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A concept change for Banshees...

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Asheru, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone as you all know Banshees are one of the weakest Ground Assault classes out there right now and I have been going over a concept idea that would bring them in line with other melee fighters. Now do hear this out as its a concept idea and it will probably need to be looked at long and hard on the UAT before anything could possibly go live.

    If you look at the current reason you take a Banshee to a fight you would think it is due to the Banshee scream causing the effected player to take bonus melee dmg. But the question is why? Scorpions bring the same if not more damage to the table in the bonuses they get from striking from stealth and a warlock is more useful in the Psychic Powers they bring can be used to support the team. Other than you just really like Banshees like I do why else are you bringing a Banshee? In its current form 98% of all players that get hit by the Banshee scream instantly roll becoming immune to damage and with the lowest EHP of any GA class the Banshee player better be right on top of the target because if they are not, well you can get gunned down in the time it takes you to power attack leap at your target with even the most basic weapons in the game. So once again what is the Banshee bringing to the table that the other classes are not? Well first off lets look at the effects of the Banshee scream.

    In its current form the Banshee scream causes 3 effects to the effected target. First off is the sight limiting ripple effect on the target. When it started this effect was rather nice as it made it hard to tell what the Banshee player was doing as the effect was distracting and covered your character limiting your view. But as you all know the FoV got changed and the camera was moved back, this change not only gives you a larger field of view allowing you to see more going on around you but also shrunk the area that is effected by the Banshee scream. There is a down side to the Banshee player as well as it hides the target and you can not see what they are doing either. It also used to effect friendly Eldar but thankfully that was fixed. The next thing the Banshee scream effects is it causes the player to take more melee damage. It is known that the effect causes the target to take more melee dmg and a good Banshee player can even score the most assists in a game by screaming at targets others are engaged with as it effects there dmg as well. However the exact time of the debuff is questionable as well as if the debuffs effects drop off when a target rolls becoming immune to the effect. With most EHPs of the current marine meta it takes a Banshee between 3-4 hits with no clash/counter to down a marine. The scream can allow a Banshee to 1 shot a marine with a power attack from the back but like I said most players instantly roll becoming immune to the damage of the strike. The last part of the Banshee scream is the suppression effect. Currently suppression is worthless unless you can keep applying the effect as simply stopping shooting after getting hit by the Banshee scream resets the effect, you can also use a scope to reset the suppression effect rendering this part of the mechanic pointless. The range of the Banshee scream also is short enough that the suppression effect is null and void as the spread it gives isnt enough with the Banshees limited EHP pool to help them reliably get to target. And even if they do with the current roll and shoot meta a Banshee can die in less time than it takes to power attack a target.

    So the question is what changes can be made to the Banshee scream to bring it more in line of being useful to defining the role a Banshee plays on the battle field? The idea I have had is simple. Keep the ripple effect, keep the bonus damage, change the suppression effect to an effect that drains your stamina. Right now seeing a Banshee on the field is a joke unless its some of the few named players who focus on a Banshee and are rather good at them within the limits of the games iframe abuse. But now take into account that when a Banshee screams at you, you lose your stamina and can not instantly roll anymore. Now this is where testing would need to come into play, how much stamina would be drained? The effect is instant and as soon as your hit by it your normal stamina regen would kick in so you would be able to roll soon enough, but it would be enough time that the Banshee player has a very good chance of reaching you. I know that some of you are going to ask. Would this effect fuel? The simple answer no. Fuel is different from stamina and it honestly would be odd if it effected fuel, this would also allow a jump assault to be a more effective counter to the Banshee as well. Like I said this would need alot of testing on the UAT but the effect would be nice as it would give Banshees a solidly defined battle role and help with the "terror" a Banshee should strike into the enemy. (In before someone says something about "And they shall know no fear" )

    So what do you guys think? Feel free to drop ideas and suggestions here. As always evil moderator will remove posts that are trying to start fights as I am looking for feedback and discussion here rather than insults.

    TL : DR (Read the damn post I took time to write it you can either read it or not bother replying) Banshee scream is rather pointless due to a few reasons in the current format of the game, I am suggesting a change that would make it much more useful.
  2. I guess simply - scream have to STUN to avoid target get away.
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  3. The reason I am not suggesting a stun is it would be too powerful, if it becomes a stun you could simply stun lock a target by having more than one Banshee never allowing for a fight back. Yes the target would be out of stamina with my suggested change but clashing is still an option to allow a fight to happen. With a stun you wouldn't be able to fight back and that can be abused.
  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    I like it. Its actually simple change, unlike what I previously proposed for the scream, it would change a lot and it would mean that a Banshee is not only capable of engaging a decent opponent, but perhaps the best melee class to do so.
    I would totally have it affect fuel tho. Jump Assault classes are fairly powerful against Eldar, there is nothing wrong with introducing a direct counter to deal with them. Also most JPA's will likely mod for fuel-regen so it should still affect them the least of all classes. No, it does not 'make sense', neither does it have to.

    There are still some changes I would like to see going along with it. Like either Armour or Stamina baseline increase. Better lifesteal and a pistol mag-mod. All the stuff I pointed out previously.
    But at the end of the day the Howl is what characterizes the class and its battlefield-role, so changing it will by far be the most impactful thing that can be done.

    I'd start by draining two. This means that everyone who runs default builds and EHP-stacking is in trouble whereas more flexible opponents actually building for stamina or fuel can still dive away.
  5. AVP AndrVP Active Member

    It`s should be microstun like with Mancatcher (If you've ever played with him for CSM) + more melee damage while enemy is stunned. May be need remove the effect of blinding.

    If LSM/CSM/Orks melee players can stun an enemy with a strong attack by an axe / mace (and experienced players abuse it constantly), why not give the same opportunity to the Eldar with the help of a banshee scream? Only in this case, they will be effective melee fighters with their EHP in comparison with other factions.
  6. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Game does not need more Stun(or more Iframes). Also a microstagger on 11+ sec cooldown is kinda useless, dont you think?
  7. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    Loss of controll over your character is possibly the worst mechanic ever in a shooter.
  8. AVP AndrVP Active Member

    I think it would make the gameplay for the banshee more diverse and interesting. However, many things depend on what role you provide banshees in the game.
  9. AVP AndrVP Active Member

    I always thought that the EC is not only a shooter. Otherwise, why are there melee classes?
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  10. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Just my interpretation.
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