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A Hilarious And Informative Article About F2p Orks

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Matobar, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Bu'losh 'Eadcraka Bulosh Active Member

    Only Planetside 2 isn't BtP. You can buy station cash and there's a subscription model.
  2. Reason #1 - #1,000,000 to get the full version of EC:

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  3. Yes, 'cause Space Marines are what we need at this point. They don't even fill out 50% of the playerbase yet!
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  4. ThunderPsyker ThunderPsyker Arkhona Vanguard

    I'm willing to bet the most interesting part of this game will be the Eldar trying to hold out against the waves of Orks.
    Which is why, despite playing as a Space Marine with a group i'm part of, i'm probably going to play as Eldar first to experience the "ohfuckohfuckohfuckSHITSHITSHITTHEY'REEVERYWHEREAAAAAAAA-" in all of its glory
  5. I rememba wen I waz a lowly boy. Me and sum uva boyz ad' to run up on sum SPACE MARINES! I took a umie choppa to da ead' gud times
  6. Well, we could probably use more Ultra Marines. Not myself personally but someone has to do it I guess. They must be good for something.
  7. I see what problem you present, but I choose to ignore it as it sets a Space Marine sub-faction in a positive light #AntiSpaceMarines #OrksForEquality #I'mAllAboutThatWAAAGH
  8. Heh, you know I'm goofing you, right? I know Space Marines are gonna have pop with the majority of players who have purchased/will purchase the game. I believe Orks will be fine. I think CSM will be okay. I think Eldar may have a bit of a rough start. They could be a nuisance if they actually work with the CSM. I think Orks should have the option to fight each other, true to lore.
  9. Arena mode, please - No hitting boys 'cause you can :) I guess Eldar will be outnumbered, but I' not sure that's a problem: Not all players are on at all times, and if you can't take on a fullblown WAAAGH taking ass and kicking names, you can surely ghost-cap some untaken or sparsely populated areas (No one want to stand guard at a place where there is no fighting) and make some people go out of the pain train to counter you - That's how it usually worked in Planetside 2.
  10. Nicodemus_I Nicodemus_I Subordinate

    I'm fairly certain the Eldar will have the firepower to handle it. Like seriously. I've been playing TT at a gaming club and have now learned what they can do. And there's two Eldar players.

    I dislike the idea, but the devs could just press the big mean button to spawn bot-controlled extra boyz around, if the population diminishes too much for them. Then there are the Tyranids, whom function with a similar mechanic (already confirmed).

    And I might just make an Eldar character, to support the less populated faction. Orks will be a must as well, and no doubt I'll end up so hooked I'll have characters for all factions.

    Then, if my relatives or friends ever ask me why I'm always out cash, I'll just say; "Brent took it".
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