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+10 Damage vs + 20 Health

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PerfectionistMind, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. I tested most possible armor regen build on both LSM and CSM in Garrison. Don't tell me Garrison isn't same with PvP because I'm talking about 1v1. If you get someone who knows melee it's just a waste. Yep, against couple of players who are not even melee or not good at melee would benefit from armor regen but against a good player you can't always parry them. They are unpredictable. MoT is even worse because it gets -15% hp reduction. Ah but on PvP where people are not ready to fight you it would be different.

    Also I used this Pistol shots inbetween Power Fist swings, it doesn't work as you talk like so sure, Krayt. Because Power Fist isn't that slow that you think. If I shoot more than two or three times I won't get enough time to parry even with a Chainsword. And after 3 parries you're done, your sword just get breaks. Maybe my timing wasn't proper I don't know since I just tried it. Even while math says it's equal to 228 damage if you shoot two times I just couldn't deal with it. And after third parry your weapon get breaks. And no any potent player won't parry your roll attack, he will either kick it. Because parrying only will cause the durability damage while kicking will stun him.
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  3. It's not a bait. I've put what I've experienced. Also people called MoT Melee build trash as I was thinking. So your words are not something everybody here knows.
  4. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Just wondering did you also use stamina regen in that test build ?

    And according to my math the -25 hp for mot doesn't matter for melee ttk because you still die in the same number of swings as you do with 25 extra hp.
    It changes when ppl shoot at you tho.
  5. Stamina Regen? Why? Avoid getting hit? I used all possible Stamina Regen too. +2 for CSM also but +40 Health makes difference, survivability increases a lot since you lose -15% from MoT...

    It does. You just die too quick with -15% health reduction. When I put +40 Health it was way far better. What is ttk? Dunno about 25 extra HP but even with MoK while I wouldn't be able to hit to receive lifesteal I wouldn't die as quick imo. And +40 Health makes a difference.
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    Ok lets get 1 thing straight 1st... no one ever claimed MoT TA was like good or something.
    The vid is mostly to show armor regen in effect. not how good MoT is.
    And since LSM Vets regen at the same speeds as that build does I thought it would make for a good example to show that there enough time to regen armor even while fighting.

    But since you asked details about it I have no problem talking about it.

    I only got MoT TA to work for me with stamina regen.
    And a mc sword weapon
    I've tried with every weapon ( even necrotic chain sword back than) MC and not MC and every weapon that isn't a sword is very bad on MoT Because ppl can just shoot you while you swing the slower weapons.
    Every sword that isn't MC losses durability to quick vs ppl with higher tier weapons, which is also bad because you don't wanna lose your weapon dura and stun yourself.

    But you also want to either always be attacking or always be rolling because you don't want your opponent to just shoot at you and reset your armor regen timer and playing offensively with a low
    durability weapon is very risky. Hence the MC chainsword with impact mod.. I literally did not have the LP for a MC PS + impact mod. ( I use one on the Vet version of this build tho)

    And as far as stamina regen is concerned.
    I used 15% Stam regen in wg2 + 2 regen charms , this was the most stamina regen that I could Fit in that particular build.
    Without the regen and with regular stamina I ran out of stamina to quick.
    And since my strategy is to win by nutrition running out of stamina equals death most of the time.
    This is because like you sad . it hard to predict melee players next move for a parry . parry is mostly based on luck. Stamina isn't .. you press the button and it works.
    Stamina is mostly how I stall for time to regen armor back.

    And about the health thing.. I don't take any extra hp on MoT GA.
    Because you lose 15% of it. it's basically like throwing 15% of your LP's away when you pay for a HP wg item .
    I used those points for weapons and Armor/Armor regen instead.
    EHP wize that build was sitting at around 370 ehp if I remember correctly ( 170 hp 160 armor 30 T) slightly higher TTK to what a Howling Banshee has I'd say. Lets just say that I pretty much play it as one because of the similarities

    Also I at one point wanted to enter the Melee tournament with that build . because I know MoK can not regen HP from hitting armor. and I suspected to see a lot of MoK's
    I'd auto lose to MoN with Nurgle weaponry tho =D
    Unfortunately I was unable to join do to timezone constraints.
    But it would have been a lot of fun to see how the build would stack up to the other combatants.
  7. Btw since you said you are more experienced. How much hours you have in EC?
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  9. What? Afraid to tell? ☻
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    nah just that game knowledge isnt always proportional to hours played , a lot of retards have like 3k hours in Ec but cant play for shit
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