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30k vs. 40k

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Alexander99, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Alexander99 Steam Early Access

    Ok so im a older 40k player...i started i think back in edition 3...and i stopped for a couple years while i was active duty marine. So my question is, how different is 30k to 40k in terms of rules and how its played. and since im a Blood Angels player can my models be played in 30k? or would i have to buy all older mk sets and dreads and such to use?
  2. 30K is mainly SM on SM battles, though there are army lists and rules for Imperial Knights, Mechanicum, A stormtrooper-esque force, Cult armies, and militia forces for the Imperium (which you can use to create an Imperial Beastmen army, or even Squats, amongst others).

    It is well balanced, mainly because of SM fighting SM, and operates differently to 40K in a number of ways.
    But you will still need a current 40K Rulebook.

    As for models, there have always been counts-as ones, as people have been building Horus Heresy and Pre-Heresy armies for over a decade.

    If you have any Beakie models, they work for the Siege of the Palace.
    As for your other marks of armour, it all depends on when youset it, but you will still beable to kitbash with modern plastics.
    But a full-on 40K BA army in 30K will be hard to explain. Especially when 30K has access to weapons like the Volkites.
  3. Alexander99 Steam Early Access

    mmh ok ty...then that means when i build my Salamnder ally army for 40k ill build them set up like a 30k army...mostly at least.
  4. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    If you're just playing with friends, I don't see a problem with using 40k stuff in 30k. We do it all the time because we aren't made of money.

    The rules are way better for each individual legion. Like, they feel like forces with character.
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  5. Alexander99 Steam Early Access

    so question...cuz lore wise the black rage/red thirst did exist even during the time of the there a death company or anything equivalent in 30k?
  6. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    Well, it did exist to an extent but not as much as after Sanguinius died. I haven't read the Blood Angels rules so I don't know what units they get specifically. I looked over them on 1d4chan, and it looks like they don't have units yet. Probably will get released in the Signus Prime book, whichever that may be
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  7. Alexander99 Steam Early Access

    sweet i shall keep my eyes open for it...all i know is even if i dont end up playing 30k i will be buying the Sanguinius model cuz well...its freaking sanguinius lol
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  8. Necroledo Necroledo Well-Known Member

    Since we're on the subject, mind if I ask about the legality of having a few Mechanicum (30k) units in a 40k army of Skitarii/Cult Mechanicus? I would love to start a 40k AdMech army, but I'd love to have a Thanatar Siege Automata.
  9. 30K has specialist units and weapons not widely available in 40K.
    The Death Company in 40K may have been the Destroyer Squads in 30K. And you are probably now wondering what Destroyer Squads are.

    Destroyers are an elite unit of 5 to 10 marine (1 Sgt, 4 to 9 Destroyer Marines), armed with 2 bolt pistols, Chainsword or Combat Blade, Frag, Krak and Rad Grenades.

    Notice the Rad grenades.
    They can also take other similar weapons that are considered so damaging to the environment they are only meant to be used when you want to destroy everything and 'Salt The Earth'!

    What is a Tactical Squad in 40K is a Veteran Tactical Squad in 30K, with your basic Tact Squad in 30K being 10 to 20 Marines all with Boltguns, but you can give the sergeant other weapon choices.

    Assault Squads are also 10 to 20 guys, but are a basic Troop choice.

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg with Tactical Support Squads, Recon Squads (think scouts in power armour), Seeker Squads, Praetors and Centurions, plus an FOC that is somewhat different to 40K.

    Your main impediment is the fact they seem not to have done Blood Angels yet, so you will have to use the basic HH army list.

    Well Castellax and Kastelans are just two variants of the same unit.
    I don't know if theres anything similar to a Thanatar in the Skitarii/Cult Mechanicum Codexes (or will exist in the rumoured forthcoming Adeptus Mechanicus Codex). I don't even know if there is a FW rulebook with 40K rules for their Mechanicum units. But even if there isn't you might be able to proxy a Thanatar as either a Dreadknight or Imperial Knight ally.

    Then again, in friendly games you might just be able to use a Thanatar as a Thanatar, or have a detachment of allied 30K Mechanicum for your 40K AdMech.
  10. Alexander99 Steam Early Access

    tou my friend have made me regret asking this question cuz now i want to play 30k as well but thats sooo much money...damnit lol

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