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A Beautiful Day... (rp Thread)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Krol, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Krol'jas Krol Subordinate

    ((For those that like to RP. Please keep this stuff IC, and for the love o' Mork, no mary sues, please))

    It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the trees were shifting in the wind, and a massive horde of Orks were letting out a bellowing, ground shaking Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!! These Orks were moving out towards a small settlement on the Imperial World Antaris VI, a small hamlet on the fringe of Segmentum Ultima.

    Within this Waaaaaaagh! (A Waaaaaaaagh! of over three million Orks, so far.) stood a Lone Ork, and his massive pile of Gretchin. These Gretchin, numbering about twelve or so, seemed to include a rather Blue Alien, one that seemed horribly out of place.

    The Ork, however, was a Nob. Standing at about an average Nob's height, carrying various trophies, weapons, and bits of food, both for himself, and his Gretchin.

    "Uhhhhh, Boss?" The Blue 'gretchin' asked, with a rather normal accent of low Gothic. "Are you sure we're going the right way?"

    "Wut's that, Vixen? You'z thinkin' I don't know where dis bit of da Waaaaaaagh! is goin'? IS that wut ye'r finkin'?" The Nob said, glaring out past the horde of Gretchin and Orks that were running towards the farm in front of them, their feet causing a slight tremor in the ground as they moved. "Da boss gave me dis 'ere map, an' said dat we's gotta krump dis 'ere 'oomie city, so dat's what we'z doin'!"

    Vixen, the Tau female seemingly unafraid of any of the Orks surrounding her, approached the Nob, sighing. "It's upside down..." She said, reaching out and grabbing said map, which appeared to be drawn in some kind of crayon. It was drawn over an Imperial layout of the continent. The location of the Waaaagh! was circled in red, with a red line pointing to the biggest dot on the map. "We're going the wrong way, doofus."

    "Doofus?!?! Wut's dat, some kinda fancy wurds one'a da' mekboyz told ya' how ta' say?!?! I'z ain't no 'doofus'. I'z Krol'jas da' 'eadchoppa! I'z da' biggest, meanest Nob in dis 'ere Waaaaaaaagh! Second only to da' Boss!" Krol'jas shouted, looking out towards the farm. "But... it -is- a little small ta' be a big 'oomie city. Vixen! 'old da' map... An' point da' way... Ya Git."

    "I heard that." Vixen said, frowning as she pushed her blood red hair out of her face, looking the map over. "That way!" She said, pointing in the opposite direction.

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  2. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    The nob Thrakka da most Dakka was tinkering with his favorite gun "Peachez" not really caring that Nob Krol'jas had messed up yet again leading their band of orks and gretchins to the big hummie city. As the entirety of the waaghh began about-face in the other direction....a of Krol'jas gretchins got in front of Thrakka causing Thrakka to step on 1 or 2 of them.

    "OY! YA LITTLE GROTZ! GIT OUT OF ME WAY!" "ey Krol'jas! Yer stupid gretchins is in me way again! I'z gunna start chompin on dem tiny bitz soon if we keep walkin in circles is swearz to GORK! When am i gunna be able to shoot stuff? Peachez is GETTIN BORED! AND SOZ AM I!

    Upon marching along with the rest of the WAAGHH, Thrakka started seeking out Krol'Jas's Grotz to start punting them to pass the time.
  3. Krol'jas Krol Subordinate

    "Oi! Quit zoggin' wif' me Grotz!" Krol'jas said, grunting. He continued his own march, scratching at his ear.

    Vixen ran over to the kicked grotz, tears welling in her eyes. "Zzap! Tink! Wanker! Nooooooooo-o-o-o!" She shouted, picking them up in her arms. "You big meanie! I raised these gretchin since they popped out of the ground! I named them! I gave them bigger rags for clothes and even 'krumped' three boyz to keep them off of them!" She shouted, reaching for her belt, grabbing the pulse pistol from it's holster. A quick flick of the thumb, and it was set for stun.

    "You're gonna pay for that!!!" She shouted, wildly snapping off a few shots, only to be stopped by Krol'jas, picking her up by her hand.

    "Now now, Vixen, we'z don't krump ovah Nobz. We'z krump 'oomies, 'nids, elders, and anyfink wut gets in our way. If you'z wantin' ta' be a big Ork some day, you'z gotta learn!"
  4. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    Thrakka was glancing back at the strange blue grot being sassed by Nob Krol'jas. Grinning with a large set of teeth and moving the large squig wrapped cigar in his mouth. Thrakka always wondered where Krol'jas got that strange gretchin from. But all the same didn't care much. Losing interest in the blue gretchin Thrakka turned back around and started walking along with the rest of the boyz while lighting a new squig wrapped cigar and popping it in his mouth.

    A few miles later Vixen began to approach the large Nob Thrakka positioning herself behind his large form and his even larger Ammo pack that Thrakka always carried on his back which was so large and snazzy it was impossible to miss even in the middle of hundreds of orks.

    "If you ever touch one of my grots again you'll pay for sure! And Krol'jas won't stop me the next time!"
    Thrakka without even stopping turned his head grinning all the while. "Oy....listen 'ere ya blue grot. I'z don't care about your pimpely little gretchinz. just get dem out of me way and dey won't get stomped! Now fall back wit yer nob! 'he 'as high hopez for yaz! If you'z lucky! He might have da mekboyz make your a seat on his arma and you'z can sit der! Dats an honor dat is!

