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Steven Lumpkin (StevenLumpkin)


(None) Mar 19, 2014

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Sep 28, 2015
    1. Warsmith_Matt
      Beans OP steven pls nerf.
    2. SonOfKeuartoc
      Out of curiosity, have you ever read any of the Dark-Eldar series of novels?

      I just finished Path of the Incubus. They're amazing.

      The last one, Path of the Archon, comes out this March! Can't wait!
      1. StevenLumpkin
        No, but I think we have Path of the Incubus somewhere around here! I'll see if I can dig it out.
        Jan 7, 2014
    3. Uriel1339
      Happy New Year and sorry to annoy you with it Mr. Lumpkin, but the Community Manager is not online right now therefore I think to contact you is better

      I have the issue that Sovatus and CrazyCanadian24 (2 users on the forum here) like and unlike many posts and therefore spam my Alert Channel, this really disturbs me as I cannot keep track of Roleplays and other things going on. Thank you very much in advance.
      1. StevenLumpkin
        Hi Urian- you can change your alert preferences by mousing over your name in the upper right hand corner and selecting "Alert Preferences"- this can allow you to uncheck "Likes your Message", which will reduce the spam from these users' actions.
        Jan 4, 2014
      2. StevenLumpkin
        This will still let you get alerts from replies to threads and quotes of your posts, so you should still be able to keep track of what's happening on the forums.

        Hope this helps!
        Jan 4, 2014
    4. Turbojesus97
      Hey Steve, Happy New Year in advance! Maybe With the help of Lord Jr. this year will turn out to be a good one.
    5. Warsmith_Matt
      That power sword in Rollplay Dark Heresy its name is the Black Pearl right?
      1. Steven Lumpkin likes this.
    6. Aequitas
      So... When do we get to play as the Dark Eldar? What's your favorite Kabal? Mine would be the Obsidian Rose . :)
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      2. NostramoBorn
        Interrogation time! What's your favorite unit from the Dark Eldar? Favorite special character? Speaking as a player, what 'class' would you like to see most represented in game? :D

        I personally like Kheradruahk the Decapitator, but I can never remember how to spell it right!
        Dec 17, 2013
      3. StevenLumpkin
        This is WELL into the realm of pure speculation but...

        I love everything about the Haemonculus. Flesh-crafted, arcane wargear-wielding, pain-token distributing weirdos! So many cool toys, and such fantastic fluff. I'd love to see that come to life.
        Dec 17, 2013
      4. Matsukovich
        ERMAHGERD!!!!!!!! I PLAY OBSIDIAN ROSE! :D I though i was the only one, you guys are being added to my awesome list :P Haemonculi are freaking awesome, i love the mad doctor aspects. But if dark eldar were added (all hypothetically of course) i would bash my head on the keyboard til i spawned as a scourge :)
        Dec 29, 2013
    7. Djemo-SRB
      Hello Steven ive got a question. Will there be an option to change legions/chapters? To explain i for once am not a fan of any currently announced faction and god specific ones are probably not gonna be in the vote for the 5th either. So myself and people like me are in a predicament here.
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      2. StevenLumpkin
        Brent assures me that if we add chapters/legions/etc after launch, we'll make sure to give you some kind of option to save some of your progress or make your new character less painful.
        Dec 11, 2013
      3. StevenLumpkin
        We haven't discussed it yet, but it's in our plans!
        Dec 11, 2013
      4. Djemo-SRB
        Thanks, im sure you and the rest of the devs see how off-putting this can be to a large part of us towards the game itself. To see all our hard earned effort just flushed down the drain.
        Hope you consider that greatly whenlooking into how much of the progress you want us to maintain when we change.
        Dec 11, 2013
    8. Joram
      Hi Steven, i posted this "feedback is ok, but if the devs tell us they want to go right and we just talk about how cool is left we are not helping. The devs should post a topic of the week to focus our feedback" and a bunch of people liked the idea, what do you guys think about a topic of the week or month?
      1. luciasar00 likes this.
      2. StevenLumpkin
        Let me send this feedback to Houman! I think it could be interesting, if we could set up a way to get it rolling.
        Dec 10, 2013
    9. Warmaster_Nate
      Heads up, the newsletter and the website have misspelled the name of our great enemy.

      Although I will enjoy mocking their misguided followers, it's Slaanesh. Not Slanneesh.

      The forces of Sai'lanthresh shall know no mercy from the Eldar!

      I posted this to Miguel a while ago, but I think he's a tad too enthralled in his P2W thread to notice. xD
      1. Chaplain Valerius likes this.
    10. Turbojesus97
      Hi Steven, I know this is kind of off the topic of EC, but I was wondering when you guys ( I know it will probably be a while since you guys are all busy) know you'll be doing the next session of Dark Heresy?

      PS: Miguel said my name means something funny and sexual in French and now I feel honored :)
      1. Bishop520 likes this.
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