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A Twisting Affair: Shrouds of Darkness IC Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by CommissarGaunt, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The gargantuan that was the Astartes finally spoke now - his voice akin to two boulders grinding against one another through the vox-grill of his Helm - as the Sororitas greeted herself. His arms stayed where they were at his side, though he did step forward one.
    "I, am Alphonse. Commander of the Iron Angels' Fifth Company remnants. If we are to be doing introductions." He spoke out. "Has anyone recieved instructions upon our arrival? Or might this end up as a trap?"
    The thought itself made little sense: He, an Astartes, was a fine target... However he had not seen any of these other lesser humans before, and they did not seem like Inquisitors nor any higher-ranking officials. If it was a trap, they chose pitiful targets.
  2. Several minutes had passed as the motley assembled group had gathered in the viewing deck and as they were busy sharing a summarized version of their recent history, a blast door at the far end opened on well oiled pistons. Pressurized air from another section of the ship blew in around a tall, male figure who appeared to be in his late forties with auburn hair and gold flecked eyes. His appearance was clean shaven and cropped tightly wearing a nonchalant combination of leather armour reinforced with armored plating. A small metal object was visible bulging out at the nape of his neck, an interface unit to some unknown object and at his hip he carried an extremely long, highly detailed rapier made of white steel and covered in gold sigils of warding and quotes to the Emperor.

    Walking towards the group, he stops behind the Astartes and speaks looking up at the towering form with no fear. "You're in the way son." Moving past him and taking his spot at the lead of the table gesturing for everyone to gather around. Without even lifting a finger, the chart on the table opens up on itself revealing the Gothic subsector and multiple scribbles listing different fleet deployments and their projected paths followed by a single, chaotic winding trail upon which its path has left nothing but red Xs signifying lost fleets and planets. Its pathway has hundreds of dotted estimated paths but none are certain at predicting it.

    "Ladies, gentlemen...other creatures. I'm sure you're all wondering why you're here. In short, it's because no one would miss you if you die and that your service to the Golden Throne is needed here more than in any other theater of war. Our target is a chaos anomaly known only as the Blood Path. It has been ravaging the sector heralding a Chaos invasion fleet larger than anything within recent history. The fleet itself dissapears only joining our reality after it reaches the next planet, since survivors have been extraordinarily low...there's been little information to the exact size of it."

    Pausing as he traces his finger along one of the project lines which intersects at a small dot code named "LP-X011". As of fourteen hundred hours ago, all contact was lost with a deep space research facility in the sector. It is listed as just a listening post but in reality it is a covert research lab housing several artifacts that would be detrimental if they fell into Arch-Enemy hands. In fifteen minutes, the fleet will jump into visual range and we will board the installation to search for survivors if any and evacuate the contents."

    Removing his finger from the map, it begins to lick up with etheral flames which burn away all evidence leaving a small pile of white ash in its wake which is blown over the side of the catwalk to dissapear in the hangar bay. Turnign to face them, "I'm sure you're all acquainted by now and I expect you all to work together. It will take roughly two hours for the fleet to arrive at our destination so make the most of it. Your quarters are located in the seventh deck, primary crew block Alpha-3. You'll find several empty rooms that have been cleared out for your use along with the necessary facilities. The closest armory is also on the same deck at the end of the housing block. Check out any wargear you need, you have my permission to do so. Any questions? No? Dismissed."

    Turning away before anyone could say another word, the man walks back through the same entrance he appeared from without even introducing himself. Typical of an Inquisitor but still relatively rude not to even introduce himself, he had left them to their own motions for the time being, for ill or better.
  3. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    "You shall grant us access to what gear we desire?" The massive superhuman asked, with the hand upon his blade lowering to his side.
    He hadn't even the time to wait for an explanation should he be replied with a yes, nodding and straightening himself. "I shall require a full suit of Terminator Armour, and all Wargear that shall be befitting of it." He said; almost as though they might actually have a functioning suit of Tactical Dreadnought armour here.
    Perhaps he was not arrogant, but he certainly was presumptuous. Though the words of 'Survivors being incredibly low' certainly made him at least see that it'd be safer desiring such armour, than not having it in the first place.
  4. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Well that answered the important questions atleast. Shouldering his gear he made for the doorway, "Well that was informative. Time for possibly the last shower and hot meal I'll get for a while." He exited the room while finishing the Lho-stick and made his way to the temporary quarters he was assigned.
  5. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Their master looked at odds with the state of his ship, but from what information Reidan could glean, it seemed he was on a long pursuit after his foe.The exclaimed pathway through the galaxy he took, along with the losses and setbacks confirmed as much.

    "seventh deck"..."Alpha - 3"..."two hours" - these were the only variables Myrmidon guided himself by, everything else was irrelevant.Gone were the days when he would chafe and discipline his lesser for their lack of dedication or - Omnissiah forbid - deviation of duty.Now...a disciple of Unmaker God, Reidan worshiped Machine God in his aspect of Destruction Incarnate.War and conflict is his life now - and any clarion call that guided him to it, being it a jealous Magos, a shifty Rogue Trader or a rundown Inquisitor - it matters now.His will be done!

    Giving a customary nod to the Sororita, which he did not notice entering, Reidan departed from the chamber.As he navigated his way through the starship, a small chronometer appeared at the edge of his vision, ticking away next to runic data that usually cluttered his vision.

    Two hours.There are rituals to be observed and preparations to be made.

    Tossing a cursory glance at his designated private chambers, his optics whirling in and out, he passed them by - for he had no use for them.It was a waste of space - and he, in the image of his diety - abhorred waste.Privacy implied individualism, and Reidan was eager to be one with Destruction Itself!

