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Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Zael, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    They told us about the tank-map somewhen in spring/summer 2017.
    They told us about their vehicle-revamp sometime in late summer/fall.
    They told us about the Warlord... I don't even know when. It's been around since launch.
    They told us about the workshop and the new campaign-system approx. 1 month ago.

    It's not like we demand that they deliver something right now.

    We want to be sure that bE delivers AT ALL.

    The problem is that we are waiting and waiting and waiting and bE cannot even tell us how long we are supposed to wait. They have been working on this for months and still have no estimate? I get that it's hard to make an estimate. But no estimate whatsoever???

    Do you remember how the Terminators turned out?

    Nathans first estimate: "Terminators 3 months after launch."
    Nathans second estimate: "bE can do Terminators in 3 months if we do nothing but Terminators."
    I don't even want to know his newest estimate.
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  2. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    They can't even give u a better server so why bother

    If they add tanks and maps, they should also add techmarines and other race mechanics

    see u in dec 2019 0r 2020
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  3. I think you got something wrong. They worked on this months ago. Not for months. I don't know how it didn't get to you, but the dev team right now pretty much consists of only jbregg and pierrick. And those guys are mainly QA learning to do more AFAIK. Probably they get additional devs to fix gamebreaking stuff (NOT balance stuff!!!). But that's about it at the moment, and as long as Nathan won't find someone to pump money into the game this is not gonna change. Not with 1 forum post, not with 1000. Because forum posts don't generate money (usually they just spit at the remaining devs)!
  4. It's all really
    What does it matter! If the devs worked on these things months ago or for months, the point is that it was our understanding that these items were being worked on to be implemented into the game, NOT being worked on for the sake of being able to say they were working on something.

    Since the games inception every bit of information on the development of the game has literally boiled down to some version of, "Ohh hey we are going to do this in the game (XYZ)!" Then a short while later it becomes, "Oh wait we can't do that, just kidding we don't have the manpower/resources/money/etc... will you guys settle for this instead?" This in itself is sketchy, add to it comments like the one Nathan made the other day where he says his team just "disappeared" as it related to implementing a better war party system into the game, and as a player you start to paint yourself a pretty grim picture of this game. It's either a very strong denial on his part or a flat out lie. The question becomes, are these people lying to us, is there any truth in what they say? How long are they going to drag this thing out in front of us and what will they tell us next? Do I continue to spend my hard earned money on a second rate game that will not be getting any better any time soon? I think it's our responsibility to discuss with each other the realities of the game we play, even if we can't change what's happening. This is so that we can make decisions among ourselves about how far we are willing to spend our own money to play this thing. As a community we owe it to ourselves to look out for each other and warn each other about the increasingly predatory practices this company seems to employ against us.
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  5. Fact is, the team worked on a lot of stuff, parts have been shown in streams, parts have been released (maps, skins, goals, ...). And at the time those things have been worked on, the intend was to release them, not just fun and giggles. But it's undeniable that since release the team has lost more and more devs (anyone remember the release pics, how big the team was at that time?!). It looked bad in terms of implementing new stuff when we just had Noah and Chan left as devs, and now even they are gone. This is no secret, to everyone who is here on a half regular basis this should be common knowledge. Sure the intend was to release those things, but when there is no one left who could develop/finish those things it's impossible to release them!

    Still we get this kind of threads, where people (who are regulars on the forum and should know about the situation) ask when tons of stuff are released, when they fucking know there is no one who is able to implement these things. This is just ridiculous.
  6. It is ridiculous, the whole situation is ridiculous. Why has the decision been to constantly downsize the project? Why create a carrot and stick scenario with the current player base in terms of constantly promising content somewhere down the road that never gets delivered on. The only thing that changes with this game is the carrot gets changed out once in a while (workshop is current carrot) and sometimes they throw us some scraps to chew on (a map, a skin, goals? Lol). The company behind this project has the resources to pour into the game, so why don’t they?

    As for intentions, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but no one pays money for a road to hell! We pay for substance, we paid with the understanding that there would be lots of free updates full of new content throughout the games life. This has been pretty underwhelming so far.
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  7. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    If bE doesn't have the devs to deliver what they promised then they should f**king update their promises.

    New campaign-system, new personal goals, retconned background-story, workshop, new vehicles and vehicle-loadouts... These are the things that they are supposedly actively working on. (5+ active projects at a time when they have barely enough devs for one project...) If they are not working on these things, then they should come clean and clarify what they are working on.

    And FYI, "never" is also a valid response when asked for an estimate for when something will arrive.
  8. Now wait just a damn minute...

    12/12 -
    1/1 -
    1/8 -
    1/12 -
    1/15 -

    I post updates on this WEEKLY, and sometimes more than that. I explain plainly the status on Campaigns, questions I have asked and the answers I'm allowed to share. I tell everyone here where that progress is and more is coming. Not "eventually", not "Soon(tm)"; weekly. Saying its "supposedly" being worked on is an insult to me, @KroozaNob, @Korlandril, @phantagor, @Asheru, @Rheeva, @rhoomba, and @Gashmangla. I don't miss deadlines and I don't fall short of my marks if its within my power to see it through.

    I'll thank you not to question my team's work ethic again. We've worked too hard on this for the community for you to say the shit you have and for me to take it in stride. I'm not a dev and don't have to be nice when you accuse my team and I of "supposedly actively" working on things when we've made it a point to tell you and show you that we are.
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  9. No offense Katzu, but the work that you guy have put into the lore departmento still has to get through the "bE gauntlet of doom and broken promises" before actually getting into the game, so you and your community "I'll do this for free for crying out loud" based team may be doing YOUR due diligence, but that has not so far translated into any tangible results in game. This is not waving pitchforks at the other villagers, this is waving pitchforks at the guy failing at creating a frankenstien monster @ 500-6666 St-Urbain Montreal, Qc H2S 3H1 CANAYDIUH.
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  10. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member


    You do know that eternal crusade is canon right? So every single event that happens on Arkhona needs to be first submitted to GW, which always takes plenty of time.

    Just because you are tired of waiting for new content, doesn't mean there isn't anything going on in the background.

    @Katzu_HSM is sweating blood to set this project up and running and providing his team with all the documents required to work.

    If nothing was going on with the development team, he wouldn't have set up this whole operation in the first place.

    Just sit and wait for what's coming, ya whimpering git.

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