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23 games lost in a row.

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Kageshira, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Ryan Gosling RyanG Steam Early Access

    it's not the developers job to make players get good.

    and this is for you, op.


    try not to get frustrated over loss of control in a random chaotic environment and then project that shit onto complete strangers, or loved ones, etc etc, ok?

    Just focus on what you can control, like your own performance. If the objectives presented are impossible for you, create your own objectives and have fun. Don't get frustrated, get good.
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  2. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    Funny thing is alot pugs from all factions are clueless, even after playing the game for months. Cept orks...orks rule.

    I was playing eldar a few days ago and ended up with us attacking on medusa or torias. Everyone zeroed and took b....and that was it. They all sat there the whole game and defended one point. Me and a couple other vets kept explaining to everyone that we needed to take a point, but there would be 5 of us trying to assault a point against 10 enemies. Only so much skill can do against numbers, especially as flimsy eldar.

    This is way I play orks mainly now. If I lose it feels like I'm role playing, cause orkses are Neva beaten in battle!! Seriously, I can lose as an ork and feel fine. As an eldar or other faction I feel way more competitive. Maybe that's why orks always do so well even when outnumbered...they play the game like its a game.
  3. Dawnblade LeonFaurent Arkhona Vanguard

    I agree with this entirely. But I suspect new players (or just constantly unskilled players like myself) just want to be Spess Muhrines!
  4. That's the long and short of it, then you have others that want to be giant space crusaders because they like that aesthetic, rather than fight for evil, be a twink or try to squeeze rocks and see if any fun drips out.
  5. Kulminax Recruit

    24 in a row is some crazy bad luck. Personally to try and help the situation I'm going to try and spend more time in the LSM garrison, maybe put 10 minutes a day in or something. There were actually a few new players there last night who were asking questions and trying to git gud.
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  6. Dice DicersonWH40k Subordinate

    I find that getting on voice chat and acting like a commander is pretty effective. Don't yell, insult, or talk angrily. Speak with force, confidence, and security in knowing your shit (If you know your shit that is, if you don't know your shit don't do this! PLEASE!). Talk strategically if you have to, but keep things short and sweet (you don't want to talk people's ears off with strategery). Assess the situation, how many squads do you have, are any of them led by competent people? IF so, communicate with them, get them to move marks around. Type in the chat as well as speaking in voice. Order specific squads around.

    Lots of people play LSM to be a Space Marine, while many play just to run around and shoot shit, don't worry about them. You'll never change them, they are what they are and its impossible to rectify (Luckily every faction has at least a few of them). Instead, work with those that do listen, who are there to be Space Marines who listen to orders and act as part of a coordinated unit. If all goes well, and if you get *Really* lucky, the others might just follow suit.

    I cannot tell you how many games I've turned around and won because of vocal coordination, even when I am the only one talking.
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  7. Kageshira Kageshira Active Member

    "For the love of Guilliman, do not destroy the gates!!"
    "Lol, f*ck you, I do what I want"
    Two games like this yesteraday. 15 minutes and 230 tickets for the opponents. Undoable.

    You can't win against stupidity. In fact, nerf Stupidity, too OP.

    Edit: DicersonWH40k, sorry, been in lots of games in where people did that, half the team still didn't care and went their merry way to do whatever was possible that made us lose faster. I started doing what people recommended me in this thread, be a lone wolf, care not about the winning and only about my targets and objectives, if I see a competent team trying to win I join them and help them, but if not, I don't care. I get less extressed this way.

    Edit2: Dunno if a joke or what, but I'm finding a batch of "new" players (at least they claim they're new, less than a week) in so far 7 games, it's funny because they do the opposite of what vets tell them and they type stuff like "well, I've been playing this game for 3 days and eldar are OP", "well, I've been playing this game for 5 days and LSM are UP, we don't have sh*t". So my question, is this a meme? posts are too similar to not be something planned ahead
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  8. It seems to me that most new players to EC tend to jump right into LSM roles. And by that I mean they think this is Counter Strike and that they can run around alone and wipe the enemy off the map. And that's just not so. I recently started a CSM character to go with my three LSM, just to try it out...and the CSM do not suffer from the same 'hero complex' LSM seem to have. Same as the Orks and Eldar from what I can see...they stick together and fight using their squads as singular units.

    LSM do not. And they don't listen. No matter what it seems. Makes me wish future LSM would try CSM first to see how its done...bring that style to LSM. Because it works.
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  9. Ryan Gosling RyanG Steam Early Access

    the problem is that good players don't want to be a part of a zerg, and they certainly don't like outpopping the other team for their wins.

    so they play other factions.

    And since good players are still a minority, they're still outnumbered by 3 million different name combinations of "robutte guyweed" and "racknar blackwolf"

    So then they leave to go play something else.
    And the zerg complains they're not winning
    and the zerg is complaining about having nobody to fight
    and then instead of switching factions they leave

    and the cycle continues,
    and the pop gets smaller,
    and smaller,
    and smaller,

    and now I hear people are even starting to complain about not having enough people to start a game as a regular occurance.

    That's the terminal event right there.

    damn shame. You only get one steam launch. I guess they could cut a deal with microsoft and go console only.
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  10. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    It's simple, people flock to LSM, thus faction player count numbers are much higher but at the same time lots more "bad" players.

    EC critically needs ways to incentivize playing other factions, or straight up penalizing playing the most populated one(s), especially since the matchmaking balance lately has been atrocious.
    The game used to have (back in earlier alpha) a notification for "a lot of players playing this faction now, queue-times will be long, click to play another faction", and it should be added back.

    Even something as simple as "daily/weekly/faction quests" would be a small start to it.
    - Play 10 matches as Eldar
    - Play 10 matches as Orks
    - Play 10 matches as Chaos
    - Play 10 matches as LSM
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