go back to their duties; and he may be familliar with how to maintain his armour and weapons...
    But he truly had no idea how to operate a starship that isn't in the usage of the Space Marines.
    He spoke to Kroll between bursts of the monstrous bolter, his voice clearly angered and impatient. "You, human: Wake the others and get them prepared. We can't be split up in this endeavour if we are to survive! I shall hold here and be sure that none overwhelm us in the mean time."
  3. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    OOC:Well...considering the events transpiring, it seems now, somehow prudent, to have left my character in the armory itself. :p

    The ship shook again with a bone-jarring thud, that sent everything that wasn't nailed or bolted down, to the floor.His emotional-inhibitors clampered down on the emotive parts of the brains, chemically divorcing him from more primitive emotions.

    Swiping the ridiculously large swathes of his robes, giant Myrmidon stood up, once more attempting to engross himself in the precise work of tending to his weapon.Spending all these years in the aboard starships, Reidan was not a stranger to the difficulty of warp-translation nor to the unpleasentries of the warp travel, the instability of crew morale, increased danger of immaterial infiltration, warp-quakes, etc...

    But this...these disturbances, these all too frequent shakes have been a strain upon his emotional-inhibitors and his patience.As the sounds of small arms fire spread throught the adjacent to the armory, followed by warning from one of the braying klaxons, Reidan prepared for combat.

    With an abrupt end to his rituals and a curt prayer to the Unmaker God and the machine spirit of his transonic guan dao, with a heavy, deck-denting gait of a giant cyborg, he made his way to the entrance of the armory.Witnessing a scene of utter carnage, Reidan stood at the bulkhead to the armory, barring the passage to the enemy.

    Rising into the twenty seventh canticle of the Iron Hymn, and with the swift thud at the activation rune, his transonic weapon was bathed in soft,pale white light, framing the blue edge of its giant, curved blade.As the power was being fed into the weapon, it started resonating at subsonic frequencies, irritating any flesh nearby and jarring teeth.
  4. Smith XV-878 Subordinate

    Marie was deep within a meditative trance, a prayer technique taught by her Order that allowed the practitioner to adopt a deep state of self-focus during long periods of rest. The disquieting hum of entering and exiting the warp clouded her thoughts, but did not disturb her from her meditation. The jarring throw of the ship colliding with something did.

    Marie was hurtled across the space of her room, rolling towards the door and bracing her against its frame. Bewildered for a moment, she was snapped out of her confusion by the report of small arms fire and the shouting voices of her comrades.

    With no time to properly equip her suit of power armour, she threw back her blue veil and settled for simply donning her power helmet for the protection and psychic nulling it provided. Without the augmented strength offered by her power armour, she would be incapable of wielding both her power weapon and her webber pistol. Considering her options, she grabbed the webber pistol and unclasped the Rosary around her neck, hitting a hidden switch on the side that caused its short hidden blade to prime.

    Striding out into the dim corridor, Marie immediately heard the roar of Alphonse (@Vlayden) and Kroll's (@kanila) bolt fire. From the other end of the corridor by the armoury, she felt the noxious hum on the air emanating from Reidan's (@High_Adept_Zeth) transonic weapon. Catching a glimpse of the nightmarish shapes that were attracting the fire of Alphonse and Kroll, she strode towards them and began firing her webber pistol at those hostiles that were not engaged with armsmen.

    "What are these things? How did they breach the hull?" she cried in vox-modulated tones, over the thunder of bolter fire.
  5. Crusader Skyruss was on his knees praying silently in his room enjoying the quiet when the alarms and small arms fire went off as the ship was boarded. His hands that had been grasped together in prayers tightened their grip going from being gently placed together to forming a tight ball. He felt rage crawling up from deep inside himself as the sounds of crewmen screaming echoed near by. Whether it be heretics, xenos, mutants, or anything in between, they will die by his ancient blade today. They dare to set foot upon an Imperial ship and harm it's crew, such an offense means no less than total annihilation by fire, his fire. He stood to his feet grabbing the helmet he placed in front of himself and placing it over his hairless head. A quick twist and it was hooked into the rest of his armor which he never took off.

