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A minor Aesthetic concern with some cosmetics

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Candle, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Candle Candle Arkhona Vanguard


    Champion Shoulder Pads
    A little concern I've had since they were released is why they were not on both shoulders, it seems like It'd be fairly easy and simple right? With the current look of the pauldron, it seems like it creates a bit of an imbalance in weight on the current marine. Personal bias being that it makes my OCD flip its slag and fly into the Eye of Terror having one quarter of my body gold and nothing else.
    Second concern I have, which is actually a much bigger concern, is the incorrect portrayal of the Champion shoulder pads compared to what we were shown and purchased before launch.
    Notice how the eagle juts out and creates a very third-dimensional appearance to the Pauldron, effectively making it unique. What we have right now is a simple flattened Aquila for a Champion's pauldron, when previous depictions of such works of art typically showed the aquila coming outwards. Space Marine's Ultramarine shoulder pad is a good example of how this pauldron should look.
    This bridges into my opinion of current cosmetics and why Chaos pauldrons are the current best in the market, and why LSM backpacks are the best aswell. They change the dimension of your character and effectively make you stand out beyond simple detail, making you bulkier, bigger, and more intimidating. It generally makes the cosmetic much more appealing and attractive to buying, the more unique it is in shape.

    tl;dr, add the full eagle to the pauldron and allow it to be placed on both shoulders.

    Relic Mk III Cuirass, Mk III Backpack and other goodies
    (Yes I said Cuirass.)
    With the current addition of the Mk III (previous II) Cuirass, I figured it was time to speak up about the color coordination in the game regarding metallics.
    Exhibit A

    Notice the color coherency on the silver all across the board (Roughly). The silver on the pauldron debatably looks the best in my humble opinion, having the most variation in shade rather than the fairly mono-toned other colors. Also, a minor gripe, but the rim is not fully silver or chapter-colored like it is on Gold.

    Exhibit B

    Notice especially how the chestplate's Aquila does not change to gold along with the rest of the armor, same for the leg and the Laurel, aswell as the backpack. They don't coincide with the overall theme of Gold, making certain parts of the armor stand out as rather eye-soreish and unbefitting of the desired effect.
    Color coherency is very important, as it tends to make things generally more appealing to the eye. While this is not true for things that are garishly colored (See: Harlequins), but for a (mostly) Tri-Tone example, it can be rather bothersome with such mute colors. Usually, you'd adjust to a significant pattern, and breaking that pattern sparsedly typically causes minor annoyance to the eyes.

    tl;dr, heighten saturation (karat count?) on all gold areas and reduce shadow on the champion pauldrons in order to normalize the consistency of the gold to make it one texture, and one tone, and replace most (or all) silver areas with gold when wearing Relic Power Armor.

    Some Bold Requests
    1. Split up customization further.
    This involves mostly splitting left and right leg. As we see currently, alot of customization options involve only one leg heavily and neglects the other (Seen above, or even the Dark Angels and Space Wolves chapter logo.)
    2. Deathwatch pauldron and vambrace
    As more incentive to do PVE, and add more fancy wotsitz to our game, perhaps include a Deathwatch pauldron and left vambrace when having completed say... 100 Hive missions. This would require splitting in order to do the vambrace properly.
    3. More legs, more arms!
    These need to be somewhat of a focal point as currently there are minimal legs that change the shape or weight of your character, and we are still missing Mk III arms and legs, which were much bulkier (and personally, much more attractive, worth my money...)
    4. Add more weight to the players.
    Simple change. Look at Space Marine and how the camera has slight shake and a deep thump whenever the boot slams down onto the floor while sprinting. Feet in EC tend to glide across the floor without stopping for that 700+kg of armor tacked onto you. Your animation should pause while your foot plants into the ground (or slow at the peak of the run and speed up for the next step, lay-man's terms) while having a short, slight shake to the camera and a deep, but not loud thump. Quality of life is important, as even with a bad game, if you feel like a Space Marine, you'll be a Space Marine.


    Yes ! give as eagle head !!!! PLEASE !!!!!!!

    Add the full eagle to the pauldron and allow it to be placed on both shoulders !!! PLEASE !!!!
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  3. Color Coherency seems to typically be off - made worse by the games shader system. IMO apothecary has it the worst currently.

    Any metallic object in darker maps looks pretty rough.


    Above looks ok, but also notice the feet being more of a grey than the armor. Not too bad in the sun.


    Now in the dark the metal areas start to look very off.


    Thats what the feet look like in an actual match.

    So yeah, color coherency is something that definitely needs a look at again.

    Also old apothecary relic used to look great, nowadays not so much imo.
    (below is low settings on 8y/o laptop)


    Same build, current game version below. On ultra settings instead of low in the above one.


    Boots off color, trim for cosmetic is silver and the current relic shoulders just don't look as good as the shoulders above - alot less gold and it doesn't look right with the legs being gold everywhere.

    And then theres the current live server monstrosity below.

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  4. Candle Candle Arkhona Vanguard

    Color coherency and shaders should only take a week or two at most to fix directly just from what we can see, maybe three weeks. I know the team is heavily understaffed though, I imagine only Noah and whoever they outsource to (lengthening the time) are the only ones working on models and textures.

    I feel like BHVR shouldn't be going the Valve route with their development. Valve allows its employees to jump across and work on any project they want, whenever they want but BHVR seems to instead go the extra mile and let anyone work on whatever they want from a technical level.

