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2014 40k Rumors

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by VedaRaVM, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. VedaRa VedaRaVM Prefectus

    The big news is the rumor, first noted by our friends at 40K Radio that Seventh Edition 40K is coming next year. Now that stunned a lot of people and immediately

    From The 40K Radio Facebook page:
    The big 40k rumor is: This summer GW will release 7th edition 40k and 9th edition Fantasy has been shelved, for now.

    And then they added:

    All right before all of you blow us up step back and take a deep breath. This is from the source that have us pictures of the Space Marines and the Codex a month early. Also gave us pics of the Dark Elves which we described accurately a month early. Also gave us the info on the Sentinels of Terra. He also let us know that Nids were in January NOT December like so many other rumors sites predicted. So yeah he has been very accurate with the info he has given us. They way it was explained to us is that 7th Edition will be made to include the new Escalation and Stronghold rules. I would also not be surprised to see the Dataslates added to the main rule book. Yes this is a rumor at this stage so take it with a grain of salt. But then again everything out source has said has come true. Only time will tell. Have a Merry Christmas with your families and don't let this put a knot in your undies.
    Meanwhile, over on Faeit 212: The next edition of 40k will be called 7th, not 6.5 when it drops, but as far as rules go it will be less of a jump than 5th to 6th. The key areas being updated: Interceptor, sky fire, fortifications, lords of war, allies and data slates. As for its release it'll probably be September not "the summer." It's not finished yet, still being tested so anything can happen. The thought behind this edition is to make the game less alpha strike explosive and more "competitive" at all points values (even when including Lords of War), but D weapons outside of apocalypse may see alternate rules. ps Pistols in close combat in 7th

    So, is this merely a compilation of everything we have been seeing come out in supplements, i.e. Escalation, Stronghold Assault, dataslates, etc? It seems so as there are not enough issues that need to be addressed outside of consolidation.

    Tasty Taste over at Blood of Kittens has the scoop.
    Word is coming in that Independent Retailers will be given details on Global Campaign for players to run. With recent job openings for more online and digital staff it looks like GW is moving back to its roots with an Eye of Terror campaign for a new generation.

    More over on Blood of Kittens

    And while we got no new rumors this week, we did get photos!


    More photos here.
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  2. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    Just take my fucking blood, Games Workshop.
  3. I'm pleased about the campaign but seriously? Another edition? Can someone tell GW that an expansion book cannot consist of 2/3 "showcase" of models. The Escalation added pretty much nothing, there's a page in there that basically has the standard force organisation chart but with a Lords of War box added to it.... That's it. All it does is legitimize what we have been able to do independently since the first edition of apocalypse came out. The rest of it is just "showcase", repeats of the Apocalypse rules and a load of mind numbingly simple mission scenarios. That is not £30 worth of book.

    Sorry. Rant over.
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  4. BatBane BatBane Preacher

    More blood.jpg
  5. Unglory Unglory Subordinate

    I really hope this comes out as just a FAQ and is added to all the new books that get printed, and isnt a "new edition" that you need to buy to be current.
    I'm also just trying to keep in mind that these are just rumours, regardless of whatever source its from. Plus this is almost a year away even if its true. If next september this becomes a thing, then ill worry about it then. No reason to stresss about a "maybe" now.
  6. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    i'm sure the 7 edition will come in 2015 or end of 2014.
    Also it will be for sure a digital edition: with a slimmer book edition, not a huge useless rule bible.
  7. Warlord683 Active Member

    As it has been Games Workshops nature of previous editions of 40k and fantasy have been released every 4 years since 2004. Bi-annually releasing both the Warhammer & the 40k editions. So in truth, if anything, the 9th edition Warhammer Fantasy edition is most likely going to be released this year over any other.

    Which is a good thing cause lets face it... magic is so repugnant & broken in 8th that Tournaments have to make up there own rules to keep it in check.

    I would like to see a set number of power dice issued to spell casters, but increase the number of chances they can channel. So if you have a level 4 and a level 2. They are giving 4 power dice & 2 power dice (to a max of 12), and then you have 4 chances to channel magic dice for the level 4, and the level 2 has 2 chances to channel (again, to a max of 12). Same with dispel dice. I think that would definitely balance things out a bit.
  8. Armyghy Armyghy Subordinate

    GW is starting to price me out of the game. I havn't bought a new model in months, and I don't plan to for a long while.
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  9. Hope I don't offend any Americans when I say Bloody American Corporations!
  10. VedaRa VedaRaVM Prefectus

    But GW is a UK Corporation.

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