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1 Version To Run On All Platforms?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aicus, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Aicus Aicus Recruit

    And like I said before, in order to make sure that consoles be able to run it, PC usually gets the short end.

    We really need someone in the development to come out and explain what are they planning for the game on both PC and consoles.
  2. >Wants low FOV on a PC game.
    >No sniping? Stalker bolter pls.
    >Your argument is invalid.
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  3. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    That's only if the game is built first for consoles then ported to PC, this game is not, what makes you think so? Until now, the only platform is guaranteed to get the game is PC, we're not even sure consoles will have it.
  4. I can play Titanfall and BF4 on both my 360 and Xbox One, on the same account. The graphics aren't as good on the 360, other than that everything else is the same as far as I can tell. I tried out Warframe a few weeks ago, from my understanding this is a PC game that recently launched on the Xbox One, and I'm assuming I'm playing with players that are on both PC and One.

    So it's already being done and the technology is there.
  5. Aicus Aicus Recruit


    Start from 9:50, it is pretty much confirmed that there is a console version and the game is pretty much being build to work on the consoles as well. If we follow the trend of all the games build to run on PC and consoles, the PC version is the one that will usually suffers because it makes no business sense to give 1 version more features, better gameplay experience and support that cannot be used by the other 2 platforms. The only exception that can be seen is Witcher 2, which is 1 single game in thousands of release.

    Another reason is because it is easier to patch up a game on the PC compared to the consoles which have to go through the certification process of Microsoft and Sony for every single patch and if I am not misinformed, developers are also charged to apply patch on their games on consoles, which is why PC games are almost always released in buggy and almost unplayable state since the developers prefer to concentrate as much resources and QA on console version.

    Add all that to the rumor that Microsoft is actively requesting developers to lock their games at 30FPS on other platforms in order to make their Xbox One looks better, it is extremely disturbing.
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  6. Phyrexian Hulk Gauntlet Arkhona Vanguard

    I do not mind playing with console players but if PC version ends up suffering cause of console limitations I know that not even Warhammer IP will be able to stop pc players from slowly leaving the game.

    If this is done properly we might end up being a part of the most amazing game in last 10 years but if this becomes copy/paste of all other console/pc games we are doomed.

    If I recall correctly they are expecting us to play on 16gb ram and 8gb graphic card for highest settings. If game will look like 2012/2013 game while requesting such specs then we clearly have a problem.

    Patching the game will definitely be a problem cause of consoles though.
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  7. The Big Bear TheBear Subordinate

    Still not confirmed. They have the license, but in the end will rely on Microsoft and Sony for cross platform agreement. I expect the console version to not even have half the features of the pc Even if Sony & Microsoft agree i don't expect it to be released in the 2015. Not really heard of MMOs being requested to be locked at 30fps, the games not even cinematic. One more thing though Miguel said it was designed to run on all platform this could be rather a bad choice of words.
  8. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    I watch every stream, and Miguel only says that the game is built to run on every platform, he also says that M$ and Sony have to agree with their terms like consistent patching with PC, cross-platform server, only then it will come to their consoles. Moreover, I must say your worries are redudant, EC will be on PC long before consoles, it's not a port from console to PC like GTA4 or Watchdog.
  9. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member

    Just to be precise, despite i truly want to see this game released for consoles, that must be achieved through a fair deal.
    Wheter Sony or MS should ask for ridicolous dials, i'd be gald to switch to pc....
  10. This.
    It gives me great hope that they will only do it if Microsoft/Sony agrees to a good patching process.
    But I really do hope they stick with it. I can understand the concerns. There could be compromises, to get on Consoles which could hurt the PC version.

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