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5v5 Tournament

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. jbregg jbregg Dev QA

    I want to record this / possibly stream it and I do not have access to the tools needed while at home.

    It needs to be during the week. Which is why I wrote those dates. A match is 15-20 mins it's not an all day thing, easily doable.
  2. jbregg jbregg Dev QA


    Something like this is what I'd like to do as reward. Keep in mind this is still not approved or anything - but I don't think there will be a problem since these assets are already in game.

    Text and color would be up to the winners.

    PS: Before Eldar peeps go "wtf where is our campaign shoulder if you can make this." I just figured this out. I'm going to make one and we'll have a campaign giving them out. Better late then never?
  3. But for one match, you need all 10 participants to not be at work, to be able to play EC then (i.e. Not at like 2am on a weekday where they are), and you to be at work
  4. I want one!
    Just out of pure curiosity, how long does it take to make something like that?
  5. CoLINn CoLINn Recruit

    LSM Bro (assuming the dates can't be moved) : Biohazard, Aeter, Tissemand, Blocka, Colin, Blakwolf, Xcomer, and Isacc
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  6. Deathwish Deathwish Well-Known Member

    What if Nathan left you the keys to the office for the weekend?
  7. Deathwish Deathwish Well-Known Member

    ROFL! KEEP "SLOPPY" on it! This would look great on an Ork! A looted ''omie shoulder!
  8. jbregg jbregg Dev QA

    Can you reply with your line up please :)
  9. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    @jbregg why MoK team still not in the roster?
  10. jbregg jbregg Dev QA

    No guild name or Characters listed?

    Anyone can say "US!!" then not show. If you're in I want to make sure you have a team ready.

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