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A toast in EC's memory, what it was and what it could've been.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LucasDominus, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. I memba' all dem gud toims wut wif foightin' wif uvva' orks an 'avin' a WAAAGH! uv a toim

    I memba' da toims wen I wuz roight hopeful enuff fer da future uv dis game ta' waste me toim makin' worthless ideas and concepts. Tis a shame dat dis 'ere game dun went and krumped itself
  2. My IGN was Doloma Kodikos for Iron Warriors. Traitor Marine, by and large. Sometimes HB Havoc.

    I played in Warbros.
    We executed imperial fists. A screenshot was taken every time, some of us have several hundred. Collectively probably a few thousand.
    We mass t-bagged people, even when it was inconvenient to do so. Half a dozen CSM running just to crouch on someone was hysterical.
    We'd dominate rounds regardless of coordination.
    We'd insult people's credit scores, whether or not they brushed their teeth, took out their garbage, or if they smelled bad. This was just because we couldn't actually swear at them, but for some reason, they got mad anyway.
    We did degenerate stuff, collectively, and it made the game fun.

    I empathize with those who had hope and made suggestions of how to make the game better, and was sad we never got through. I'm still mad about Toughness/Pen and damage numbers being jank.

    Then they nerfed the combat knife backstab damage and the game was never the same for me. Then the game never got better and we left. We really wanted it to, despite all our shenanigans.

    Also, to nail this coffin without ultrasmurfs around to talk shit, Loyalists were pretty much always stronger in gear than CSM but were worse players on average by a LOT. Orkz were pretty cool.
  3. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    come to think of it... but did LSM ever get a nerf ?
    I know chaos did
    I know Eldar did (every 6 months orso lol)
    and orks .. orks nerfed them selfs when they all left =D
  4. LSM is where everybody landed at first. All the newbies and tryhards because the Emperors finest are the posterboys. Admit it, we all did it at first.

    That's where they made their first experiances. That's where they learned the game and became good. After that, funny enough, they joined chaos, because waiting-times were shorter and chaos usually consisted of more experianced players.

    For those who still didn't have enough joined the very few that choose eldar. Matches were few, but those matches counted. People there were usually top-notch and utilized the race as best as they could.

    And orks... apart for some hardcore boyz, orks is where we all gathered to say "Fuck that" and just played. Ironically, mirrowing the playstyle perfectly. They were so overpowered that you didn't need good strategy or cunning. Just never let go of the dakka, and with enough other boys shit was working and fun.

    If you were to nerf LSM, it's the same as kicking the disabled kid in the balls. You can do it, it's not too hard, but people won't be happy and your mom won't talk to you again
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  5. I'll not admit nothing of the sort because it's not true.
    For both Warhammer in general and this game, it was Chaos first, then Orks.
    I'm pretty sure LSM are the only faction I never actually played in this game.
  6. Error Err0r Arkhona Vanguard

    Warbros member here too, the one and only original worthwhile BRO tags ;)

    I will never forget the shills and LSM defending EC despite its massive flaws and them being pub stomped by us and the rest of the chaos guilds and begging the devs to buff their faction because of us.

    We'd bants with the other guilds for starting drama and think they were good like CHSN/LREV, the original BLOPS who stole members from other chaos guilds and went to LSM to carry on their drama and streamsnipe the devs during their twitchstreams (which was hilarious)

    We left the game before we could setup a clan battle with them and among other guilds trying to make a name for themselves during the worse period for EC. player decline, lack of decent updates, Orks being treated as a joke faction because of their mechanics and lack of polish, no optimization, it was ultimately dead on launch if we were being honest. but hey you can still buy cosmetics! that will fix the game!

    I have already deleted my EC videos archive/youtube vids but I still have my gems. too bad I can't make my magnum opus after all these years. People still talk about my coke addicted raptor

    I'll just link all of my random vids I have at this point, it's all but a memory now.

    Multikills and various kill count footage: ork footage, one of the last I took for EC iirc to my boy Slash from BLOP ;)

    Bugs or exploits:

    Fun, Trollish stuff: already linked above but still! EC's most massive vehicle pile up that I caused


    Testing with a buddy regarding the coke addict:

    Yes, I filled a wall of text full of videos that nobody will watch. I've Lost so much experimental "game mechanic" videos I'm pretty sure some of them still work in EC which is something to think about if someone plans on saying this game has potential
  7. Error Err0r Arkhona Vanguard

    But wait, there's more shit(post)!

    Biggest CSM discord event for EC which made the LSM area red aside from their one tile.


    The car pile up I caused
  8. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

    i'm still surprised the game is online at this point lol, not even wildstar sunsetted with pop this low and wildstar was a trainwreck of carbine studios mismanagement
  9. Error Err0r Arkhona Vanguard

    mostly busy with irl stuff but I am currently playing few games this year and Escape from Tarkov kind of suffers from the "on paper" open world idea with multiple players in a server but you can't really compare it to EC's original planetside 2 system. 5 years later and it's still in beta (Closed alpha for 3 years, alpha testing for a year, Beta testing available for purchase currently)

    Squad despite not reaching some of it's kickstarter goal managed to make it playable despite some flaws still persisting. with alpha 10(currently on Beta 18) released on February 5, 2018 which is something.

    God. I just realized they never fixed the Elites in EC or released this. Aside from the entire game of course.
  10. I neva' played anyfin' but orks. I even filled ull uv me characta' slots wif orks juz ta' make sure

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