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A Secret Host Is Forming

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Barsabbas, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Barsabbas Active Member

    We are looking for Word Bearers, Death Guard, Black legion, Night Lords , Iron warriors. My self and the other's I speak for ate also looking Dark Eldar and smart yet brutal Orks.

    Now if you don't want others to know that you are siding with orks and Eldar then PM me and I'll also set you up with the other members.

    I am also looking for Fallen Angels and Twisted Iron Hands.

    our goals is to have a Host that no one will ever see hitting them.

    Strongest united and the weak will be divided and destroyed .
  2. I will consider this. I have about 4 other guilds/warhosts that I might join.
  3. Barsabbas Active Member

    That's fine understand the game is a year away everything changes
  4. Barsabbas Active Member

    I meant to say that I understand
  5. Secrecy sounds like the alpha legion style...

    Where do I sign up? :D
  6. Barsabbas Active Member

    Welcome Brother of the Alpha Legion, we are a host of 21st founding and a few other legions, are mission is to gather information on other legions chaos and loyalist , orks and eldar as in enemy movements, size ,activity , locations and what gear they will be using, we can turn the tide of battles. we can help the small legions with less followers to fight the bigger legions and cripple them or we can help the bigger legions help hunt down the small hard to find groups and take them out.

    now our help in lot free, we will trade in information and gear and sanctuary if we are being hunted my others. we are going to be among all factions. i myself am a dreadnought (if dreadnoughts will not be in the war i will be a devastator or a apothecary) we are all over the place some are more quite them me, but they are just as deadly if not more so then me, more or less we are the shadows in the up coming war but make no mistake we are setting up to be able to take on any factions if need be, if you can all so work with xenos then welcome to out host brother.
  7. It sounds like a plague of lies that will need some heavy siege in order to assist it's many endeavours and a son of Perturabo and follower of Nurgle I would like to offer help.
  8. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    so..... your spying on everyone? to help everyone?

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