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3rd Heavy Support Group

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Kalma, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Kalma Kalma Subordinate

    The 3rd is a group that aims to bring together veteran MMO players that have participated in organized play for years and newbies that just want to fight for The Emperor. This group is intended to be a reinforcement group that will give any major attack the muscle and brains to get the job done.

    If you can't grasp some basic concepts such as "Fire Bad" and "Out of ammo, shadows very scary" then please join us we need some fodder/scouts. Everyone has a use even if its not obvious at first in this group. We can find uses even for those guys. We stick them very far forward maybe right next to the enemy or some allied group that we are annoyed with that day and the problem solves itself.

    Be social talk and play other games with people as often as you can.
    We aim to play together as much as we can but we also understand that people have jobs and IRL shit to get done.

    Once the ball gets rolling with EC knowledge of your role will be required as well as time to figure out what other roles are capable of. Officers spots will require you to have time available for officer chats and your designated task.(recruiting, liason or useful tasks)

    Please list if you prefer PvE and or PvP it will help give us an idea on what the groups major focus will be.
  2. Kalma Kalma Subordinate

    Also be open to experiences with chaos. Even The Emperor hates those vanilla types.
  3. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Interesting would you be interested in a Tech and Strategy specialist who works over PVE due to erratic schedule?
  4. Kalma Kalma Subordinate

    Sure man, Always great to have another person that understands erratic schedules. I'm looking forward to seeing what vehicle choices they give us, how bout you?
  5. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Yea but more I'm a repair and weapon choice thing. I'm hoping for tech marines in a full harness in the future. Meaning a flamer, twin linked plasma cutter, and whatever hand held weapon at once.
  6. Kalma Kalma Subordinate

    That sounds extremely exciting going to need alot of tech marines for this group.
  7. Fastball Fastball New Member

    I'm up for the job. Enjoy both PvP and PvE as long as my heavy bolter shells are exploding heretics and xenos alike. Shoot me an email with more details on organization
  8. ChewerOfGum ChewerOfGum Subordinate

    I'd be interested in joining up as well, playing as whatever the situation demands, I wouldn't really mind, unless I really fall in love with one class or the other. Like the guy above, please send me an email on some more details at (Don't mind the name)

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