    And with that Thrakka laughed loudly and began to tinker with Peachez again. The blue tau female narrowed her eyes and huffed and puffed then walked back towards Krol'jas utterly frustrated and angry.
  5. Krol'jas Krol Subordinate

    "'dere 'dere li'l Vixen. You'z gonna end up bein' a biggah Nob den 'e ever will be! I'z can see it now! Me! Da' Boss! You! Da' Biggest Nob in my Waaaaaagh! It'll be sp... spec... It'll be zoggin' awesome, it will!" Krol'jas said, patting her on the head and picking her up, placing her up on his shoulder. She huffed again, sighing.

    "If you say so, Boss..." She said, frowning. She looked about, seeing the occasional tree that hadn't bee shot down for target practice, or a small animal that hadn't been picked up, chewed on, and spat out for not being a squig. "So... Why are we fighting these 'oomies', Boss? Not in general, but all of these 'oomies' on this planet?"

    "We'z gonna be lootin' 'dis 'ere planet ta' make da WAAAAAAAAGH! biggah! Den', we'z gonna move on to da next, and da next! I fink I 'eard da boss say somefin' about one'a dem big elder spacehulk fings, an' maybe da' 'oomie 'omeworld! It's gonna be big!" Krol'jas said, many nearby Orks wooping and hollering their agreement.

    "Think we'll blow up something big this time? Maybe we could blow up a whole planet?" Vixen said, her eyes set on the horizon as the spire of the human's capital city began to be visible.

    "I like da way you fink, Vixen! YA HEAR DAT, BOYZ?!?! WHEN WE'Z DONE WIF DIS PLANET, WE'Z GONNA BLOW IT SKY HIGH!!!" Krol'jas shouted, the whole WAAAAAAGH! shouting in response.

    "Even you gotta like da sound of dat, Thrakka. Blowin' up a whole planet! Maybe you'z can shoot it a bunch!"

    "And I might even make you some new Dakka if you'll stop KILLING MY GROTS, YOU ZOGGING GIT!!!" Vixen shouted after Krol'jas made his declaration. She smirked, looking to the ever growing city before them.

    ((To anyone reading this thread, please, feel free to join in. Thrakka and I have been setting the stage, for any and all races/chapters/what have you to join in, and get into the WAAAAAAAGH! Eldar? Go for it. Chaos? Sure! More Orkz? That's fine and dandy, although this warband doesn't have a pre-set boss yet.))
  6. Joosh Joosh Subordinate

    Among the WAAAGH, there was another ork. A nob, too far away into it to hear the other two's shenanigans. He walked on, eager to fight anything that he could fight, or even other orks if he doesn't get to crump something soon. 'Ammer-'Ead is this nob's name, and he carries a right nice thunder hammer he stole from some human commander git. It's shiny and sparkly and blue, got that?
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  7. *Refined tau language*
    Commander Flamewing, a proud commander of the Farsight enclaves and even a nominated Commander for Farsight's seven gazed at the Ork's.
    His most hated enemy. He had travelled here for a reason, and would prepare his killing blow, as his drones had found Vixen's signature.
    Though surprised about this "Vixen" the commander also saw it as an opportunity to inter more Tau into his enclave, as the commander saw her as being "Brave"
    Today Flamewing would plan for his killing blow, out of the Ork's view for now.

    (Can't think of anything to add yeh)
  8. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    (Commander Farsight? Using such a big name is an interesting move but make sure your own character is the main focus :p )
  9. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    Closer and closer the Orkish horde drew closer to the hummie city. it stretched out atleast 5 kilometers in both directions with shining capital spires pointed towards the heavens. It had seemed the Ork presence did not go unnoticed as off in the distance the sounds of hummies screaming orders at one another could be heard over the clanking of vehicles and guns being placed in bunkers. Thrakka and Krol'jas were gonna make this a battle to remember that was for sure. The entire Ork Horde began chanting and beating their drums in excitement the closer they drew to the city. And then, as the horde was a mere 2 kilometers away Krol'jas ordered a halt so that the Nobs could gather on the cliff overlooking the valley and discuss their plan of attack.

    Thrakka sat on pair of gretchins smoking his stogy while staring at the hummie city. In the backround the sounds and thumping noises of Krol'jas could be heard as he hammered his plan into the other boyz heads. Thrakka wasn't paying much attention to Krol'jas but then again he never has to. The two orks have known each other since they first crawled out of the ground together. Chopping and shooting together ever since and always coming out on top.

    "Oy! listen 'ere ya snivelin little grot! (as Thrakka picked up one of the gretchins he was sitting on) I'z need you ta tell da mek boyz to get der kustum force fields ready for da first push! I'z can see a lot of hummie dakka set up at da entrance do dis 'ere city. We don't want most of our boyz gettin shot up before wez even reach da best loot!" (And with that the tiny grot was flung 40 feet in the air and sailed into a squig wagon. The grot then leaped out of the wagon by the skin of his teeth and started yelling with his tiny voice the instructions that the dakkiest nob had just given him)
  10. Krol'jas Krol Subordinate

    "Vixen! Get me me Dakka! Dat new shiny one you'z made!" Krol'jas shouted, Vixen, the only 'grot' allowed at the meeting of Nobz. She nodded and ran off, her hair flittering about as she bobbed up and down. Krol'jas smirked, lifting up a handful of dirt, throwing it into the air. "Al'righ'! Da boss put me in charge of dis battle, since 'e's back up in da ship gettin' ready for us! Thrakka! I'z wantin' you an' ya' Lootaz an' Flash Gitz doin' what you'z do best, lay down da DAKKA! 'amma-'ead! You'z gonna take ya boyz ovah from da left side! Thumpa! You'z goin' from da right! Stomp-gutz! Take ya dreads an' Kanz an' go back round from da trees! An' da rest of ya', you'z followin' me RIGH' UP DA MIDDLE!!!" Krol'jas yelled.

    "Dis' 'ere... is gonna be a righ' an' propah WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!"
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