    He reached for his weapon, an ancient sword one of very few in the galaxy gifted to him by his order so that he may bring fiery death to the filth that threaten humanity and it's purity. From the tip of it's blade to pommel it was as large as him as its original purpose was most likely to be used by an astartes but his life of training had compensated for that. It was as light as a feather to him where most other men would strain to lift it off the ground and the flames it creates only serve to heighten his ferocity. Carrying the sword in one hand he grabbed his storm shield in the other and exited his room flipping his hood over his head.

    He entered the corridor the others found themselves in as they fired upon the creatures that were attacking the ship. He heard Marie's question and shrugged in indifference as he passed her. Like such things matter, they are either abominations of the xenos cur or of the warp and they will die. He continued walking passed the Warrior of the Mechanicus and the Astartes and the guardsman. "Emperor you are justice, let my blade struck deep into heathens and set alight those unworthy of life. You are mighty, give me the strength to face the greatest of evils and spill their blood. You are charity, allow me to set the souls of the innocent these fiends have slain into your embrace. You are light that guides me through the depths of the darkest heresy so I may slay it. Emperor everything I do is so I may embrace your glory at your table among the heros of old. In your Honor, I conquer." He ignited his sword in holy blue flames. Perhaps this will be the day he reaches the Emperor's table? Even if not he won't leave any of these abominations alive. His walk suddenly turned into a sprint as he dove into the creatures caring little for the fire of the others.
  6. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    When the announcement came about borders after the violent 'thrown down onto the floor thanks to the ship being hit by something', Saven (having not bothered with getting changed out of her Rig during the transition) got out of her room rather swiftly to see what was going on. Needless to say, she felt the violent hum of Reidan's blade first, before seeing the Crusader charge into battle against something. Sadly, she couldn't tell what the things were due to how bloody dark it was, but they seemed to be slaughtering the armsmen.

    With the Sister using a Webber Pistol, Kroll with a Storm Bolter and their Marine blazing away with his weapon, the Spyrer flicked on the rifle's modification menu, and updated the configuration to Laser ammunition, with Rapid fire and Scatter modifiers. (Or if she had to explain to someone who didn't use her style of hunting rig: an shotlas with a rather high rate of fire).

    While the rifle started reconfiguring itself upon her back, Dakol raised her pistol in the direction of whatever was attacking the armsmen and opened fire, with what was effectively hotshot-lasfire streaking through the air towards whatever had managed to draw the wrath of everyone else on the team.
  7. Stepping out of the quarters only to witness the wanton bloodshed happening down the corridor, Dekkas could only be glad he wasn't the closest one to them now as he watched the madman with a flaming sword go after them. Even in the low light environment, the serpent creature could see well enough in the dark to notice the strange look of the creatures that have shown themselves, shimmering oddly. @Maleth "Large talons, physical forms seemingly unstable, bloodthirsty, advise against close combat for now Ms. Dakol." he warned aloud as he pulled out a plasma pistol, a couple of heads watching the creatures while the rest kept look out in other directions, doubting these things obeyed the laws of physics. @kanila "Sergeant Kroll's assessment is agreeable, secure Armory, secure Bridge." he added before firing a blast of superheated plasma, trying to aim those out of reach of the crusader and trying his best to avoid friendly fire.
  8. The moment the fiend heres your voices, its head snaps in the direction of the party. Mandibles slick with blood and wet grisly flesh dripping from razor sharp incisors, it hisses and growls guttural before pouncing forward at lightning speed. In a blur of motion even Astartes reflexes are slower to move at, the beast latches unto the ceiling running overhead and passes by the first leading members before dropping on top of Dekkas pinning him down just as the weapon fired. Rearing out of the way as if its body was here yet not here, the ball of screaming hot plasma impacts against the ceiling causing molten drops of melting plasteel to drip down as it burns a sizzling hole above you.

