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A prayer to the Dark Gods! (need some help here! :D)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kiwik, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. There's also the geometric design thing you'll see for Word Bearers on some official GW artwork as well as being painted on Word Bearers miniatures on FW and GW webstores.

    Look for the black, gold or other colored contrasting background lines, circles, triangles and other shapes.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There are these as well.


    I would imagine you're all set now. ;)
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  2. [WCA] Krataniel Kiwik Steam Early Access

    Thank you, that's awesome!
    unfortunately I just realised the in-game textures on weapons seem to be only 512x512, so it'll be hard to transfer that much detail on the models... But i'll see what I can do!

    That Thunderhawk pic is especially helpful, I think I can extract some kind of readable pattern, might even be able to use them on a low-res texture
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  3. [WCA] Krataniel Kiwik Steam Early Access

    Tried that kind of design, and some people pointed out that, since it's pre-heresy, it might lack some chaotic flavor?


    Some might even say it looks more like a Thousand Sons bolter :/
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  4. Totally freaking sweet man. Chaos and the Dark Gods flavor extends far past the generic run of the mill stuff you see on the most popular "Chaos" designs in 40K. I love the look of the Bolter above.

    FYI Thousand Sons pattern equipment is used by former Thousand Sons Astartes that have joined Black Legion. So if you can do any Thousand Sons pattern armor or weapons for Black Legion, GW has clearly signed off on this concept as is evident below.

    Official cover art for ADB's "Black Legion" novel. Hell of a read FYI! Make special note of the red post heresy World Eaters/Khornate helm on the Black Legion figure in background. Notice the Thousand Sons pattern armor, Thousand Sons pattern backpack and Thousand Sons pattern weapons on the Black Legion figure in the foreground. Both figure's Power Armor are painted in the livery of the Black Legion while each individual retains their former legion's pattern armor.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There's also the fact that the Black Legion still recruits from other legions to this day(current day 40K). So it should be a common sight seeing the same type of thing as seen above at any time since the Black Legion was formed, to include the most current time line.

    And as if you need any more justification. Clearly Black Legion and not the blue of the post heresy Thousand Sons.
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  5. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    my Bolter is mighty
    and will kill you.

    Also great bolter design.
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  6. Saeritan Saeritan Arkhona Vanguard

    Unless I'm very much mistaken, the only ex-thousand sons that are part of the Black Legion would be Sorcerers and the Rubricae they brought with them, due to the fact that all but the Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons became Rubric Marines.

    Having standard Chaos marines running around kitted out like a Rubric would be very odd. Cool for Thousands Sons fans, certainly, but absolutely not lore accurate.

    As for the picture of a model you posted, firstly that is a picture of a Rubric, secondly just because someone painted a model in a certain way does not mean that colour scheme is lore accurate or official, and thirdly the particular image you posted is a photo-shopped version of this image:


    Which can be found here
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  7. As I stated only Black Legion should see Thousand Sons and other Chaos Legion Pattern armor that's been repainted Black and Gold. There's also the fact that Black Legion and most Chaos legions have had steal(or loot from corpses) Power Armor and all other forms of supplies and equipment from their enemies since their inception.

    Black Legion could have Sons of Horus pattern armor painted Black and Gold, Iron Warriors or any number of other legion's stylized armor because Black Legion is formed from many legions.

    Not to mention Iskander Khayon(foreground/Thousand Sons) and Lheorvine Ukris(background/World Eater) are both clearly being depicted on the cover art below wearing their former legion's Power Armor painted in the livery of Black Legion


    Considering the fact that BHVR and GW seem to be overlooking the lore whenever convenient with every other aspect of the game, why not fudge a little and allow Thousand Sons pattern armor for Black Legion in EC?
  8. Saeritan Saeritan Arkhona Vanguard

    I'm pretty certain that neither of those marines depicted in that art are Iskander Khayon or Lheorvine Ukris, it's just a Rubric and a Berzerker.

    Iskander Khayon is a Sorcerer, a member of Abaddon's inner circle, and perhaps most notably of all to prove that picture is not him, carries a power axe which he took from a Space Wolf during the Burning of Prospero.


    As for the Khornite, again I am fairly certain that is not Lheorvine Ukris. Lheor was a member of the World Eaters "50th Heavy Support Company" and is particularly noted for fighting with a heavy bolter.


    So with it established that the two characters depicted in that image are not Iskandar Khayon or Lheorvine Ukris, as there is plenty of evidence suggesting that they look much different to those characters, and exactly no evidence suggesting that they are those characters; we can safely conclude that the depicted characters are a Rubric and a Khorne Berzerker.

    Both of these are known to fight for the Black Legion, and I would not put it past ex-Thousand Sons sorcerers to repaint their Rubricae's armour, but the fact remains that the only members of the Black Legion to use Thousand Sons equipment are Sorcerers and Rubricae. NOT standard marines of the Black Legion.

    If someone makes Thousand Sons cosmetics, and bE manage to bullshit it past GW, great, but don't for a moment kid yourself that it is lore accurate.
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  9. Not to insult you, but have you read Talon of Horus and the follow up to that novel, Black Legion? Both characters play a central role in both novels. I highly recommend both novels to anyone that's into 40K.

    Not that it even matters. I'm not "kidding" myself or anyone else. I'm simply making a suggestion for a game concept. If you disagree with the concept, that's great and I respect that. There's no need for a protracted epeen contest dude.
  10. Saeritan Saeritan Arkhona Vanguard

    Your suggestion makes no sense in the context of 40k lore. At best you're unaware that you tried to portray utter nonsense as facts. At worst you're trying to get @Kiwik to waste his time making cosmetics that would never be approved by GW.

    So yes, I do disagree with your concept of introducing cosmetics into the game that do not fit with 40k lore. If we do that why don't we add Grey Knights cosmetics to LSM, Terminator helmets for Tactical Marines, or Dark Eldar cosmetics for Eldar. Those suggestions make just as much sense as standard Black Legion marines wearing Rubric armour or carrying Inferno Bolters.
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