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A question about power armour

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by The-Forge-Dragon, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

    More specifically the armour-flex sub-suit. The armor underneath the plating. I can't seem to find almost anything about it and I'll admit I don't have access to everything so I wanted to know if any 40k vets around here know anything about it?
  2. GratLurking Recruit

    Depends on the faction. What non-Space Marines use under it may vary between the users (primarially Inquisitors and the Sisterhood) but at least for marines, most images that show how power armor works show either censored nudity or light covering of the lower body and nothing else. Mostly this is due to the Space Marine implant known as Black Carapace, which means a crapton of ports that go right to the enhanced skeleton structure that plug right into Astartes armor. Makes the thing not a complete living tomb should the power pack get damaged, as each ceramite plate is directly linked to the skeleton, but because of these ports now built into the skin it doesn't leave a lot of room for clothing.

    EDIT: Though again, this is artist renderings, so it could be edited for convenience in the cases I've seen. I do know at least the Black Carapace is accurate, and that Imperial power armor of all brands are technically space-safe equipment when given a helmet, which would limit the need for a secondary soft suit.
  3. Astartes can wear a close-fitting under suit, possibly a form of synskin, which helps connect the armour's secondary systems to the armour. It can resemble main piece of clothing weightlifters wear.

    On top of that is the armour itself.

    Each piece of armour is an enclosed piece containing the strength enhancing powered system, connectors, and the sub systems within the protective plates.

    Any extra layers of armour are on the outside of the suit.

    I have never heard of an 'Armour-flex sub-suit' in relation to 40K power armour.
  4. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

    I see I should be more clear. What I'm referring to is the suit that is underneath the powered plating and that is described here


    Second from the bottom on the right, as the "Armour-flex sub-suit".
  5. Lynata Lynata Active Member

    Most sources describe power armour not as a servo-mechanized assembly of joint-locked plates, but rather ordinary plating laid atop a mesh of elecrically motivated fiber-bundles. This would most likely be the undersuit represented on the various miniatures of wearers of powered armour when looking carefully between the joints.

    That being said, something to keep in mind is that with 40k, the more you go into detail, the less you should expect consistency. The franchise does not have a uniform canon like, say, Star Wars or Battletech. As Gav Thorpe and Aaron Dembski-Bowden pointed out on their blogs: it's up to you to pick whatever you like most, or even come up with your own ideas for how you think it might make most sense.
  6. There's just one problem with that image.
    What the term "Armour-flex sub-suit" is pointing to is actually a heavily armoured power cable that connects the the powered systems of the leg to the suit of armour's power distribution system.

    You can see it on these older models.
    Plus the only place this piece of armour is mentioned is in the artwork you posted.

    [sarcasm]Isn't it nice when FW follows the Lore![/sarcasm]

    The closest thing you have to Armour-flex is the ribbed flexible sections at the major joints.
    Back of the knees, hips, inner elbows, shoulders, and neck.

    As shown here:

    The Electro-Fiber Bundles are embedded within the armour, and act as artificial muscles.
    If you wore them next to the skin, there'd at least be a risk of them cutting off circulation, and possibly in extreme cases snapping bones.

    There's this old artwork from the original 40K rulebook, Rogue Trader.

    Some details have changed since this was originally published, but it is a good starting point.

    Astartes, and other power armour wearers, usually wear a close fitting piece of clothing called a Bodyglove and put their suits straight on top of it.

    With Mk I Thunder Armour, and Ignatus pattern power armours the wearer will use layers of protective clothing, such as leather and chainmail, under the armour.
    This was because the armour is not fully enclosed, and in the case of Mk I not fully powered.
  7. Lynata Lynata Active Member

    I remember that picture -- I would just count it as the aforementioned undersuit, considering the picture describes the cables as enclosed in an inner and outer rubber skin to prevent the chafing you hinted at. Notice also the nerve electrodes in the back for interfacing with the black carapace. Any additional bodyglove would have to leave the back naked in order not to interfere with them.

    Here's another old Games Workshop picture:


    No second bodyglove.

    But as previously mentioned, there's bound to be other sources that will disagree with the above. Licensed/outsourced material like the books from Black Library or Forge World in particular, since most of them would come from different writers and thus may adhere to different interpretations of "how stuff works".
  8. Except a bodyglove can look like what this Weightlifter is wearing.

    The cabling wrapped in an inner and outer skin refers to armoured flexible seals.
    Back in RT the connections between armour and Black Carapace were in the back, but are now in the chest.

    Plus the picture you posted is from an online version of the old Index Astartes article Rites of Initiation.

    Most of the confusion over Power Armour comes from either Fanfic, third-party interpretation, or game artwork.
    None of that is official GW material, which supercedes all the rest. Even BL novelists cannot supersede the information in GW Codexes and rulebooks.

    Power Armour is made up of pieces of stiff armour and with flexible joints, all of which have the systems of power armour embedded within them.
  9. Lynata Lynata Active Member

    If your reason for an additional bodyglove is to prevent injury from moving cables it makes no sense to wear it only on the chest and not on the limbs, which are both more vulnerable as well as way more mobile. The issue with covered armour connectors would also still be present, regardless of whether they are located on the front of the back.

    Note that Index Astartes is a Games Workshop series of articles published in White Dwarf (and later collected in four tomes for a second release). This is neither fanfic, nor third party interpretation or game artwork.
  10. I never said it was to protect against moving cables.

    I have been saying that such cables and fibres are embedded in the armour away from flesh.

    A bodglove is a close-fitting piece of clothing that at least covers the torso, if not the entire body except for the head, hands, and feet.
    For Astartes it usually covers the torso with startegic holes and flaps for where armoured suit's systems connect.

    As for the Index Astartes articles they are old and the background they cover has been retconned in places, which the version on the Warhammer Community site states.

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