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Jan 26, 2018
Oct 25, 2015
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Jan 9, 1996 (Age: 24)

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Kaedmon (Stormrage)

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Jan 26, 2018
    1. HippoOD
      If you're looking for a more chilled group based around the blood angels, we would really like someone like you in our chapter. We're starting fresh and will definitely need a devastator or two around! Apply for us here (tell them Hippo sent you)
      1. Stormrage
        Hello there ! Sorry but i am already in a Guild (which was created around the death company)
        However , instead of creating an entire new chapter and guild (which is complicated , trust me) you can come on our website and check it around (new members are always welcomed with open arms) :

        Hope to see you soon ;D
        Jan 16, 2016
    2. Civier
      Hey there battle Brother!
      The Mad Nomads Chapter started off as a Death Company in the Blood Angels. But as time passed, it became founded as a standalone chapter to which Astartes who were condemned or sentenced to death are sent to. Please visit this site for more info and make an application.
      Redemption, Honor and Glory; But Only Upon Death.
    3. Decmk3
      Hello Brother!
      I can never be sure if a guild is right for a person but I wanted to advertise our guild: Strikeforce Ultra. We're an international all ultramarine guild with a sizable gathering who share a variety of interests. As such I wanted to extend a hand out to you. Please feel free to check us out at
      If not, I hope to see you on the battlefield, fighting side by side.
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    Jan 9, 1996 (Age: 24)
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