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℧ And The Greatest Of Them All... ℧

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dark-Knight, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    Hail to those unblessed by holy hand of Roboute Guilliman.
    My name's Matthew and I am a huge, huge and huege fan of the Ultramarines, the bestest Chapter the Imperium has to offer.

    Why do I like the ULTRAMARINES!!! I hear you ask in my schizophrenic brain? Well, it started when I was fixe years old and I stumbled upon Games Workshop, I went inside looking for Pokemon cards but I couldn't find any and as I turn't to leave this big sweaty man came up to me, shook me by the arms and asked me If I had any money. I said yes and held my hand out to him to show I wasn't lying and he snatched it away and gave me a piece of paper and a box in return, we all laughed, it was very funny; but he laughed way harder. I couldn't wait to paint the yellow guys but when I went to leave he said "No, you cannot paint the yellow guys, you must paint them like the blue guys on the box for they are the best bacon" so I said I wood.

    He was a very strange person because he kept laughing as I was walking out the store and eventually he exploded into a ball of smoke, it was weird.

    I have read one black library book called let the galaxy burn or sumithin and I enjoyed all the Ultramarine stories but I have also read the 5th edition Space Marine codex, the Grey Knights one and the blood angels won. they're not as good as the Ultramarines because in the codex it says that all chapters want to be like the Ultramarines ad they accept Roboute Guilliman as their lord and savour.

    I personally bread that the Emperor made Roboute Guilliman was supposed to be like all his other bruthas ans sisters but he was special so tye Emproh woud've given the Kingdom of Huemanity to him but Lemon Rust and his Luna wolves started the hours heresy (That's when he tried killing the emperor and destroying the palace) but luckily the primark of the Ultramarines saw this and wrote a booke saying that betrayal is bad and that we all have to live in harmony and love and tolerate people, Lemon was so scared of this bookthat he ran away to Hell so it wouldn't convert him. However Roboute Guillimanwas too late and the emprah died but not before he gave the primark the keys to the planet Macragge.

    The whole armpie was sad. The reason it was callled the hours horusy was because it happened within and hour. The end.
  2. Ossi 0SSIFRAGE Pioneer

    That was the most beautiful thing I've read all day~ -sniff-
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  3. A'shen Ironfyre Well-Known Member

    Yup, sums it about up i guess. Well more or less.
    Cant help the feeling i smell heresy though. Must be the ash of those heretics i burned earlier i guess.
  4. Ossi 0SSIFRAGE Pioneer

    Yes because there's no heresy here, nope none at all
  5. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    No heresy at all. Praise Matt Ward!
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  6. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus


  7. Ossi 0SSIFRAGE Pioneer

    What about Matt's other glorious creation; the Grey Ward-ens?
  8. Fino Fino Well-Known Member

    D-do not dare do that comparison.Do not dare compare such OP shit to the glory of the Grey wardens of Ferelden(which absolutelly suck in terms of powers).
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  9. Ossi 0SSIFRAGE Pioneer

    No no no, you misunderstand me! this is a grey ward-en
    they're the most l33t grey knights, in fact they're so amazing; they automatically become part ultramarine
  10. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    A blessing! A blessing from the Lord!
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