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Флудильня ,боровичная. ( Берегись Всяк Сюда Входящий, Не Модерируется )

Discussion in 'Russian' started by SHREDDER, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Shakamun Shakamun Active Member

    привет русскоязычным
  2. But this group was made for Eternal Crusade. And have no "dead souls" like groups that have been made for Dark Millenium.
    So calm down and have fun with all this happy people.
  3. Black ork Blackork Subordinate

    For the dark Gods!!!
    Hydra Dominatus
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  4. Green Dobrolevski New Member

    Let the Galaxy Burn!
  5. may be for the cabal?
  6. Greetings comrades !

    Раскайся, ибо завтра ты умрешь!
  7. So'Kiel So-Kiel Well-Known Member

    Greetings to everyone, but I'm NOT touching that chaotic abomination that is Vkontakte. Would be glad to join you elsewhere )
  8. Вообще я предлагаю , уже сейчас начать искать жёстких пвп игроков и хардкор рейдеров , котоыре хотели бы играть за Хаос , готов нести бремя рейдовой кричалки , тактико придумывалки и мариножаровилки! Ломать лица лоялитсом любимое занятие на протяжении 10 лет , а так же большой опыт Гмсства , водов и т.д
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  9. Shumek New Member

    At least standart quiz about "favorite side in Eternal Crusade" in so-called "dead" group scored a 2x time more votes than yours. I say nothing, but your statement about "the largest group in VK" cant be the truth.
    Hello, my russian friends!
  10. Hello my dear nonorkfriend.

    Dude. First of all it's not my group ;) It's mine as it's yours aswell.
    Secondly. What the fuck we are talking in english if we both are russians?
    And therdly. I singed on many public pages on vk. And only this group gave me news quickly. Previous statement was like a kind of envy of a man who think that his public page has d/ck bigger then others. That's why i answered him in this manner.

    And as i said before - have fun.

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