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40k:ec Wishlist

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Krage, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    yeah, i loved the weapons stuff in space marine... it was a fun game
  2. Sysphus Member

    I hope that the bolt guns feel good like they did in Space Marine. They need big explosions and to rip things to shreds.
  3. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    one problem with space marine for me (the only one really), it seemed like only about 1/10 of the bolts i fired actually exploded, have the bolt-making techniques gotten worse?
  4. Sysphus Member

    The Heretics must be tampering with the bolts.
  5. Anshar Anshar Master

    Warlock melee class, all of my money for this.
  6. Chaos terminator armor with autocannon ,heavy flamer , chain axe or lightning claws
    have the ability to customize armor
    emotes XD god id love to see that
    dreadnoughts for both CSM and for the loyalists whelps
    power weapons
    titans! <:D
  7. I'd love to the capability to upgrade areas, with either resource production, vehicle production, fortification ectra.
  8. Kakuzo New Member

    No clipping!

    ...What I mean is that you will not be able to run through enemy players.
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  9. In MMOs collision tends to be incredibly buggy.
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  10. Kakuzo New Member

    I can still wish for it ;)
    Besides, I think Warhammer Online had this, and it seemed to work fine.

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