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A bit of advice needed for tactical/havoc needed

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Armillus_Dynant, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Armillus_Dynant Recruit

    I only play tactical/havoc. I kinda despise cc classes, probably because I am sucky in cc, and I like to shoot stuff dead more. I never really liked sorcerers too.

    I started recently, and after having played with lsm(although dunno why is everyone callin them lsm and not just sm, and chaos csm as in tabletop), I got grips about the game, and became quite decent(usually end mid to top in score).

    Well, with lsm it's easy, pimp bolter(grip, extra dmg barrel and quick change magazine and I am golden), add artificer armor, few of those trinkets and I am good to go(grinding to vet.tactical).
    Well, then I made csm AL too see the other side(after all I do collect 30k AL army :) ). Things look a bit confusing here. From what I see, csm don't have something like AA armor? You have to take marks? And what is best to take from them?
    What is best thing to unlock for tactical,and what for havoc marine? Right now I am unlocking those 3k ,5k and boxes. And savig points till I figure what to spend them on.
  2. Xarl Uthullun Amdusias New Member

    Mark of Nurgle, autocannon, and storm bolter are good places to start. The bolter's CQC barrel doesn't have enough drop off at range to make it not worth taking, so use that. I like the spread reduction grip as well. I think the drum or box mag is more worth it than the quickload - you have more rounds in the mag for larger engagements, so the marginally longer reload happens less often than the marginally quicker reload of the quickload mag. And now with the scope toggle, I think it's worth it, like, all the time to take a 3.4x scope.

    So my currently most used Tactical loadout is this:
    -3.4x scope
    -CQC barrel
    -textured grip
    -box mag
    Naked bolt pistol
    Naked knife
    Warp-Touched Armor
    Mark of Nurgle
    Shard of the Crucible
    Bloodletter Claw (minor)
    Healing crystal
    Blight grenade (I like the immediate damage delivered)

    As far as Havoc goes, I actually kind of prefer the heavy bolter over the autocannon. I find it a bit more reliable and accurate in most braced situations, but I've been using the autocannon again lately. My loadout for HB is this:
    Daemonforged Armor
    Mark of Nurgle
    Shard of Blood
    Bloodletter Claw (minor)
    Ammo box

    Autocannon loadout:
    Warp-Touched Armor
    Mark of Nurgle
    Shard of Blood
    Pestilent Bud (major)
    Pestilent Bud (minor)
    Bloodletter Claw (major)
    Bloodletter Claw (minor)
    Ammo box

    I won't claim that these are 100% the "right optimal" loadouts, but I've had good success so far. I used to favor Slaanesh for mobility, but with the lower TTK I like the extra survivability as Nurgle. Just make those headshots and you're golden.
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  3. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    • warptouched armor
    • Mark of Nurgle
    • Totem of Treachery
    • Fleshweaver Orb
    • Boltgun
    • Cqc Barrel (10% more damage up close insane)
    • Texture grip (reduces spread which is considered the best grip in the game)
    • Fast Reload or Box Mag (preference)
    EHP of the Nurgle Build 449,56

    no utility tho, which can be switched up if you want
  4. Armillus_Dynant Recruit


    How do you toggle scope? I didn't know you could do that, and found them quite worthless since very rarely will you engage targets that far away, even less be able to kill them.

    How heavy is deamonforged armor? And how heavy is sigil of nurgle/coruption? Not sure should I even advance there, just to find out I can't bear it -.-

    Btw. since I have all 500 and 3k boxes opened, where do I get drum mags/combi bolters? SHould I go for 30k next ones?

    I actually quite like nurgle knife, I have knifed fair share of enemys with from tacticals to assault class :)
  5. Xarl Uthullun Amdusias New Member

    I think the scope toggle is B by default - check the controls under the options menu. If you're asking how much LP they cost, Daemonforged is 400 LP and Sigil of Nurgle is 570. Corruption is 420. Corruption isn't worth it in this meta imo cause Sigil of Nurgle is much better. Note you can only use Sigils on veteran characters. Daemonforged armor is good for havocs though, most of the time on other classes you can't afford the LP to spend on it unless you're willing to give up a lot.

    Open 12k boxes next, I'm still working through mine, but that's where I got the combi bolter and drum mag.
  6. Armillus_Dynant Recruit

    I opened one 30k, and got power fist, which is awesome, because finnaly I have it for vehichle wrecking....although, it looks kinda hard to be good in cc with it. I did play a bit with assault class, and boy, is it fun, but quite map dependable. Chainsword works nice, power axe too, was not too impressed with power sword, kinda between axe and chainsword, so dunno.

    Oh, didn't know that sigils are only veteran reserved. But okay, I am going for vet anyway, but it will take some time as it seems. Doesn't matter though.

    You consider combi bolter worth it? Or drum mag? I am quite happy with quick change mag.

    BTw. what is is bolt pistol for on tactical? I know that havoc uses him for (E) execute animation, but I have yet to see my tactical use it for something? Can I switch to it if my bolter is empty?
  7. Silas7 Subordinate

    chainsword and powersword are exactly the same but the p-sword has more AP so i dunno why your having problems with it.
  8. hansthered Recruit

    What are thoughts on the Combi and plasma gun? i was thinking using Combi for Pve and room busting, and plasma for midrange support. i have enough req...but is the LP cost too high, requiring sacrificing other wargear etc?
  9. Xarl Uthullun Amdusias New Member

    Combi bolter is super worth it at close to mid-close range. Really high DPS melts down tougher LSM builds, helps a lot against Orks, and is nice for shredding Eldar too. Plasma gun isn't too worth it imo, it overheats too much. If you're having trouble against high toughness enemies, it's worth a shot, but as it is, I think it overheats too quickly to be useful in a medium to large engagement. And yeah, you can switch to bolt pistol whenever you want. If you run out of bolts when you're fighting someone, you can switch to the bolt pistol and finish off your target. It does as much damage as the bolter but has a slower rate of fire and smaller mag.
  10. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    You can put a scope on plasma and use it as a battle rifle (aka poor man's Stalker Bolter) .. its more consistent burst over range than a bolter.
    Fire it in quick 3 round bursts from the charge up mode ( dont charge it just tab the button 3 x ) , you'l find its pretty accurate like this.
    And it makes spacey sounds as a bonus!

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