    Pulling out a schemata of the starship, tracking down supplementary chambers designated, Myrmidon, with his pneumatic gait and deck-plate vibrating strides, made for the armory.
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  6. Crusader Skyruss stood from his seat after who he could assume was the inquisitor he's being placed under. He didn't bother saying anything to the other assembled people and didn't even look at the Xeno as he grabbed his belongings. Hefting the massive sword and shield like they we're nothing along with his meager bags full of equipment to maintain his armor and weapons along with what little clothing he would wear for the short moments he was wearing his armor. He then began the journey to his quarters the only sound he made was his armored boots stepping upon the floor. He would use the two hours he had for prayer and preparation for battle. His soul duty in life was to kill the enemies of mankind and as such it is all he would care to think about in his free time. Socializing was irrelevant and he denied himself luxuries, battle and improving his martial prowess was all he needed.
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  7. Smith XV-878 Subordinate

    Marie surveyed the Inquisitor sceptically as he strode out of the meeting room following his speech. As one of the nearest to the door, she exited the room shortly after the Inquisitor, following in the wake of Reidan to whom she offered a curt nod in return. Her Order maintained a larger than average number of Ecclesiarchical tech-priests, and so the Myrmidon was not a far cry from what she was used to. She respected a life dedicated to maintenance and rejection of the flesh.

    She ventured down to the arrivals bay, to inform the crew where her belongings were to be sent - power armour was not something you hauled around in a sack, after all - and made her way to Alpha-3. Deciding that the two hours would best be spent in reflection rather than exploring the ship and the nearby armour, she retires to her room to pray and await summons.
  8. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    With it turning out that an Inquisitor wanted everyone to basically go after a Chaos fleet, Saven pretty much had a look of surprise at the Inquisition having one of their number employ her, and terror at what they had been asked to do.... Then again, given who was asking she couldn't exactly say no to doing the job. Not unless she wanted all of her grey matter to receive ventilation thanks to some lead that came via ballistic delivery.

    "Dekkas, I suppose we might as well see what our quarters are like." Dakol said to her aide (@BuriasDempsey ) as she made her way out of their meeting room in the wake of Reidan and Castella. Suffice to say, she was hoping to find something that was above the squalor that she had to suffer while on the run, even if the armoury mentioned by the Inquisitor didn't hold that much of an interest for the Noble given the nature of her Rig and by extension, her weaponry (also known as: She didn't need to stock up on ammo, or faff around carrying more weapons than she had to.)
  9. @Maleth "Yes Miss Dakol." The xenos agreed, letting her take lead as usual before following behind, the glares he's been receiving from the some of those gathered here making him glad there were private quarters. Though it tried to keep a calm exterior in the face of the many different Imperials here, the idea of going against those that followed the four headed serpent of madness did not sit well with the Nuvenorean. And as the Inquisitor had stated earlier, they were all expendable. Judging by the map they were shown earlier, which he memorized in case there were future need of it, it seemed the possible paths of this anomaly were just as varied and hard to predict as the enemies themselves. And this facility the Inquisitor had pointed out sounded like an veritable treasure trove for anyone coming across it, which of course would draw them. He briefly wondered if this would be the first contact and information gathered on this fleet and what makes up its forces and that it was the secondary objective in mind for them, kept secret of course to focus on protecting whatever was in LP-X011.
  10. Left to their own devices, the souls making up the Inquisitors assault team wandered around. Almost five minutes after the meeting had ended, the entire ship could be felt shuddering as it translated into the warp. Power dimmed briefly before returning to normal and the sound of what one would presume to be chaotic laughter or weeping could be heard just outside of focus. At times it appeared to come from behind or ahead but whenever one would turn, it would dissapear only to return moments later. Being in the warp, no one could really know if it was but a mere hallucination or if something foul and far more sinister had managed to board until it was already too late.

    Several hours went by, far longer than what had been estimated before the vessel shuddered again as it translated back into reality. Sirens blared as the entire vessel shook powerfully as if hit by a leviathan in a sea. Power fluctuated greatly as the vessel shook again, this time with enough force to send even the strongest of forms down onto the ground. Over the din of alarms blaring, a general alert went out.

    "Bridge to all stations, we have been bordered! I repeat, bridge to all stations, we have been bordered! This is not a drill. All crew members report to muster locations and prepare to defend yourselves!" The person spoke over the crackle of small arms fire and screaming in the background as what one could only assume was a firefight on the bridge. It repeated for another five minutes before power went out across the entire ship as another bowel wrenching shudder shook the vessel. How a foe had managed to board the vessel as soon as it translated out was a mystery unless it had been on board the entire time.

    Without the Inquisitor around to give orders, the team was left to figure out where they were needed most. Being two decks below the main bridge and the main armory being at the end of the intersection, it was quite clear as to where they should head first. Before anyone could say anything, a scream filled the dark hallway followed by the discharge of automatic weaponry as four naval armsmen and several crew members appeared at the end of the hallway. The armsmen were protecting the crew as they ran in the opposite direction they came from.

    Rippling into view, several dozen fleshy bodies that were barely visible shimmered into view slicing the armsmen to ribbons and painting the corridor in deep sprays of arterial blood leaving the lifeless, twitching corpses to thud meatily unto the ground. One of the figures, bathing in the warm lifeblood spraying out from the corpse it held impaled on twin talons reaching out from its back reaches its serpent like neck tearing a thick peace of flesh out and noisily digging into it. It hasn't appeared to have notice anyone else as the rest of its kin chase down the crew who you can hear screaming as they are systematically murdered.

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