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A Call To All Sorcerers

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by nealbulldozer, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Attention to all sorcerers. May we all work together for the greater good of the traitor legions. Last night i had a vision, a vision of all sorcerers working together to retire our numbers and war machines. There are special powers to which we use to slow stop and speed up time with. With that said if we band together with a few lords of change we can create a time bubble where on the inside time speeds up. So if we had factories, gene seed creation facilities, and troops inside it we can train troops with millennia of combat experience, mass amounts of gene seeds, and ammunitions and wa machines to crush all our enemies. no longer will be be in the shadows and seen as a diying army due to our chaotic nature. WE SHALL RETURN!
  2. I wonder how we work in the game. Do we get a certain set of abilities and when we reach the mid point of the leveling process we can dedicate ourselves to a specific Chaos Gods for unique powers.
    Nurgle- Healing and DOT with diseases. Maybe make undead in addition to summoning Nurgle daemons.
    Slaanesh- Mental manipulation, illusions and Slaanesh daemons.
    Tzeentch- Warp fire pyromancy, teleportation and Tzeentch daemons.
  3. Probably brother my question is will chais undivided have access to some or similar powers if those who dedicate them selves to a god
  4. Roopevil roopevil Arkhona Vanguard

    We shall kill all those LSM scumbags and revive all our downed battle brother !!!! FOR the DARK GODS
  5. Indeed we must look into the warp and aid our brothers who we fought woth during the great crusade, the hourse heresy, and now. Let us give it our all and sacrifice everything to aid those who rebelled against the false empror and his lies
  6. What abilities do you think we start with? Biomancy, Pyromacy, Telepathy, Telekinesis or Divination.
    Not to mention Daemonolgy and the various sorceries of the warp.
  7. Probably biomancy and from there it's up to us
  8. Tallar Tallar Arkhona Vanguard

    I highly doubt there will be any kind of summoning.
    NPCs are too much of a performance-killer.

    -> one summoned npc = one player in terms of performance

    And nobody want to prevent players from joining the server just because there are summoned npcs.
    The developers already stated there wont be any npcs because of that.

    But I think there are more than enough spells for everybody. Damage, dot, crowd control, heal etc.
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  9. Whitefox550 Whitefox550 Well-Known Member

    So you want to rip off the Grey Knights origins?
  10. Sort of if they can do it why not us n3ed to even the playing ground with the ultramarine spiritual lesie

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