    Thrashing as two talons pierce through the shoulders preventing movement, it rears its head down to make the killing blow just as a flaming sword pierces through the back of the cranium a mere millimeter from Dekkas face. The licking flames flare outwards almost unbearably hot as the flesh sizzles and crackles cooking the inside of the monsters brain as it twitches. Black ichor bubbles, curdling with the smell of necrotic flesh before the body seems to melt away in a pool of ethereal smoke vanishing away as it wraps tendrils across the sword causing the flames to flicker briefly before flaring back into life as it travels up towards the ceiling and out of visible range.

    However, the sound of the creatures screaming had alerted the rest of the pack as you see at the end of the hallway, twenty more of the unknown entities scuttling across every possible surface towards you. Talons pierced fresh holes into the corridors metal surface even as acidic drool drilled sizzling pools of acrid smoke. Each face gleamed with unnatural intelligence and a have mind like control but no Tyranid had ever matched such a description as these before, was an abominable merging of something far worst than the Great Devourer.
  9. kanila kanila Subordinate

    SGT Kroll began falling back away from the cluster of beasts bearing down on the group. All he could see were forms charging forward, as if the walls, floor and ceiling were an angry sea of undulating bodies. He fired bursts into the mass of movement hoping to hit atleast one where he had failed earlier. The beasts were far too quick for them to stand toe to claw(?) with. "We must make it to the armory! We need suppression weapons." He mentally took stock of where they were and tried to imagine the layout so they could make it to the armory.
  10. Josef smiled under his helmet as the beast turned to smoke after he stabbed it through the back of the head. Warp abominations it is then, he thought to himself as his blade regained it's sheath of flames. He didn't even notice that he had saved the life of the xeno of the group all he saw was an enemy making itself vulnerable to his fury. After watching the smoke created by the creature's death escape into the darkness he also noticed that the creature's dying cries attracted the rest of it's pack. Josef's smile widened as he turned away towards the hallway and began sprinting again raising his own voice to match the screeches of the foul warp abominations. "COME MEET YOUR END ABOMINATIONS!" He screamed as he activated the power field on his shield so a bash from it could vaporize one of them while his sword's holy flames continued to glow brilliantly in the darkness after it had tasted the foul blood of one of their fellows.
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  11. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Lack of any artificial illumination, did not pose a hindrance to Reidan`s advanced optical augmentations.However, even a blind man could`ve seen flash of power weapons, and din of battle down the metal corridor.

    Advancing forward, as to confirm the data he was being relayed over the vox-network by Sergeant Kroll and what he presumed to be an entity under the designation of Dekkas Mosron, Myrmidon ran, careful not to trample anyone, with his hulking form.

    Battle-algorithms have been long in the singing across his vision, as the massive Centurius came to the party, not ten meters away from the charging Crusader.
    Observing the menancing horde of fang and claw rush down the corridor, Reidan could only guess as to those trapped behind them.

    "Sergeant Kroll`s summary does indeed have merit.We should retreat slowly to the Armory.As we are doing so, I advise that we alert up and save any occupants in these rooms who have hunkered down.By the Omnissiah, steel doors will not protect them for long." he chipped clear and fast across the squad-established vox.

    Looking as the Crusader charged, his intent at odds with the more favorable tactical disposition, Reidan moved after him.With the servo-arm above him, and two out of three of his mechadendrites powering up their proton projectors, a towering behemoth of might and beautiful artifice sloshed through the horde, to get to the fanatic, his form most imposing, his aesthetics weepingly beautiful.

    "Sar Josef ( @TuskatheDaemonKilla ) provide rearguard for the rest of the squad.Primus objective - Armory!"- Reidan hollered, his voice giving away a heavy tang of artificial vocal-cords, vox-booming across the din of battle and skittering of the alien.

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