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+10 Damage vs + 20 Health

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PerfectionistMind, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. But the experience is. I know the game knowledge isn't always proportional to hours played. I saw a lot of pros from other games that know shit about the game. If someone has 3k hours in EC they must be just too good. Yes their knowledge would suck but you can't say that they play bad and their experience is low. In SM even 1k-1.5k hours is enough to make you so good, at least to me. But with like 500 hours I still suck because SM is too fast and has no parry to stop your enemy attack. And I just don't think while play Raptor. :p So how much hours you've played? Just been curious.
  2. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Wrong , we have many well known players that have 3k hours and still suck to this day, some people are just too old/handicaped/just naturally bad to be good one day
    i stopped playing at 611 hours
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  3. They ain't suck at 3k hours, but I don't know for sure since I didn't see it. But I know you are a picky kid.
  4. But Krayt told me that you can get regen when parry like you did.
    Actually I liked MoT TA because I can survive long with armor regen. :p
    But it's unfair that you get -15% health reduction even while LSM gets additional +10% armor regen without regen speed. Regen speed is gud for Vets because they have 300 Armor. And dunno if LSM Tac and Assault classes gets +40 or so Health Wargear.
    Yes with parries it would be on full regen builds. But no regens for Orks, they don't even have it on their Powa Armor.

    I prefer to use Standard with Clash Generator. Because when I put +40 Health basically I have no points to put Clash Generator into MC Chainsword. Why? You said that their stats don't worth how much they cost. Also you can shoot them too and when parry you will get the whole armor back. :p I fought against a Raptor who carries Chainaxe, and another Raptor too but I couldn't kill none of them. Because of their armor regen... And they played good enough. I will test MoT Power Fist TA. :p And shooting while you swing is not so effective. I tried it against Power Fist it didn't work well ah but they can shoot and dodge. But if you do heavy attack you can caught them. Yes and when your shield get broken the stun duration is even longer with weapon you only have to stay without attack melee. But stun isn't that long. Also if you put there Clash Generator your weapon is not gonna break against who doesn't have this mod but theirs instead because they will lose more durability. Because with Clash Generator Sword gets more impact than the high tiered weapons, even more than Power Fist iirc.

    Yes but I didn't need to use Stamina more than two times I've realized. So I put +40 Health instead of +2 Stamina because I was too weak with less 30 Health. There is a reason why Orks are tanky not just because their heads are thick as stone which means less headshot bonus but also they have huge health pool. Maybe you mean Stamina Regen Wargear 2 instead of +2 one. Btw it's not 25 Health difference, it's 30. Because you have 200 Health on TA without extra health. 10% of 100 is 10 so 5% of 200 being 10 too, 20+10 is 30. Aah yeah I never thought of that way. Getting attack resets the armor regen timer. Actually it shouldn't affect armor regen timer because the nano cells inside of Powa Armor can't heal themselves when get another attack? lel.

    Charms? You mean trinkets? You can't have 15% Stamina Regen on Wargear 2, it's 30%. And from trinkets you get extra 9% so 39% total. :p I don't know without any Stamina Regen but with trinkets Stamina Regen is not that long not long as Armor Regen at least. :p
    Didn't happen to me. I prefer +40 Health as getting +10 additional otherwise melee is hard.
    Why parry is mostly based on luck? It's about timing.

    Sure, you don't get any health debuff. :p
    So you mean TA not GA? It's just to compensate the health you lose, not for extra. So you throw 15% of your LP and HP to get benefit from armor regen.
    You cannot put Daemonforged Armor on the build if you are nonvet. Because points are just not enough. What was Howling Banshee? Don't recall their classes. What similarities? I don't get.

    Melee tournament? When it happens?! It can actually I think. Because anytime I hit as a MoK I receive some health back. Never see that I don't receive health when hit anyone. But I'm not 100% sure. So what does it has to suspecting to see a lot of MoKs? :p
    Yeah because they affect directly health but if you don't get a second hit you wouldn't go high on poison bar. :p And MoK wins over MoN. Their Nurgle weaponry isn't shit compared to Khorne lifesteal. ;D Btw in lore lifesteal doesn't exist and it's just a game mechanic, right?
    When it happened?
    Stack up to the other combatants? What?
  5. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member


    Its also important to note that DeamonForged gives -1 second armor regen delay.
    Which is why I wanted it in there.
    This build has literally the fastest armor regen you can get on CSM.
  6. Aah, Impact mod costs 20 LP, nice. I thought it would be 50. Also I was remembering that Daemonforged Armor cost 500 not 400. It sucks btw that Advancement doesn't tell you the cost of an equipment you are gonna use. And sorry, I haven't unlocked the 15% yet so I thought you don't have it. :D
  7. How ignorant are you? What makes Vets better than non-vet is their huge armors. They have exactly same HP as nonvets so why not boost their armor even more? lol. Tanking a single bullet? Who the hell cares about tanking bullets while you can get behind a cover? In melee +80 Armor would pretty save your ass. And since sometimes it's about luck you would even win in melee. There have been times where you stay at 10% of life but because of your Armor Regen you still take some hits so you still have same HP and you are getting a chance to beat your enemy. If you stunlock that doesn't matter how fast Armor Regen you have since it resets it all the time. But if you have higher armor then that means you need longer stunlock to be dead. And it is not gonna take forever. Thus how much stats you have is most important because you can get any shit back you have out of fight.
  8. So just realized that you can't go full Armor Regen build if you are not Vet. What could be best for Armor Regen build then?

    Boltgun + Artificier Power Armor + Flexible Generator + Field Governor + 7.5% Armor Regen Delay + 10% Armor Regen Delay + 4% Armor.(50 LP(Bolt Pistol) + 200 LP + 250 LP + 330 LP + 120 LP + 10 LP +20 LP + 20 LP)
    Boltgun + Relic Power Armor + Flexible Generator + 10% Armor Regen Delay.(50 LP(Bolt Pistol) + 200 LP + 400 LP + 330 LP + 20 LP)

    So +10 Amor and +10 Toughness and -0.5 Armor Regen Delay vs. 30% faster Armor Regen Delay.
    I also wonder about it if 0.5 secs is faster or pure 30% faster Armor Regen Delay and with 0.5 secs from Artificier Power Armor with 7.5% Armor Regen Delay and 10% Armor Regen Delay too. So I mean 0.5 vs 30% without any boost with 0.5 and 7.5% and 10% boost to 30%.

    And Storm Bolter
    Storm Bolter + Artificier Power Armor + Flexible Generator + 2% Armor + 4% Armor + 7.5% Armor Regen Delay + 10% Armor Regen Delay.(50 LP(Bolt Pistol) + 300 LP + 250 + 330 LP + 10 LP + 20 LP + 10 LP + 20 LP)
    Storm Bolter + Relic Power Armor + Field Governor + 2% Armor + 4% Armor + 7.5% Armor Regen Delay + 10% Armor Regen Delay + Ammo Pack.(50 LP(Bolt Pistol) + 300 LP + 400 LP + 120 LP + 10 LP + 20 LP + 10 LP + 20 LP + 50 LP)

    Only the last build has enough LPs to put an Ammo Pack. XD


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