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Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by merry_mac, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. merry_mac Recruit

    So the lack of any non-Imperium scenery inspired me to sit down and have a go at modelling some bits and pieces from across the 40k universe.

    I'm a fan for the Eldar so I had a go at copying one of Jess Goodwin's concepts for Eldar buildings. It needs quite a lot of refinement but I have the shapes!


    I also tried to make a defence tower type thing too today. Loads of work left to do on this!


    I figured as it would be a structure on a planet it'd be either a Maiden or Crone world so the tech left behind may be really old. Hence the 2nd Edition(?) D-Cannon currently mounted on the tower. Going to add chips, breaks and foliage to this to make it look old and forgotten.
  2. I would love to see this in game, I'm tired of all the imperial shit
  3. It's an Imperial World sooooo....probably not going to see anything else on it heh.

    Is this supposed to be for game use or just modeling use? I like it so far, nice and smooth, just wondering what the intents were(not that it would necessarily be in the game).
  4. merry_mac Recruit

    The maps do feel really bland at the moment and lack a lot of character which is a pity considering.

    I was reading that the Eldar seeded many worlds before the birth of man with the intention of returning to them once they had terraformed naturally, but humans came wandering through the galaxy, saw these lovely fertile worlds and settled on them. So it could be one of the Eldar Maiden Worlds long since abandoned or forgotten.
    It's for my own amusement really. I was wondering how Eldar buildings for the game may look and had a go at creating one.
    It would have an elevator or grav lift up the middle allowing players to travel to the landing pad level (which would also be the height for flying units to jump to) and then a fixed gun emplacement on the upper level like the quad guns found in current maps.
  5. it is an imperial world, but won't stop other armies from setting up camp on it- don't Eldar just web way gate their shit on to a planet anyway? I don't know

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