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23 games lost in a row.

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Kageshira, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    At first, I thought that was the reason.

    "LSM lost because I'm just that bad a player."
    "Eldar win because they carry me."

    But than I'm usually top 5-6 in score with the elves, so am I really that bad? With LSM I'm usually in the middle of the score board. With Orks its the same as LSM, but slighty better score.

    So what conclusion should I draw from this?

    Are LSM that weak?
    Are LSM that stupid?
    Are Eldar stronger?
    Are Eldar better teamplayers?
    Are Orks weak?
    Are Orks hampered by the exodus of players?

    Orks used to win a lot more a few months ago, and I certainly did not get worse as an Ork. Did the average ork skill level dip so low? Was it the kannon nerf?

    Mind, even loudmouth elves can be stupid.

    We take B and C easily. If we hold them, victory is assured. What do my fellow pointy ears do? ZERG RUSH A FOR MOAR XP! LSM won by 10seconds after they managed to cap B for a minute. I congratulated the marines and called the derpelf team noobs.
  2. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    There are your answeres
  3. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    Maybe you score better with Eldar because they suit your own personal play style better?
    Especially if you are a melee guy,Eldar imo is the only faction where melee works,well its the only faction I'm good at melee with anyway.

    Being top of the board isn't always an indication of skill though,it could be something as simple as your squad lead marked the points and the others didn't thus propelling your squad to the top.
  4. upload_2017-6-14_0-47-49.jpeg
    You need to find yourself a girl mate.
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  5. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Or a guy if you bend that way
    Props if he/she also shares your hobby.
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  6. Warlords with their complete set of UI, map and leadership tools and incentives for players to listen/follow orders would do wonders for EC.


    -"Terminators for the first 3 players to spawn a Rhino for their squad and deploy it next to an objective"
    -"Heavy flamers or Combi weapon x3 uses each per one match for the first 3 players that destroy an enemy Transport."

    Also an actual squad leader class that can be unlocked at level 7, with a full arsenal of squad only buffs and squad support actions(artillery, close air support, mortars, poison gas, smoke screen, summon fog, shrouded, squad teleport, aerial resupply drops, squad Thunderhawk that picks up squad at one objective and drops the off at another) and again, a full suite of UI and map tools to help experienced players herd the cats would take EC's squad based game play to a whole new level.
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  7. Shivan Active Member

    sigh. It disturbs me that this "omg LSM players are, like, the WORST, ya'know? Like, totally." is still continuing.

    I signed on to the game for the first time in a month, and instead of joining LSM as usual, I went chaos for giggles.

    And what did I see on Maggon Station, on assault? People spawning at A, not going after the objective, not taking out or protecting vehicles , and otherwise being derps.

    LSM does not hold a monopoly or even a particularly wide margin on newbs or uncoordination as much as you would all like to believe.

    What do I believe?

    I believe the game has been, and will likely remain, trash. Not garbage - that's yard waste. Trash.

    Which is why I've finally uninstalled the game. It took PUBG to knock some sense back into me that there are other games, shooters that are actually fun. GG. Shivan out.
  8. Whenever I've solo played LSM I've never had a problem getting a good score. The issue has always been that the maybe 4 other good randoms on the team and I can't win the entire match ourselves. Nor should we be able to. An objective based game is never about getting the most kills, it helps but it doesn't necessarily win you the match if your not actually collecting the points that do win you the match.
  9. Also if I could redesign the game I would like to see the Tactical be an attacker/buffer in the same way the Apothecary is a attacker/support. Instead of heal kit/ammo kit they could equip a group buff (Codex) that would have a cool down when used and short duration but would do things like increase sprint speed (for charges or retreats), immunity to suppression, or gives all weapons a suppression effect.
  10. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    Tacs are fine as they are. They could do AI/AV depending on the load out and could cap points.
    Something Valrak did say well, "Tacs are for winning the game. All other classes are there to support it."
    They are not meant to be so good that they become the only thing someone would play, but a capping unit that could hold its own and not get mawed down like weeds.
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