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Steven Lumpkin (StevenLumpkin)


(None) Mar 19, 2014

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Sep 28, 2015
    1. Warsmith_Matt
      Can I get that receipt for the white pizza pls?
    2. Corphy
      i loved your intro to the dark heresy game splendid work! you should stack classes-once you get up to only war have your players choose those classes as well, then rogue trader, last ascension characters! i started a thread about this in general, but is there any chance you guys would allow players to alternate/choose/switch between third and first person? said some reasons for it in the forum.
      1. Corphy
        also--do you like warframe?
        Feb 4, 2014
    3. Psyctooth
      I really liked that link you recently put up in your twitter feed. I fully agree with a lot of the things that guy thinks about MMOs and what MMOs should be in general, I just really hope more developers read that, he is pretty on the money to which what MMO fans want.
      1. Psyctooth
        After reading articles and watching videos on how fantasy MMORPGs used to be and knowing what I missed (I played WoW, not Everquest, MUDs or Ultima), the way in which people formed communities and bonded, that's what I want, I've been brought to tears of sorrow thinking about what I missed.
        Feb 3, 2014
    4. Demetri_Dominov
      1. Demetri_Dominov
        I keep thinking about how there may be wall jumping. Having moving walls would make things pretty interesting if there's multiple assault units fighting in one area....
        Jan 23, 2014
    5. Warsmith_Matt
      Its good to know that the one of the first topics we discussed over steam has been implemented into the game.
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      2. StevenLumpkin
        Wall jumping!
        Feb 4, 2014
      3. Corphy
        Feb 4, 2014
      4. Warsmith_Matt
        Well I originally gave steve the idea of letting jump infantry stick to walls and jump off so they can do more than just go up and down and I guess they took the wall jump part out of it and put it into the game.
        Feb 4, 2014
      Will there be an ability or option to play as a dreadnaught? I thought it was an awesome idea when they released the dreanught assault dlc for Space Marine and was wondering if there is any intention of adding a power or upgrade that will put you in one.
      1. StevenLumpkin
        Dreadnaughts... probably not for launch. Definitely tanks and other vehicles though!
        Feb 4, 2014
    7. Lilbillysandvich
      Awesome stream yesterday!
      Looking forward to upcoming updates :D
      1. Steven Lumpkin likes this.
    8. Aven
      Hello! I was wondering something! For the PvE Underworlds+Hives, will they be balanced faction-wise? Because since Orks will be weaker individually since they are the F2P faction, they are going to be shafted because not able to put in the same weight than an SM team, aren't they?
      1. StevenLumpkin
        Orks will not be weaker individually. :)

        They will need to use different tactics than SM/ Eldar/ CSM, since they will have different strengths and weaknesses!
        Jan 20, 2014
    9. Sorcerer Xelioks
      Just curious but do you know a place where i can find dedicated players to do RP with? Man, I'd kill to have you as a GM in a Dark Heresy game you are so good at it but unfortunately i never got the time or opportunity to RP =/ Can't wait for eternal crusade and more itmejp's Dark Heresy!
      1. Chaplain Valerius likes this.
      2. StevenLumpkin
        The only one I know of is's "looking for group" section... give it a try! Or you could bully your friends in real life into playing with you, it's what I do.
        Jan 20, 2014
    10. Dark-Knight
      Can I call you Lumpy without getting banned? :P
      1. StevenLumpkin
        A single thought of heresy corrupts a lifetime of service, brother Dark Knight.
        Jan 13, 2014
      2. Dark-Knight
        Such wise words of wisdom, so inspirational!
        Jan 14, 2014
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