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A Tactical Change, Chaos Space Marines

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by The_Dokta, Mar 29, 2016.


Would you rather the chaos tactical class be named a variation of Chaos Space Marine?

  1. Yes, Change to (Chaos Space Marine, Chaos Marine, Marine)

  2. No, keep as is

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I open the thread with a simple question for Chaos fans, would you like to see the class name Traitor changed to Chaos Space Marine or a shortened version of it (Chaos Marine, Marine)

    This question has emerged because months ago Chaos fans were given the opportunity to provide input for a new name for the Chaos Tactical. The most popular submissions by far were Legionnaire, Legionary, and Marauder, with all other submissions including the one chosen receiving a small minority of votes. When last polled, the chosen name Traitor has received only about 30% approval. In short, the decision was not popular, and never was.

    Why I and several others don't agree with the decision.

    1. The Horus Heresy was a rebellion whether you agree with the reasons or not, whether you like the Chaos Legions or not. No rebel who has ever believed in their own cause has ever declared themselves and their allies to be traitors, that's what the other side does, they themselves dismiss any treason they may have comitted as a necessary evil, their moral imperative, or not a treason at all. This is a pattern followed in the lore, the Word Bearers consider themselves loyal to Lorgar and the Truth, Black Legion and Night Lords think they were betrayed either outright or by the weakness of the Imperium, who knows what is going on with Alpha Legion, but Purturabo was enraged when one of his top lieutenants referred to the loyalists as loyalists. Traitor is a title the enemy uses, Chaos should use a title that they themselves would use. Not to mention that Chaos Marines still make more Chaos Marines, a child taken from a warp planet and inducted into a legion that rebelled long ago can't betray something they were never a part of.

    2. Callsigns. We have joked about this a lot, but the fact remains that it plain sounds stupid for Chaos to use their own class name in conversation. For example,
    "Traitor I am hit."
    "Traitor I need cover fire."
    "Traitors to me."
    All sound like you're about to get shot by your own guys or you have enemy infiltrators in the opponents ranks. Furthermore, that the Chaos Marines betrayed the Emperor means nothing to Xenos. Eldar only care that we are in cohorts with Slaanesh and the powers in the Warp. And Orks probably just thing "THE EMPRAH!!!!" is just some sort of warcry like WAAAGH. They don't give a damn that the Chaos Marines betrayed some git who stopped fightin 10,000 years ago, in fact they'd probably agree with the decision because any boss who don't fight ain't worth fightin for. The only faction who it makes sense to use the name is the Loyalist Space Marines, and even for them traitor is not a descriptive term, all Chaos Marines are traitors to them, it doesn't specify a specific battlefield role.

    3. Rule of Cool. Chaos Marines aren't cool because they are traitors, they're cool in spite of this. We should have a class name that reflects what makes our faction cool. Traitor isn't a term people like to call themselves, and I believe the off putting nature of it can lead to decreased player retention among new players.

    There's more but I'll stop there.

    So why then Chaos Space Marine? Why not Legionnaire like was the top submission?

    Well this is because we've received no feedback as to why the most popular submissions were rejected. Legionnaire or Legionary would be my own top choice, but it was already rejected once for reasons unknown. I am polling for Chaos Space Marine on behalf of the unsatisfied chaos community because it's a Codex used name and thus there is no logical reason for it to be rejected if it is more popular than Traitor. As such if you think that Chaos Space Marine (or perhaps a shortened version) would be a better class name please make your voice heard and maybe the devs will take notice.

    If you know of any other officially used names feel free to post them and source if possible, perhaps if we can get any sort of official notice on the matter we'll be able to discuss alternate choices, but for the purposes of the poll do you like Chaos Space Marine as a title more than Traitor?
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  2. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    Lets do this!
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  3. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    oh i suppose we can try.
  4. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    Gogo power class name change!
    That didn't really sound good...
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  5. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

  6. Brother Bardiel Brother-Bardiel Well-Known Member

    You have my sword.
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  7. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    and my Shuriken Pistol!
    Wait, I am not certain that would help in any way... Hmm, Chainsword is kinda taken... what about... my Reaper Launcher?
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  8. Brother Bardiel Brother-Bardiel Well-Known Member

    Dammit, I was hoping for a different kind of Eldar to come around and reply with the correct line...
    Foul Xeno trickery!
  9. Kaptin Primorkagorka DaKaptin Well-Known Member

    Are ya tellin me they ain't offically called Chaos Space Marines by GW? Every wiki page or forum I've been on about them as either called dem Chaos Marines or Chaos Space Marines. All around my inclusive like ya said for peepz who don't see themselves as Traitors.

    But ya gotz ta remember, back in the day all Codex were written from an Imperial perspective. A lot of names given ta Xenos are human words used to give voice to their doom. I don't think Tyranids even have a name that wasn't a human designation. Even their name is in remembrance of the first human colony found devoured by them.

    Da Legions are Broken into the multitude of Chaos Warbands that plague the Imperium. Marauders would be more accurate, but it sounds too Warriors of Chaos ta me.
  10. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    send the petition to GW ... they decided the class name not bE

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