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A simple note on fighting Eldar

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by The-Forge-Dragon, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    Yeah but the posts you make as of recent are just pointlessly passive aggressive towards other factions.
    And Angry Marine is just doing his overly well played RP thing as usual.
    And his first quote does have a point.
  2. Brother Auxilio Vallaeus Renners Well-Known Member

    If the devs just managed to give us drop-pod deployments on a cooldown function, space marines wouldn't have to be cripple by Imperial Guard tier of plebbery known as ground based deployment.

    True space marines deploy from the heavens.
  3. Turns out the Grav Tanks sometimes need 3.2 lascannon shots to kill them. Funny that. If funny meant infuriating and confusing and listed nowhere in the game. I guess CSM boating autocannons and random supporting LSM AV weapons masked that issue.

    I too miss Section 8. Died long before it's time.

    But for once I'd feel bad for the aliens being left out as we can't repurpose Imperial models for them, like we could for Chaos. I'd like to see Orkz bailing out of their equivalent of a C-130 and parachute down, but webway gates would be harder to do; aside from the spawn there's nowhere to hide them and easily camped if put down on current maps.
  4. Dorfus Dorfus Steam Early Access

    I'll stop being "pointlessly passive-aggressive towards other factions" whenever they stop calling us OP because they don't know how to hide from a hawk up a building or how to stay away from the road so that a grav tank doesn't run them over... and other stuff that I could mention but why even bother doing so.
  5. Lleu Bleiz Active Member

    The day Sm will understand that the bolter isn't the answer against Eldar in this game they will winn match after match.
  6. Auzor Auzor Menial

    What *is* the answer in your opinion?
    It sure ain't the plasma gun.
    Some good AV is game changing vs all enemies, not just eldar.

    So for Anti Infantry, that would leave.. melee (swords), stormbolter & stalkerbolter.
    Don't 'mass up' on grav guns.
  7. Lleu Bleiz Active Member

    Try the smart pistol if you can't aim , one clip kill almost any Eldar standing. If he dodge Midway is halfdead already. Use a mercury it's a instant winn if you aren't too bad at aiming (can't count the number of avenger i killed with it on my melee apoth). Use the assault bolter and grave gun as tact (the stalker only if you have to take down some reaper). Where the simple bolter is the best it's on the apoth with the survival vial + heal nade (perma heal+30% dmg reduction ... don't understand why LSM persist not spamming apothicary).

    And yes melee / shield bro is a great solution but you need more than one and ..not too many LSM friendly firing them in the back.
    I had a great time with the plasma pistol too+ fury sword (just saying a melee apoth with adrenaline vial with this sword is a one shot frontal to any Eldar other than elites no matter what armor they have).

    Ah and if you Wonder, my lsm toon is named Hebog and most of the time when I play with my support apoth I am way over the top on the score board in kills and support.


    Good god, after saying that I did play today LSM... there is an other point to add. Lsm need to play the objectives. Really there is nothing more dumb than a capturing point objective and they still miss it.
  8. Auzor Auzor Menial

    Apoth, survival vial & roll into my own nade with a bolter is my favorite LSM loadout.
    IMO, the normal bolter is excellent vs eldar, including as tactical:

    the RoF is decent, accurate enough to get the odd headshot in,
    and not all eldar bring the elite armor (+20 toughness,..) : it's difficult to fit in fusion gun, 2x melta and then.. 300LP armor.
    which means the bolter does 'full' damage to the likes of FireDragon (most often), Warlock, Swooping Hawk,...

    The gravgun is the backup, to mess with the floating vehicles, and to slow down their melee.
    Not a fan of the stormbolter so far tbh.

    Can't play shieldbro to save my life; I suck at melee besides the odd knife finisher or desperation button mash as warlock.
  9. Lleu Bleiz Active Member

    You still have the option to drop frag grenades everytime Something skinny jump at you. But in the end being average or worst in melee is a serrious problem facing a faction with almost half of their classes are melee specialist of sort.
  10. Fryskar Fryskar Active Member

    On my shootaboy i usually try to down their serpents to 30-40%hp before stepping out of cover onto the open road.
    Most eldar then proceed to try to roadkill me and with that take my bait (yes i usually end up getting roadkilled, but that doesn't stop a true ork from doing so) and instead of fleeing and saving their transport they drive it straight towards me.
    I fire my last rokkit i can get off downing them to around 20-30% and throw my dual sticky bundle right before they kill/miss me and boom, their transport is burning.
    Lsm might need 2 to do it, but a grav cannon is an almost secure death to any vehicle if backed up by other av. So bait them go get close, slow them and kill their juicy inner as it jumps out trying to save their transport.

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