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40k Audio Clips And Soundboards

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Krage, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. Krage Krage Prefectus

    When you open the link just click on the quotes and the audio clip will run, pretty great of these guys to make this stuff :)

    Space Marine Soundboard:

    Chaplain Soundboard:

    Dreadnaught Soundboard:

    Terminator Soundboard:

    Gabriel Angelos Space Marine Soundboard:

    Davian Thule Soundboard:

    Imperial Guard Soundboard:

    Commissar Soundboard:

    Priest Soundboard:

    Psyker Soundboard:

    Enginseer Soundboard:

    Chaos Space Marine Soundboard:

    Chaos Raptors soundboard:

    Aspiring Champion soundboard:

    Heretic Soundboard:

    Cultist Soundboard:

    Chaos Lord Soundboard:

    Khorne Berserker Soundboard:

    Flash Gitz Soundboard:

    Killa Kan Soundboard:

    Eldar Bonesinger Soundboard:

    If you guys find anymore post em to share the noise!!!
  2. Man I loved these links!
  3. Wanay Wanay Subordinate

    Some time ago I had this idea...
    ...there is a rising trend in game development lately to allow the community to create some of the game's content (ie. UNITY assets in Wasteland2; EQNext: Landmark etc.). I think it could be used in Wh40k:EC as well, especially in the audio department.
    I suppose, there will be some hot-keyed vocal commands you can use on the battlefield (attack, retreat, cover, help, waagh, taunt...). It would be nice there will be a lot of variability (in voice modulation, not in the content), so not every space marine would sound the same...or there are just 5 variants...its too few.
    bEHAVIOUR could release the text of say 5-10 phrases per faction they will use in these commands, and let the community created them (of course, with some requested quality parameters). I suppose, they will get hunderts submissions per faction. Then they can select 30 of the best ones, remaster a bit if needed and put them in game. In this scenario, we would get not 10, but 40 voice modulations we can choose from at the start of the game. On top of that, bE will have some free man-power for the audio development - to create the nice voices and phrases to put in the cash shop after the launch.
    The selected authors can get some forum badge, few cash shop coins to start with, or a honorary mention somewhere.

    What do you think? Is this idea even technically possible?
  4. Kaldor Draigo Kaldor-Draigo Well-Known Member

    Sweet collection!
  5. Krage Krage Prefectus

    It be cool if they had some voice modulation, dunno how far they can take it, but it be great as long as it keeps a high quality audio.

    I've mentioned something similar before, that I would like to see a commo rose just for taunts and prerecorded messages like on the soundboard. Some would come with the class and other more flavorful ones can be purchased from the game cash shop (Another non-p2w item)

    So say you have the common stuff like Attack/Defend Objective, Ammo, etc..but then you have 4 slots to put whatever you want in it.

    Maybe even let us tie certain audio packs to our character, like buying in bulk, that would replace the generic character sound effects like hitting, getting hit, voice type when calling out basic commands, etc.

    Anyhoo I am all for customization and audio always gets the short end the stick, and yeah it would be great for player submitted audio clips for the store :)
  6. Wanay Wanay Subordinate

    Yes, I envision similar system you are talking about. But there has to be of course some system to prohibit spamming the battlefield enviroment with the voice messages polution.
    Even once per minute seems too much, if you imagine you will have probably 100 people in your hearing distance in big battles - that could turn out to >1 voice message per second...:confused:
  7. Know the ARMA franchise?!

    They have a system of communication channels that can be easily touched by the player, such as squad, squad leaders, commander, vehicles, all, your side, player near by.... .Thats for VOIP and text chat.

    Might be a good implementation by DEV.:cool:
  8. Wanay Wanay Subordinate

    Yes, but if you want to taunt the enemies shouting "FOR THE EMPEROR" in their xenos faces, how would you make it still situational usefull and immersion-building, but non-spamable and not overused to the point of immersion-breaking (or the people will just mute it in the audio menu)...
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  9. I agree with yout!! :rolleyes:

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