    Cosmetics like the possessed pauldrons and breast plates look gorgeous, that's the kind of quality I'd love to see in my game but it's sadly so inconsistent that its somewhat saddening.
  5. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    Love this idea, it fits extremely well both lorewise and with our current cosmetic system. It would also help people who can't afford to buy rtc for cosmetics to still get some cool stuff.
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  6. Candle Candle Arkhona Vanguard

    Furthermore, what happened BHVR? In previous 2015 builds of the game, run animations were much better and carried more weight with decent screen shake and looked less silly, swinging guns around one-handed like weightless toys.

    The sprinting was so much better, as was the environment's coloration and mood!

    And ontop of what, what happened to the fantastic lighting and effects from older builds of the game, ones that really set the tone of Warhammer 40k for us?

    And finally, what of the old style of maps, being large and open but not too much so? They had reason to go around and exist in other places, while currently most players huddle in little pools known as Capture rooms instead of having the maps be progressive and interesting. Look at this, a hallway spoke Warhammer 40k to me in a small way by simply being big, intimidating, and important-looking despite being a simple hallway.
    I want This. To march down these massive halls with my brothers towards a point, gradually pushing the defenders back to the objective and making progression throughout it is much more mood-setting for Warhammer 40k, compared to the Zerg-rush in a circle, camp at the point that we have now. It's depressing, almost...

    And most of this content is already in the game... Or was, meaning BHVR still has it somewhere and just will never release it to us...
    Fuck, I'd pay money for a map like that, or even the original gold on Black Legionnaires.

    Seriously, why are they copper? Black Legion is a bright, high-karat gold! They used to be gold too, but for one reason or another BHVR changed them to this weird burnt orange despite no depiction of Black Legionnaires ever being made out of copper.

    What happened...? @NoahWard @Oveur ?

    I put genuine effort into this thread for a game I love and desperately want to see improve, and these are ways you can do that. Small, simple things, except for the map. I'm not a $500 founder just because I have money, I'm poor as hell and I still support this game with all my love and care. I'm not trying to nit-pick or be stingy, but it really is the little things that make up what we love.

    Also, Black Legion topknots when? :^)
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  7. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

    I believe the eagle head was discussed about last twitch. They said that it can't be done at the moment because it would need a new model. I don't remember if they said they could look into it someday or it was more of a never situation. As for the silver things being turned gold with the relic armor, metallics coordination is something that occurs a lot in this game. Items with metallics have a certain color at base. Once an item is implemented it usually needs a little extra work to be able to adapt to the armor that is put on. Some armors are still having issues adapting to their subfaction metallics color. That being said its an ongoing process.

    To comment on some of your bold requests though. Splitting up customization further would allow more freedom, but I worry about how the community might react. Take the chapter logo legs on the ultramarine for example. It has one regular leg and one plain leg. If you split it up wouldn't the one unique leg remain the same price as the pair? The other leg is just a basic leg after all. It'd add more options but I fear the community may get a little more salty over prices (the eldar especially since they have limited cosmetics already that are generally overpriced) It also raises the question of what to do with items that are copied like the runic legs for the wolves. You could split the price in half there, but I don't know that many will appreciate having to buy the same item twice.

    As for the deathwatch...I'm not sure about this. I've seen this pop up several times, but the question keeps coming up as to what the other races would get. Another suggestion I've actually given in one such thread is that you actually trade in your armor for a deathwatch suit with your chapter logo on it when entering pve.

    We definitely need more cosmetics in general, and some good news at least is that there were some mark 3 arms for space marines in the game files last I checked. I assume the final product isn't ready but it is definitely coming.

    The camera shake. It's been discussed before. We're giant superhumans as space marines, and in a pve game like space marine that was fine. This is a shooter where failing to notice those incoming dire avengers because the camera shakes could mean death. We used to have it, and if you want to see what it was like there's one spot that still has it is the small hallway behind A on refinery olipsis. Every time I walk through there it's jarring.

    Oh, and as for the whole on both shoulders thing. There's a right and left version in the files. I assume they don't want the words on the other side's version to be backwards. That'd be heresy and daemonspeak.
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  8. Threule Threule1994 Firebrand

    Can we please separate torso shapes from torso decorations? According to the model, I could fit these white blood angels wings in a MKIII torso.

    Having the option to do so would be badass

  9. Those gold laden disco legs and disco boots are an abomination. I refuse to wear Relic armour on any of my Space Wolf characters. The gold and silver trim needs to be removed or made optional.

    Dark Angels Veterans should wear nothing but GREEN(not silver or gold trim) and white robes. A splash of silver or gold on certain icons, but for the most part GREEN and some tone of white(on the DArk Angel Icon).


    DA Veterans. No gold trim, no silver trim. The Company Champion gold shoulder guard being the only exception. What we have in game is heritical.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There are no gold or silver armour trim on Dark Angels. Of course examples off the "net" can be found, but in the 40K universe the all green paint scheme for DA is iconic. Deathwing of course being the exception.
  10. Candle Candle Arkhona Vanguard

    I intentionally left out any minuet details about the legs and cosmetic splitting so that the Devs can come up with their own conclusion. In my humble opinion, constructive criticism and suggestions are best left open ended so the recipient can still project their own thoughts and ideals.

    Personally, I'd be just fine paying like 2000RTC for one leg. We get RTC for campaigns. It isn't that difficult if you play the game and earn it. Nobody ever said you had to buy anything.
    And really, we already do buy the same item twice. Go look at legitimately all of Chaos' pauldrons. They're duplicates, but on the other side.
    Also, Bundles exist for a reason and that is this reason.

    That's a fantastic idea! I'd kill to mix some of the cosmetics in this game like that, but I feel that might force the devs to create another bone onto the Space Marine model unless they went the Source Engine route of "attaching" something to the bone with an offset making it go forward and onto the chassis of the cuirass.

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