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A new hope ...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Krayt, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. KillSlim KillSlim Prefectus

    People haven't been making assets up to now because workshop support has been off the table up until now. Even then we don't know what will be supported in game from the workshop. It could be only x type of model, only map assets of x style, etc. We have not been told anything. What you've suggested is like being invited to a painting competition, painting up a Reaver titan, only to discover that it's a character category. Oops!

    Is it not a little hypocritical to passively call most of us lazy when you haven't exactly done anything either? Are you not 'The typical LSM player' too? So far we know nothing about how many people will start making assets because the system is offline. I won't be putting much hope in it because again we don't know how many or what quality of assets will be submitted, before that we don't know what assets the devs will allow or even if they're just going to allow skins or whatever.

    Also, it takes a particular kind of talent and skill set in order to develop high quality 3D assets. Not everyone is capable of doing it and that includes me. You need a good PC, a professional software suite (Sorry, blender is a joke) and the knowledge to use it, and no small amount of skill and talent to accurately make 40K assets. Playing the game right now for me is pain, it performs horribly and it's just not fun. However I did always enjoy making maps for other games, if a map editor was released I would spend many hours making some decent stuff. People who are creative will find these things fun whereas other people won't.
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  2. More than likely it means:
    * If you make Hello Kitty Marines, rainbow-patterned bolters, Ork shields with the flag of Brazil, Angry Marines, Cultist-chan, internet meme bullshit, etc. it won't go to GW or be added to the workshop.
    * If you copy over files from W40k: Space Marine, it won't go to GW or be added to the workshop.
    * If you try to make something they already have specific plans for, it won't go to GW or be added to the workshop... yet. (so doubtful on WE/DG/1kS/EC, Traitors; sorry.)
    * If you try to make a piece of wargear that cheeses the shit out of some aspect of the mechanical nature of the game, it won't go to GW or be added to the workshop.
    * If you make Ultramarine shoulderpads that have inset Chaos Wheels for @Texasaur, it won't go to GW or be added to the workshop.

    Stuff like that.
  3. MEGANOB MADNESS TheMadnesss Arkhona Vanguard

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  4. I would love to see Crusade/Heresy era armor recolors, though. Have Luna Wolf armor, or Imperial Heralds armor...

    Or Black Dark Angel armor...

    Honestly more than anything I have my shopping list picked out already:
    * Full Deathwatch kit (Silver Left shoulder, Right Black/Left Silver arms, Chapter-Marked and colorized Right Shoulders for however many Chapters they make till the modder gets bored, Black Armor pieces for LSM.)
    * Full Chaplain kit (Skull Helmets for non-Wolves, Black Armor all over for LSM, Crozius usable by Ground Assault Marines, legs with a Rosarius hanging off the belt, black-trimmed shoulders.)
    * The Crux Terminatus on the Right Shoulder pad, purchasable and equippable by Vets only (we can already only buy the 1st company white trim once you become a Vet; give us the ability to display Terminator Honors on our Vets!)
    * Versions of the 'Deathwatch' gear with the correct Rosette.

    Do those and I'd dump TONS of money on EC. In a heartbeat.
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  5. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Hopefully I can finally get some chapter cosmetics for my Imperial Fist, bone inscribed gear, sword scabbards, short sword knife skins, dark metallic trimmings for my mk3 armour etc.

    The only reason I don't play my loyalist is because my chapter feels neglected cosmetically, playing Fists on top of playing Eldar hurts as neither are done justice
  6. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    Do we even have any modders in this community?
  7. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    Was a few.
  8. This makes no fucking sense to me, zero. How can the dev team say that they have a lot of assets, but that there is a bottleneck issue getting them into the game... AND then go and plan to open up the workshop to add even more player made assets... to the game. Did they solve the bottleneck problem? And if so where are all of THEIR new assets? Why would they just support cosmetics? Why would they not create a map creation kit for us?

    Separately, perhaps they will give us templates to use to maintain the games art style?
  9. Cosmetics won't do a whole lot, only a map editor would add lasting value to the game by helping create an environment where it feels like an actual progressing warzone with battles that matter. That's what I saw with groups, there's less participation each event largely because when you grind it doesn't seem like you accomplished anything due to your progress changing the heat map rather than actually being represented with new maps. I think a big mistake of this development was believing volume of maps wasn't that important to the vision of the game. Rectifying that now with community made maps could help, though they'd really need to integrate it into the original vision for it to do much.
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  10. MacBeth MacBeth Well-Known Member

    It would be excellent if alongside cosmetics they'd release a map making tool, this way we could have more arena's to fight in and possibly game modes. Also I'm pretty damn certain I could get an animator or two to pump out some sorely needed animations.
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