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A thread for tales of bad sportsmanship

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zael, Jul 27, 2017.

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  1. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    PVE, wave-mode. We were only 3 players. Guy number 2 said he had a foolproof plan how to win this. Guy number 3 killed guy number 2 for fun. Guy number 2 respawned. THEN the game started.
    Guy number 2 immediately abandoned us with his jump-pack and sat out the game while clinging to the ceiling. I accused him of leeching XP and he said, he was letting us die to teach us a lesson. Guy number 3 and me had no chance and died swiftly.

    NEXT GAME, I again get queued with guy number 2. The PVE-game takes forever to load. (Maybe some kind of bug.)
    He complains that I didn't take his side in the earlier game.
    He accuses me of grieving.
    I repeat that it wasn't me who killed him and tell him to grow up.
    He keeps on complaining how I didn't take his side and how I'm the griefer.
    I repeat that I never did him any harm, so quit it.
    Then he starts complaining that it was ME who killed him.
    I lose my cool and respond with obscenities.
    His response?
    "Haha! You used swear-words! You have lost the argument! I win!"
    I quit.
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  2. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    "He who would stand by idly whilst his Battle Brother dies is as culpable as the heretic who killed him." - Some Inquisitor at some point, probably.
  3. Nyhilist Nyhilist Active Member

    saw one dude trying to drive the rhino in the lava barley made it out to be stranded by the terrain, I had to re deploy to get out. I tried to hunt him down and just grief him but I dunno what he was doing cus he never was part of any fight and always was running around re deploying. Bummed I didn't get to kill me at least 3 times.
  4. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    Being an Eldar guild leader since the implementation of Eldar. I am the living library of stories witnessing this.
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  5. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    LOL are you serious?

    Commissars kill their own men for having the slightest hint of common sense.
    Inquisitors kill anyone they suspect as heretics. Whether they are heretics or not.
    and space marines? I doubt they're much better.
    Was he 12?
  6. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    Compiling library. Standby.
  7. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate


    It's just like the real game!
  8. To be honest I dont like people that try and get pay back but if someone tks me for no good reason at all thats enough to make me not work with them. I would have just left the room. There problem solved.
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  9. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Hmm, this could be fun, lets see:

    -Yesterday, fullcaps person telling us all Eldar should get Cancer and/or kill themselves
    -Every person who creates an Eldar char and names them 'OpEldar', 'EZmode', or something like that, especially if they fail epically on everything but Tempest Launcher. (Granted, some might do it sarcastically)
    -Everyone, who has ever complained about a piece of equipment they never used.
    -Everyone, who uses a Boltgun and complains about other weapons being 'OP'
    -Those people, who teabag or execute me, after a teammate had to come and save their asses
    -When I was defending Maggon 1v6 on the last point (particularly player-drained times), those two chaos guys who immediatly started shooting, when I wanted to duel with honour.
    -That one LSM who keeps writing "I'd rather have sex with the Eldar..." after every single match. (srsly, it was tasteless the first time, now its just boring)
    -Those, who voice their sexual insecurity by calling the only Faction with females 'gay'
    -Few weeks ago, a fullstack of guild-players, complaining about the Tempest Launcher because they didnt know, how to deal with it.
    -A certain Chaos guild that usually plays halfstacks against pugs, takes the cheesiest cheese they can cheese and make comments on how much better they are.
    -The, thankfully only, person I have ever met who directly said he wouldnt take orders from a 'Lady' and continued to do stupid shit
    -Those guys during the LSM-campaign, who killed our vehicles, rather than fighting for their own team.

    -Me, telling the two enemy carries I dont respect them because they use Bolters.
    -Yesterday, me telling a Guildstack they dont have to try so hard to win
    -Me, telling very bad enemy teams, what they could have done to win
    -Me, yelling on my own, winning, team, because their actions might cause a loss in a closer match
    -And me, generally considering everyone who uses a Ranged primary, Bolt Pistol, Storm Shield, Jetpack, Necrotic Chainsword or Ork Pistol in melee to be a noob
    -Eldar players who make snide remarks after a blowout, even if we outnumbered the enemy or half their team just had their first game
    -Eldar, who take it on a racial level or use 'Mon-Keigh' without knowing, what it means, especially the ones who use 'Monkeys' instead
    -Oh, me agin, trying to identify and call out the cause of a loss, like the driver who brought down the second gate, or the squad that wasnt on C.
    -Those, who ignore all orders, their team and the chat but are not good or experienced enough for a 'lone wolf appraoch', nor new enough to not know better.

    With all of this being said, there is a lot of positivity around too.
    There are bad winners and bad loosers. Sometimes someone just had a bad day or is going through a rough time in general. Some might be young and have problems comprehending everything they say, others might try to be constructive, sarcastic or roleplaying, but the medium of text chat and a bit of projection warps the meaning of the words.
    However when it comes to actual, toxic behaviour, the kind that knows no bounds nor cure, it is actually extremely rare compared to many, more popular games.
    I believe, on my own team, I have seen a single excessive, toxic spammer, who we votekicked and a few borderline cases.
    Over 600 hours I have seen maybe half a dozen sexual remarks, all of them relatively harmless, often probably trying to be nice.
    And the chat is limited on post-match anyways, which is good. I believe we would get a lot more toxicity if it was any different. A lot of times I feel like I dies to someone who did not 'deserve to win' and I'd like to let them know, but at the end of the match it just doesnt seem important enough anymore.

    As for your example OP, it sounds like you were talking to someone who had a victim-or persecution complex.
    Pretty common amonst the alt-right, conspiracy theorists and those people who think everyone who can score headshots is a 'hacker'.
    It is essentially impossible to win an argument with a person like this because they are innately convinced that your ultimate goal is to do them harm.
    For them it is not a discussion, it is a fight they have to win.
    However, you should thicken your hide. You seem to be very defensive about a thing you shouldnt give a shit about, enough to come here and seek approval.
    If you are dealing with a griefer or harassement in chat, you report it and ignore them. They might ruin 10 minutes of your day, no need to pay them any more attention than for those 10 minutes.
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  10. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    -Saves a tactical meleeing a raptor from certain death using plasma, guy was already hurt and drops to 1% health in the process so i run up to give medipack to him, he goes berserk dbash kicking me until gets bored of it.
    -Whenever an full guildstack appears pugstomping "guys lets be easy on them, they are obviously mentally challenged."
    -Once in a lsm match everything was so miserable have flipped out typing a litany of fury using swears of any languages i know, strangely enough team begins fighting better. Those mustve been underkover orks.
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