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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Azurose, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Azurose Azurose Member

    I have read the blood angels book , the 2 space wolf omnibi, the 2 ultramarine omnibi, 1 grey knight omnibus, and i think most the gaunts ghosts omnibi. I was looking for a 40k book that gave history of the chapters n such but i have no idea where it is or what its called.
  2. Pauleh Pauleh Subordinate

    Horus Heresy gives you background details for most of the chapters which end up been referenced in 40k novels.
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  3. You're probably looking for the Index Astartes reference books. No novel really discusses all chapter histories.
  4. Azurose Azurose Member

    Goood goood, thank you for the references !
  5. Anshar Anshar Master

    The First Heretic - Word Bearers
    Betrayer - World Eaters

    those two are pretty good.
  6. Read the entire Horus Heresy book series. Lots of fluff and history there.
  7. Vinryk_Ironwolf Vinryk_Ironwolf Arkhona Vanguard

    I have yet to read a bad 40k novel. I have enjoyed them all so far. Really love the ones by abnett the most.
  8. Delred Member

    Although not exactly what you were asking about I'm still going to say the following:

    I'd recommend both the Eisenhorn and Ravener trilogy's, both series are written by the excellent Dan Abnett as part of his larger Inquisition trilogy, the third and last section to it is being written now actually. They are some of the best 40k books out there (the best in my opinion)
  9. Anshar Anshar Master

    The second half of the first BA omnibus felt like a chore to read, Flight of Eisenstein was slow as well, ADB and Abnett are pretty much consistently on track, Gav Thorpe, Ben Counter, and Graham McNeill are usually solid as well.
  10. Savage Shark Forum Beta Tester

    The Horus Heresy novels and audio dramas are best examples I can think of to help you there.

    You can even read through some of the board game Codex books for Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines. At the start they each give a story into the lore of how they were formed and how they are organized by Chapter, Company and squad.

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