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23 games lost in a row.

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Kageshira, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Khrook Thorndal Firebrand

    Enough said. Short, if 30 Vets stomping 30 Noobs, no GG because my upper posting.
  2. You know getting my 40 wins, i have seen both sides say gg all the time. Somehow i doubt everyone who plays this game is a sailor who serve in the navy with a man named Davy. That and i'm petty sure a lobby shooter is not a moba. A moba all ways brings together the worst people possible in mass number. Other game genres combine would not have as much salt as a single moba.

    That and if we go with the common idea space marines or fair number of them don't have brains. Unless someone has proof of them begging about their kills during the game. It seems doubtful they press tab. That and game can start with one side out numbered and by the end it end up with even numbers at the end. Which happen with many ork games i played. We would start out numbered but by the end of the game numbers would be even. So unless someone has been tabbing in and out every now and then for the whole game, they might of not notice the changes which happen from start to finish or might of join later on when it seem like it was a even match. Which if someone allows the game to auto scroll, it takes about at least what 10 15 secs to see the players on both sides? So saying it right after a match ends, might not be out of malice but a lack of game awareness. At least if we are going by the idea space marine = not very bright and have no idea how to play the game. For it to be out of malice wouldn't they need to know something about the game and not lack any or all game knowledge?

    Which speaking of these 40 games. Space marines and Eldar were the worst. Most painful. With Eldar seeming to get better later on in the day, what are you sun elves or something? With Space marines being random no matter the time of day. Chaos was pointy and spikey. Orks was super bloody easy next to everyone else. The rest of you need to paint your self green or paint your weapons red. You are making things two easy.
  3. Shiozaki Shiozaki Steam Early Access

    I had used to think it was X faction is X amount of overpowered... But I just can't even say that any more. I have at least (From the time I started to keep track, not even joking on this part.) 45 losses in a row on my LSM since Friday. I won... Lets see. 4 matches And all of them in a row this morning. And that was only because we outnumbered the Ork/Eldar 2-1 on the maps back to back. I came back from lunch...

    You guess it. Started my loss streak again... Up to 15 now and have both given up on my (Rank 4, nearly 5) Space wolf and even went so far as to delete him and his progress, due to not caring any more. And It pains me to say it, but I am not a Traitor convert. I have, give or take a few %. A near 50/50 win-loss ratio. Followed closely by the Ork. (I don't touch Eldar, and refused to play against them when I did play LSM.)

    I know this is just more sodium for the salt god, but I just have to say this is not a isolated incident. It's player wide! Everyone who joins LSM has the whole Gung-ho nature and for all I know, they must not understand literacy or be able to read/comprehend simple words, or are just down right vile players that wish to ruin the game for others. Those types of players need to be rounded up, and placed in their own segregated matches. That way they can enjoy their own gamestyle, and the rest of us can enjoy our normal game. I admit I am not a good player, just mediocre, but even I see that it is the majority of the players just playing for the fluff, and not for the actual game itself.


    With 45 matches lost in a row, it is CONFIRMED LSM has the "Not so bright" players that plague it's ranks. I have never, EVEN WHEN I TRIED, just to see if it was possible, could I lose 45 matches in a row as CSM or ORK. My worst was 5... Yes, 5 in a row, before being replaced by around 3-5 good matches. IT is not the game that is bad, it's the players... "THOSE" players....
  4. CSM - 28 wins
    ORK - 12 wins
    ELDAR - 12 wins
    LSM - 3 wins

    Maybe I got lucky and got carried for 30 winning matches.

    EDIT: Updating the numbers since I've logged in. The third LSM win was a match I got thrown in at the end iirc.
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  5. Shiozaki Shiozaki Steam Early Access

    Getting carried for 30 matches is quite a coincidence. I am not saying it 'could' happen. But highly unlikely. You or you and the team, both had good skill... Me... I got no skill... I just get lucky...
  6. Who gives a damn how it's used in MOBAs? It's a crapshoot of a genre with a population so toxic they apparently think saying Good Game is an insult. It's a subset of gaming culture and should left to rot in its own corner. Dawn of War tried to emulate MOBAs and look how that worked out.

    No. That shitshow doesn't decide what GG means.
  7. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    The whole Moba genre is one of the worst things that happent to gaming.
  8. Sarvari Sarvari Member

  9. To be honest I'm more Impressed that you stuck around for 23 consecutive games when you were losing each one. try to take breaks when your on a losing streak, it helps you calm down and puts you in with a different team when you get back on. shuffle things up a little.

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