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40k:ec Wishlist

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Krage, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. skornich Active Member

    i wana see stronK team play...many armors tanks etc. i want to see heavy pvp maps.and some awesome pve ins.
  2. SemperDie SemperDie New Member

    I'd like to see a character creation tool released. Allowing users to create their SM/CSM/Ork/Eldar/? characters' looks and details, and save them to import into game when it's time for release (or beta). It give us all something to chew on for hours while we wait for launch, and save time getting into battle come launch.
    I know it's been done in a few games, most recently FFXIV.
  3. Unglory Unglory Subordinate

    Fortifations: on large and small scales
    Automatic resource accumulation: different areas/cities/mines/whatever your faction controls will automaticly produce resources for you: think that the population is working/slaved to your cause and supporting your war effort
    NPC allies: who wants to babysit a terroirity thats away from the action all day? Because its tactically sound? Pfft, there are things to kill! SM have Guardmen or Scouts that auto show in after a certain time to defend an area (in a porportion equal to that of the size/importance of the area). 2 chaos squads walk into a town, stand around for 5 minutes and capture it, then walk away. Sounds more like a bad joke then a good game! Grots, Cultists, Imperial Guard, Guardians. All NPC, all as defenders ( not everywhere mind you, just places that warrent protection; areas that produce X amount of resource and above, in scale)
    Additions to fortifications: defended that area for a whole three weeks sucessfully? Heres your trench line! Oh that fortress has been yours for for two months? Enjoy some fixed up walls and maybe a turret or three.
    Weapons that fit the class: Space Marine did rather well with this. Heavy Bolter? Congrats on being slow, turning fast is over rated right?.... right?! Same with Melee weapons, good balance with the weapons speeds when compiaring say the Thunder Hammer and Chain Sword
    Enviromental damage: two meaings; 1. You can damage some parts of the enviroment.(some cover is distructable) 2. Enviroment can damage some parts of you. (weather conditions, stroms, 'nids, etc.)
    Different huds based on your race and/or class and/or subfaction: Not my idea. Would definately be cool for even just say the DA and Space Wolves to have different Huds to represent different Cultures/Chapters. Same goes for all races, could make for some very interesting looks and make it fit the fluff even more.
    Limited shop where you can buy mostly customization items: it makes sense to sell the option for Wargear too (yes yes i know, no pay to win) and the Dev's have already been quoated they might do this with a 20% decress in said bought items' stats. Balance to this? Allow those people who dont pay regular bills to buy or upgrade if they want to, but at a 20% stat reduction until they unlock it naturaly though the game. (could still happen faster with better weapons but more on pace with regular players)
    An area to test Squad vs Squad and 1vs1 tactics: Training halls, arenas, policital "debates" call it what you will!
    Only four Factions!: Woah! Calm down, i dont mean dont include other races, i really hope they do (Tau's next, deal with it). I hope they keep it at four. I would say any more then four-five Factions at a time will dilute the player pool and spred the population too much. Change the four factions every campain (or one every campain) and give the players the option to help pick which race(s) will be in next with a vote (final choice being the Dev's of course). You get the players involved in the direction of the game, can make a signifgant change every 3,6,9 months (new campains/planets) and will attract new players when they hear that their race is coming (back) to the game! Once all the races have been done ("balanced", organized, and whatever techno-data magic is programed) then its just a swaping process. As excited as everyone is to get a hold of this game, why not add features that will keep players from getting bored?
    Seiges: I seem to like my fortifcations, so why not be able to blow em' up and make new ones! Massive battles involving defenders manning some ruined fixed emplacements and an attacking army going toe to toe for control of an area.
    Cover: When i heard one of the games they may be basing this game on was Gears of War i got rather excited (and not in the Slaanesh kind of way). I understand Space Marines are armoured super soilders geneticly engineeired for battle, but they dont use cover, ever? Gears of War had an awesome cover system, including being able to use their strength/agility to vault over obstacles. Your really telling me that Space Marine, that vertran of thousands of battles and hundreds of years old, has to walk around that knee high wall? Really??
    Guild options: Decided to join a guild thats more organized and can do more for your faction then just random players or the ocassional group of friends? Heres your comlimentry Battle Barge! Your guild captures a fortress? Your guild banner flies above it. You win battle honors or accomplish the impossiable? The world hears about it. A game like this almost demands a higher level of organization (not looking at you Chaos) why not reward players for it, without effecting balance?
    Cool down times and limited numbers: Not all armouries have massive stockpiles of all wepons and all vehicles (regardless of how hard you work those poor innocent Mek-Boyz) Each faction only has... say 10 tanks/equvilant. All have a cool down of say.... 3 hours and need approval of a higher level of leadership/can only be used in certain areas/ need to be unlocked or gain a high enough rep or experiance to be able to operate. This isnt World of Tanks (not that i would mind) this is about Infantry and support tearing into each other. Tanks and Heavy Tanks are valuable and should have that shock and awe power when you see them. ("Is that a..." BOOM "....yeah, yeah thats a tank")
    Dreadnoughts: Because i want one.
    Tournaments: Hmmmm, aparently Khorne just sucked up all the players/Guilds/Factions that applied for this Tournament into his realm. Fight for his favour! And he just might let you leave with your soul, and the spoils.
    Introduction/Victory scenes: DoW2 (Dawn of War 2) Did very well with this concept of a quick, visually impressive video that set the stage at the begining or ending of the campain. If i fight for three months, seeing some kind of vicotry scene for my faction could be cool. Hell even make it playable and add another week to play while you set up for the next campain, ill gladly stroll around the planet with some Titans to pass the time while we mop things up. Which leads me to....
    Titans!: Not to play, the scale would be too destructive and massive. But say visable in the distance battling it out with another Titan? Or as a mingame/dungeon where the goal is to fight for control of a single Titan (more then big enough to fight inside of even with a 3rd person view. Refence that Gears of war game (2?) where you fight in a giant worm.)

    I think thats prob good for now lol, this game has so much potential that its hard not to list an eye watering amount of ideaso_O
  4. kloikju kloikju Member

    Just one wish, don't make marines squishy.
    They have that power armor for a reason, it should be able to take a lot of punishment.


    Now for some fan fantasy cause I know it can't happen :)
    Strategist option for chapters in a battle, where one person would have an overview of the battlefield like in rts game and could coordinate attack and issue orders to teams on the field. Basically it would be like DoW2 game for him only he could not actually control squads just coordinate them. Lets say he's a commander in a orbiting battlebarge overviewing the action on the planet surface. :cool:
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  5. I want half the maps to be set in heavy industrial or urban areas. I want to fight in the ruins of cities.
  6. The Big Bear TheBear Subordinate

    I would like to see flamers, meltagun, Dreadnought
  7. DroppMan Active Member

    My wishlist? For this game to come out as soon as possible. Period.

    Buuuuttttt......I also want them to make a battlefleet gothic MMO.

    Aaaannnndddd.......all my friends to play Chaos

    With Renegade and Plague Ogryn maybe? maybe?
  8. *Thinks about the idea of a plague ogryn*
    Holy Emperor, that's horrible! Kill it, kill it with fire!
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  9. BafuD BafuD Subordinate

    While balancing the player level difference so low level players can kill higher level players is good, I still want that higher level players can feel alot more powerful trough hard-earned gear, not because you do more dps because of your level regardless of gear.

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